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    to put it mildly, I've been under the weather the last few days. Still kinda foggy in the head.

    I seriously doubt that Huma is a Muslim Brotherhood double agent, but I have little doubt that John McCain is a double agent for Progressives.
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    In typical Politix fashion, although unintentional due to brevity, there is not enough evidence to support how this side is influencing policy. I certainly hope this aide is influencing Clinton. I mean that is the job od an side, to provide information that would assist Clinton in making her decisions. So the real question becomes is the side skewing information to trick Clinton into a decision she would not otherwise make concerning the Muslim Brotherhood. I can't stand Hillary but the woman is not stupid. Certainly not to the point that she would gather information from several sources and weigh them against each other.

    Truthfully I believe if Hillary is supporting the MB, its ubecause she believes it is the right thing to do. Not because she's a puppet to a Muslim side. Of course, I also believe that Hillary is dead wrong on almost everything but that's not the side's fault either.

    There are some serious allegations of islamic extremist infiltration into.out govt and hope it is investigated. But let's not treat Clinton as a babe in the woods being led down the primrose path for the first time.
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    Speaking of "typical Politix fashion", look at what makes the boat lean to the left all of the time:

    It appears as though everyone over at the Center for American Progress has a verified Politix account. Wonder how many friends and family members get in on the fun as well?
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    That's ok. The user base here has shifted significantly right since I joined. It's been very rewarding to conservatives respond , not always well I might add, To the lies from the left. If this is a microcosm for Nov., I'm feeling pretty good. Unless of course, the election is hijacked....
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    Yet another example of why I have been an admirer of Senator McCain for over a decade. There's no political advantage for McCain here; he is simply standing up for what he believes is right. Those of you criticizing him should be ashamed - how many of you have been tortured in service to this country?

    The words of Pastor Niemoller are just as relevant today as ever. Those of you who keep silent while Americans of one faith are persecuted, may wake up one day to find there is no one left to speak up for you when you are the one in the crosshairs of intolerance.
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    Yes, I agree with Senator McCain.
    I didn't vote for him for President, I often disagree with him. But I think that John McCain comes from that old school of integrity.
    The Toilet Potty has had their little 15 minutes, but now it's time for the big dogs in the G.O.P. to reel them in and put them to bed.
    And Bachman has once again proven herself to be a complete nincompoop.
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    Interesting side note. Once upon a time, Bachmann would have never dared be so "in your face" with her ludicrous religious beliefs.
    Right around the time abortion was made legal some rather ingenious fellows decided that fighting it as a Catholic or Protestant alone would be incredibly hard. So they created this umbrella and began using the term Christian to refer to everyone. And it worked because there is strength on numbers.
    Had she made statements such as the ones she makes now in the 60's for example, she would have had to have done it from the play form of a Baptist, or 7th Day Adventist. Which would have made the other groups angry.
    I'd say those men were rather bright personally. Because it worked.
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    UPDATE: Speaker Boehner has now added his voice in criticizing Bachmann's letter. Also Ed Rollins, her former campaign manager, who says it's no secret that she gets her facts confused.

    I'm also surprised nobody's pointed out that the woman in question is married to disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is Jewish. How many Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers do you think would condone intermarriage with Jews?
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    Both of Huma Abedin's parents have/had links to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has at times resorted to violence and terroristic behavior and has stated its intentions to disrupt western culture. The request for an investigation was defended by Bachmann in a letter to our only muslim congressman, Keith Ellison ( ). If Keith Ellison is OK with challenging Bachmann's position by letter, why do you think McCain found it necessary to lambast her publicly? McCain's behavior makes me angry. I expect better from Republicans (bad Arizona).
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    Why is it that many staunch GOP defenders believe that when one of their representatives disagrees with the lunatic rantings of Michelle Bachmann, McCain is automatically disregarded as a RINO? The man has integrity - and I applaud him for his remarks. We need more people of integrity on both sides of the isle.
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    McCain is like a warped record. He spins the right directions but he's always out of line and if you've ever listened to a warped record, you know it sounds like crap :)
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    Records are archaic relics anyways. Who even buys them save for elitists and DJ's.
    Good riddance I say. Who wants all that extra garbage needed to play them cluttering up your house?
    Metaphors are fun.
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    I think it's time to re-open the House Un-American Activities Committee and purge the Government of Islamic Infiltrators... McCain is a disgrace and a RINO, He was selected before to run for President by the Democratic Party and other RINO's..
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    Well, I guess there is that possibility. The present administration seems to protect Muslims....sooooo, why wouldn't they let them be involved in foreign policy. It is apparent that Barack Husssein Obama facilitated the "Arab Spring" when he let them know that they had a friend in our White House. Then we see governments fall and the Muslim Brotherhood always emerges as an alternative...and our government seems to let them do as they please without our interference.
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    McCain has something that is very much missing in most of his political counterparts in Washington, "INTEGRETY". He showed during his presidential campaign and he's showing it now. Bravo Senator McCain!! A man who truly loves America, what it represents for and what it stands for in the world.
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    Wow how frightened a lot of you seem to be. How sad that when one of your own says something that you disagree with, that you are ready to burn him at the stake. Not that long he was your number one guy. How sad.
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    I'm sorry, you've apparently gotten me confused with someone who votes along party lines. Notice the I underneath my name...
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    Nikki6 I wasn't referring to voting along party lines. I'm very glad to here that you don't vote along party lines. I think that everyone should evaluate each candidate and vote for the most qualified person. The majority of the population does not.
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    McCain should follow in Arlen Specter's footsteps and change political affiliations since he is a liberal in everywhere but label. John you did your best in handing Obama the white house and your relevance is gone.
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    McCain is a man not a coward,and if he did what he did is because the clintons and him are real good friends, he didn't handle the white house to obama, your own conservative republican people did, you all voted him in to the nomination and he as the man he is , accepted defeat, don't blame him for your own parties failures, he is not perfect neither none of us. Peace.
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    What, just because someone doesn't join in in your ignorant racism, you deem them an undesirable member of the Republican party? And you hope, by expressing such opinions, to persuade others of the virtues of the Republican party?
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    Why is anyone even listening to anything Michele Bachmann has to say? It's my own personal opinion that the woman is a certified loon!
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    Totally valid questions if her father and brother have definite ties to the Muslim brotherhood. Should throw up some red flags. Then the administration wonders why so many think they're in bed with radical Muslims.
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    Glenn Beck interviewed Michelle Bachmann about this. The blaze has a follow up story.

    Glenn Beck-“But you’re not saying that she is compromised? You’re saying have we looked into this, right?”

    Michelle Bachmann-“That’s right. That‘s all we’re saying because we did not infer that she is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or that she’s working on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

    Kinda like we all wonder about President Obamas communist ties.
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    I have always had great respect of McCain. He is a good to the core.
    When faced with blind stupid bigotry he really steps up to the plate.
    Bachmann is truly an air head and she has proved it again.
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