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    I find it amusing we can pick on Romney's alleged heritage by mention Baracl Husseon Obama's heritage and you get waterboarded and boycotted by every organization from the ACLU to Dems to the NAACP, not to mention the Secret Service.
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    "If I had a son that could stretch his body like rubber and who was married to an invisible woman with a brother who could burst into flames and fly, he'd look like Mitt Romney."
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    Even the relic in the pic looks like Dr. Doom's mask...I guess they're trying to point out how "Fantastic" Mittens is.
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    no... he wants to call it the 'white anglo saxon protestant house' (he was trying for white anglo saxon mormon, but 'wasm' doesn't sound as good as 'wasp')
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    and don't forget his crack in Israel about Jews being more 'culturally' suited to making money than Muslims. I tell ya, Mitt's just trying soooooo hard to lose.
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    Please make allowances for his ignorance, he has never had to deal with reality. Why else would he choose politics?
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    Hahaha @ Romney isn't a job creator. AND OBAMA IS? Come to Ohio and preach that to the people. We would laugh in your face and send you one of the GM cars that AREN'T being produced in our factories that were SHUT DOWN!!
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    There is no proof a Romney aide ever made this comment. The 'aide' remains unnamed, as in all smear stories.
    Apparently Romney's campaign does not talk to foreign reporters, making the source of this story very suspicious indeed. In fact, Newsbusters features a quote from a mainstream media reporter who admits stories like this frequently show up in reporter's e-mail straight from the Democrat National Committee.
    This 'story' is another twist of the 'racist' meme the voters are sick of.
    Go have alook at .
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    This story is a fail.

    But This story is about an even Bigger Fail

    Three Portland area veterans, all Obama supporters, describe their lunch with the president

    "On Tuesday morning, all three met with a staffer and were driven to the restaurant and arrived shortly before Obama. The three said the restaurant workers and other patrons received notice only a few minutes before the president arrived."

    A "common folk" campaign stunt that was choreographed... Sorta teleprompterish, He can't risk having to talk to another Joe the Plumber.
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    Why are they reporting this. It was not Romney who sent it. So anyone can send a tweet and then the Media can fine tune it to make it look like it came from Mitt Romney.
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    This story is just another brick in the "Tribal Campaign" to reelect President Obama. I can't believe I agree with the Daily Beast... I guess sometimes they have to admit the truth.

    The Tribal Election: Barack Obama Turns to the Karl Rove Playbook

    "To do that, Obama is offering an array of appeals based on tribal totems—gay marriage, contraception, cheap loans for kids, charges of racism by his opponents. Every “grand” statement is aimed at specific groups, either to offer them something or to show how Romney would threaten their interests."

    Appeals to Gays, Women, Young, Blacks and Latinos all while keeping up a constant barrage of Class Warfare Rhetoric.

    Tribal Politics.
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    Obama didn't need to do what you just said, he is going to get the majority of votes from gays (for sure) women, blacks, and the youth, the prove is in the electoral college here.....WWW.REALCLEARPOLITICS .COM
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    I like Real Clear Politics too renee. It's one of the first sites to update in the morning and they strive to provide opinion pieces from both sides... So we can decide for ourselves.

    Which article or picture were you referring to renee?
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    #AngloSaxonHeritage - Obama didn't want Britain's greatest hero's bust present in his oval office and returned it to Britain (Winston Churchill). Obama gave the queen another ipod. Obama game the British prime minister a box of American Movie DVDs encoded for the US (can't play in Europe).
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    So an "anonymous aide" doesn't know who the Anglo-Saxons were? Is that what I'm gathering from this story?

    I guess it's sort of like this guy and his knowledge about the Constitution. The difference is that I know this guy's name. He's Ezra Klein. Liberal Pundit/Columnist extraordinaire...

    WaPo's Ezra Klein: Constitution "Confusing" Because It Is Old
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    That evil right-wing site that's connected to that evil hater Glenn Beck has compiled a list of the top five times the media has taken Mitt Romney out of context. At least in these cases they are attacking Romney for something he said instead of an "anonymous aide."

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    Sooooo...this dumb comes from what a so-called "anonymous aid" said? Oh, it is true? I suspect that it is, European and American history being a mystery to Barack Obama and his dad and mama, at least before he went to a Hawaiian school and was taught by flower child fools.
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