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    All of the above is BS and wouldn't have changed a thing. This is just becoming another distraction from the real issue of the election- the failed economy.
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    You know whats really fucked,he talked about it online and the authorities didn't do a fuckin thing.
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    Ya but when the authorities are the fbi they see all the ammo he ordered also, it seems odd to me.
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    Should the Aurora Shooting Lead to Gun Control?
    If not, may be this should:
    • From 1999 to 2005 guns killed 8,018 Illinois residents.1
    • In 2005, 1,019 people died from firearm-related injuries in Illinois, 569 of which
    were homicides.2, 3
    • In 2005, African Americans were victims in 42% or 429 of firearm-related deaths in
    Illinois. Of these deaths, 91% were homicides.4
    • In 2005, guns were used in 424 suicides in Illinois, a 10% increase from 2004. 81%
    of these suicides were committed by white males.5
    • In Illinois, from 1999-2005, 37 children and youth in Illinois died from unintentional
    gunshot wounds.6
    • In 2005, 130 children aged 0-19 in Illinois were killed by guns. From 1999 to 2005,
    1,169, children have been killed by guns in Illinois.7
    • The 2005 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey (grades 9-12) found that 5% of
    Chicago high school students reported having carried a gun in the last 30 days.8
    • From 2002 to 2006, 687 Chicago youth were killed by guns.9
    • In 2005, 92% of Chicago youth killed by firearms involved handguns.10
    • In 2005, firearms were the primary weapon used in violent deaths in Kane, Cook,
    and Peoria counties. Firearms account for more violent deaths than all other means
    • In 2005, 71%(435) of homicides and 36%(164) of suicides were committed with
    firearms in Kane, Cook, and Peoria counties.12
    • Firearms were used as a weapon in 10 out of 14 murder-suicide incidents in Kane,
    Cook, and Peoria counties in 2005, or 70% of the time. Children witnessed or were
    present at eight of the 14 murder-suicide incidents, or 57% of the time.13
    Gun Violence
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    dogsofwar, just think how many would die in auto accidents if we had no traffic laws, maybe we should conciser regulating guns like we regulate autos.
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    You sight Illinois data to support gun control. Are you aware ILL is one of the most restrictive States in gun laws? Are you aware the average citizen cannot get a concealed carry permit in ILL? In ILL you must have a State FOIA card to purchase a weapon legally. Seems to me what you present is evidence that strict gun control does NOT work. The vast majority of the killings you sight are commited by people who do NOT follow the law in the first place. Gun resrictions like those in ILL only serve to empower the Thugladyts and provide them with a safe working environment and criminalize the lawabiding for self defence. YOU would subject the rest of the Nation to the same fate if you could. Luckily most of us are not so stupid.
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    You didn't mention you also need the FOAA card present just to buy ammo, I lived in west Chicago for a number of years, every weekend it was a war zone. I couldn't buy a gun because of gun laws, but every weekend I hear gunshots from people who weren't supposed to own one either, they could care less and if they started shooting at my house for whatever reason I'd be another statistic thats posted above .
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    I state the facts, nothing more nothing less. Do you find some need to try to read between the lines? If so you just failed the test.
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    We have speed limits on the highways and yet people (including myself) break them constantly. You can't stop everyone!
    Many states have increased fines and penalties on DUI's and yet drunks still drive. You can't stop everyone!
    There are 314 million people in the United States, authorities can't keep an eye on all of them all of the time.
    The Colorado shooter had NO prior arrests or convictions.
    Unfortunately tragedies happen from time to time and there is nothing anyone can do to stop each one of them.
    If Holms had thrown a molotov cocktail into the crowd, would more controls at gas pumps be our next answer!?
    I used to have a dog who chased cars. A car hit him and he changed his tactics to chasing trucks, until a truck hit him! Then he went back to chasing cars.
    Bad people will do bad things. If at first they don't succeed, they'll switch tactics.
    I don't believe that it should be legal to sell fully automatic weapons in the United States, and I don't think it is. But an AR-15 assault rifle is just a rifle: it shoots one bullet at a time just like many larger caliber semi's used for deer hunting.
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    This is just what the socialust democrats hoped they are going to politicallize the death of these poor people to further their socialist agender.they had one person saying obama wasnt a socialist or communist.he said that obama dont like them.well if his president obama didnt like communism then why did he appointed 3 different people to whitehouse jobs that belonged to a communist party and said they were proud of it.the fact is obama is just as bad as hitler when it comes to his policies.a lot of young people dont know but hitler was a socialust just like obama.hell a democratic senator and obama said mao was a great leader.the fact is mao killed millions of his own people because they disagreed ith him.obama and a lot of democratic senators said that castonis one of the greatest leaders ever.even our vice president said china and a lot of other countries are better then the united states.i say f@@ k all them bas@ gradfather faught ginst socialust in ww2 and real americans will keep fighting them before they take away our rights
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    That you insinuate that Americans would wish death and misery of this magnitude on other Americans sickens me. IF anyone exists like that, I lump them in the same boat as you and hope beyond hope that Karma smacks you all in the face for your evil thoughts.
    Hitler was a Fascist. Go read a book for crying out loud and you might pick up on his hatred for certain things. Oh I don't know, things like Marxism or Egalitarianism.
    In Nazi Germany, WHO controlled the mean of production? Private Capitalists or Workers/Unions?
    Do me a favor and do some research outside Faux News before you start insinuating such ludicrous thoughts as fact.
    Here, I'll do something you most certainly DID NOT. Provide some factual discussion on the matter.
    The people of Aurora need support and compassion, so they can begin the healing process. Not some horrible thoughts on how their fellow Americans wished this on their families.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
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    Nazi is short for National Socialism as opposed to Marxism which was International Socialism.

    Hitler wasn't opposed to socialism. He was opposed to Slavs. The "International Socialists" were led by Slavs.

    Make no mistake though Fishbone... Hitler was a Big Government guy.
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    Bobo, Hitler and the Nazi party were Socialist in name, yes. This was done to appeal to the lower classes at a time when they were in dire straits and were sympathetic to radical and socialist ideas. You might even say he socialist leanings, but keep in mind they only applied to the true "Aryans". The name of the party was rhetorically declared to gain that critical support.
    I'll go with Big Government, but tht by n
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    Dammit. I hate when I hit enter like that.
    Bobo, I'd go as far to say on name only. Hitler and the members of the Nazi party even said they had named it such rhetorically so as to appeal to the lower class, who because of the dire straits the country was in were sympathetic to radicals and socialist ideas. Even the applications of such really only applied to true "Aryans" and that's not true Socialism. When confronted about it years into his regime it was a true source of embarrassment. 
    I'd more go with your statement of "Big Government" Because essentially it could refer to a lot of things. Dictatorships and Marshall Law are technically Big Government. Hell, like you said in another area the Bush's are into that and I wouldn't really call them Socialists. 
    I like talking with you Bobo. We disagree at times, but you don't make it personal. 
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    This is why Nazism is so difficult to discuss... and compare to current events.
    " You might even say he socialist leanings, but keep in mind they only applied to the true "Aryans"."
    You're not going to get an argument from me about the "in-name only" claim about "socialism" in Nazism, if you'll concede that the Nazis were perfectly fine with the power that "socialism" got them. The idea in the heads of the people of a "collective". Hitler termed that "collective" as the Aryan Race. It was a vehicle to totalitarianism.

    Hitler was utilitarian about everything in his pursuit of his own personal goals.

    I don't know how many times I've told made that same distinction about The Soviets and Nazis and "socialism". at least a few times on this site and I have no idea how many other times. I even have it as my profile bio. You're the first person that ever engaged in a conversation with me about it . That's why I like talking to you.:)
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    Leon Harrison
    West Carrollton, Ohio
    Sunday, July 22, 2012

    To: The Editor

    Subject: Makeshift Memorial Shriners in Aurora, Colorado

    "Before you go there to show how much you care…”

    I am sincerely sorry about the recent murders of twelve, and the wounding of 58, innocent victims at that midnight “Batman” movie inside that cinema in Aurora, Colorado, that were committed by that single deranged strange gunman; but I shall not join the outsider makeshift-memorial shriners and whiners, whom I detest for competing in this latest compassion contest. I refuse to boohoo or otherwise try to prove that I am more caring, sensitive and compassionate than you, or have a need to participate, pose, perform and believably grieve and compete in public performance art. I have never flown away from home, or traveled near or far in a bus or a car, to take advantage of such or similar bad sad tragic accidents, events or incidents; unlike the gun-grabbing nagging-nanny members of The Brady Bunch and The Bloomturd Herd. They and their other professional angry, empathetic sympathetic sisters and brothers never let a good sensational sad scary (but statistically-insignificant) incident/story go to waste.
    With obvious and hidden personal and political agendas, these political-PAC-rat activists, demonstrators, marchers and whining “shriners” swarm and show up to participate, perform, pose and promote themselves with free publicity. During the past thirty-plus years [between the birth of cable TV and the deaths of Princess Diana, some students at Columbine High and the University of Virginia, and Trayvon Martin], I have seen a predictable repetitive pattern of public performance art, people competing in compassion and patriotism contests for attention and publicity, enabled and encouraged by competitive media people who need them and seek them.
    I am sure that, during the aftermath of such and similar bad sad tragic events, many if not most of the local folks have thought, asked or said, "Who are these people and what are they doing here?" Many of them no doubt hope and pray that such and similar strangers go and stay away; especially the people who have to clean up the messes after outsiders and strangers quit grieving and start leaving.
    If you really need to, have to, or want to go to Aurora, Colorado, to show those grieving family members and friends (and media people) that you really care: You ought to show up and handle a candle with a teddy bear, and let a balloon loose into the air. Well, Leon Harrison’s "GENUINE $19.99 MAKESHIFT SHRINE" includes everything that you need to believably grieve! Now, you too can show up with your "GENUINE $19.99 MAKESHIFT SHRINE" time after time! Then, you too can compete with the best, during this and any future compassion contests! I guarantee that you will be seen on the front page and the TV screen!

    Leon Harrison
    West Carrollton, Ohio
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    It's like Mitt Romney's tax returns all over again. I think that the final tally on that one was six; seven if you count the Ann Romney "You People" thread.
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    Which reminds me: If I had neighbors that I tried to avoid making eye-contact with, they'd probably look like you people.
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    As many as it takes for them to get the answer that they are wanting, even if it means that they have to twist the facts to get it.
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    You take some plastic, metal and maybe some wood, you have a firearm, which CANNOT be harmful to anyone without a human !!! The firearm is never at fault for anything, NOTHING, it is the person who misuses it that should be focused on. You don't penalize the responsible firearm owner, buyer or user for that of a nutcase or criminal.
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    What about the simulation theater shooting roll call pdf that the government released to emergency personnel 2 months before this took place? Then the eve of the shooting the government tries to wipe out the evidence of the pdf on the internet. This was planned to start discussions of gun bans. To get the people on their side so they can take away our 2nd Amendment right. Guns can kill people but it's the person behind the gun that pulls the trigger.
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    In the Colorado shooting the killers under semi auto pistols and a 12 G shotgun. He did have an AR15 but the killings were with again a shotgun and a pistol. Gun control would not make a difference. Mass killings have been carried out through history. The crimminal will find any way possible to carry out the crime, while innocent citizens will not have a firearm to protect themselves. He could have had same result with a pickup truck full of fertilizer, pipe bombs, a machete and fire. 9/11 plane was taken down with a box cutter.
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    no! i don't even like the idea of having to register guns all it does is give gov info so they know who has them when trying to do a gun grab.
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    Ahh, it's all a Government plan. For decades the Feds has been slobering at the mouth, trying to wrestle the guns from it's armed Citizens hands but so far all attempts has failed because such a touchie subject. Now lets suppose they change in directions. Let the assault weapons and large capacity magazin bans expire. Do away with the Brady bill. Allow the Supreme Court to abolish gun bans in Cities like Chicago and enable the American Public easier access guns until the population is so saturated with guns. Then when we start killing each other as in these mass shootings, the Citizens will scream HELP US! That will empower the Government to pass bills to take All guns from only the law abiding Citizen. Look at the negative opinion and pressure against the 2nd ammendment in such a short time.
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    People are arguing in this thread about how they need guns to protect them from government. Well I got news for you. If you have a gun, the government will have bombs, if you have bombs, they will have tanks, if you have tanks, they will have missiles, etc. etc. etc. There are better ways to limit government control. If it comes to fighting a military that is funded with 700 billion dollars a year, then you have lost.
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    Are our Automobiles designed to kill efficiently like our guns are? Then why the comparison of guns to automobiles? The point is anything can kill someone, even with their bare hands but are those things purposefully designed to kill people?
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    Guns are designed to kill, you are correct. They are used for killing small and large game. Today,more than one million youth participate in shooting sports events and affiliated programs through groups such as 4-H, the Boy Scouts of America, the American Legion, U.S. Jaycees, NCAA, the Scholastic Clay Target Program, National Guard Bureau, ROTC and JROTC. These programs have all continued to thrive despite political pressures to disband. The success of these programs is often attributed to an emphasis on safety and education that has resulted in an unprecedented scholastic and collegiate athletic safety record.
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    The more you try to regulate, seems more problems come up
    Please read
    "The Bill of Rights: Its History and Significance "
    This is our Root' much has changed already?
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    I love these gun control liberals and their hunting arguments for gun ownership. They totally diaregard the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Let me say this again...our Founders did not give us the right to keep and bear arms for hunting. They gave us the right to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves against an over reaching federal government. Read what the Founders said about the "right to keep and bear arms." Not once did any of them make mention to "hunting" as a reason for the 2nd Amendment. This is all liberal smoke and mirrors. James Madison once said, and I paraphrase...'When the government wants to take away your arms be very concerned.' He understood the long tentacles of government tyranny. And, so do I. Aurora was a horrible tragedy. But, had I been there I can almost bet that Mr. Holmes would not be alive today.
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