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    Wait a minute...if we punish the buyers and put them in jail, who will be writing legislation after that? We might need to think this one through...
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    I coompletely agree with this. The truth is that our current laws against prostitution discriminate against poor people. If you are wealthy they call it being a "kept woman" and there are no penalties for it whatsoever. If you are willing to do it on camera it's called being a "porn actress" and it's perfectly legal. What morals are we protecting with laws that allow these things while dooming poor women to the clutches of violent pimps, forced drug addiction, sexual abuse and human trafficking?
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    Much like the war on drugs, remove the criminal element and it becomes more of a personal choice. Not that big a deal. That is , unless one has a moral objection. Then we're talking about legislating morality.
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    I have know idea if it would help control human trafficking or not. But I do think that what ever happens between to consenting adults is none of my business or yours either.
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    I think you will find where prostitution is legal the plight of prostitutes is less. And you believe Barney Frank , a gay man who is in a committed monogamous relationship would be an expert. Why? Do you believe all gay men frequent prostitutes?
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    No, they're usually hanging around the restrooms at parks and rest areas...waiting around for an offer.
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    Nooo.. Barney Frank had a prostition ring being run out of his apartment (his lover ran it). Barney said he never knew anything about it. Had nothing to do about his sexual preferences.. It was news years ago..
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    Ya.. I'd say when the guy is living in your apartment you probably should have known..Hey Wilber.. You didnt have clue about this .. Admit it.(pssst. Politix gave me a "thumbs up"..naaaa)
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    Why would it reduce human trafficking? We have child prostitutes now at the age of 13 and younger. The pedophiles would sure love this legislation...Why do people insist on legalizing and legitimizing behaviors that are bringing an already faltering country down even more? I have to wonder, is America ever going to do SOMETHING
    to bring this Country up, or continue to enact laws to bring it dOwN!
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    IMHO The vast majority of Prostitutes are victims on multiple levels. First they were probably physical, mental, or sexual victims at home. Now they are victims of their pimps. Some times they are victims of the johns. And if they go to the police, they will become victims again. These abused people need our help not punishment.
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    So are you for or against legalized prostitution? The legal prostitute's I've seen looked like they were just going to work like any other job.
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    I thought it was obvious, but I guess not. Yes, I favor legalized prostitution. Firstly because it will eliminate the endless abuse of many of the low end prostitutes and allow the high end to practice their trade without legal attacks. I lived in Australia where prostitution is legal. I was there for over a year before I found out prostitution. But it had to be in a brothel. Street walking was illegal and I seldom saw them. We never have and never will stop prostitution. There are reasons it is called 'The World's Oldest Profession'. When ever you try to criminalize the violation of some peoples morals, one thing is sure. Failure.
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    You are absolutely correct. The average age a female enters prostitution in the US is 14. Consequently, she isn't a prostitute; she's a rape victim, and the so-called "johns" are statutory rapists. Between 95-98% of prostitutes were physically and/or sexually abused as children. Our current laws punish the victims and give a slap on the wrist to the abusers. Most prostitutes work for violent pimps and there is a heavy price to pay for not meeting the day's quota. She may be beaten, raped, or denied food & shelter. Of course she is going to feign interest. She must if she wants to earn the money and avoid being punished. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the real world of prostitution knows the idea of "two consenting adults" is a fallacy.
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    On one hand I don't want to see the government regulating this. But on the other hand, how do I become a brothel inspector? The fringe benifits would be interesting.
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    So you're open to bribes? I know you're kidding but kind of reinforces my point that this is not going to end well.
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    This looks to me like something that could really help, but as Ir0nw0lfe said, "won't end well."

    What would the government do about taxing this service anyways? Initiate a "hoo-ha toll"? A surcharge on their healthcare costs as they'd be purposefully *cough* opening themselves up to diseases? How would you define what a brothel is: by how many women live there, or what kind of 'services' they offer, etc?

    This is a half-baked idea, like most of my own, that needs to be discussed, thought through, reevaluated and mulled over. Thoroughly.
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    Today, I'd favor legalizing and regulating prostitution. Someone else mentioned leaving it up to the states to decide, which I assume is the way it already is since prostitution is legal in Nevada. I'd also assume that Nevada prostitutes are subject to regulation such as regular medical checkups and paying taxes.
    However, as a former child prostitute who worked independently and without a pimp, I'd have been upset paying taxes and being put out of business because of my age. But of course, that was then and this is now.
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    In the Philippines, prostitution is legal. However, there are many street hookers as well who are illegal. The legal prostitutes market their services in the local bars around the military bases and undergo monthly health checkups.
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    Why is there still a market for street hookers if it's legal there? What motivates a customer to seek a prostitute when legal prostitutes are available and what motivates a prostitute to sell outside of the legal framework?
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    Damned if I know. But there is much poverty there, and many young girls go into prostitution just to help their families out.
    I had a virgin prostitute once!
    On some islands where we trained, 12 year old boys would sneak up to our fox holes and pimp their sisters!
    I remember once, we were deployed on an LPH (helicopter carrier). When we came in from liberty and returned to the open water, every Sailor and Marine was order to the flight deck. We were ALL told to drop trou and were given penicillin shots, regardless if we had left the ship or not! Easier to nip it in the butt, I guess! LOL
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    If you legalize prostitution, what are you punishing the buyers for? If you legalize it, you can go after those that do not practice it legally and make the penalties painful enough (pimp, seller and buyer) that it discourages the illegal trade.
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    According to Milton Diamond and several other 'sickos' who want to legalize child porn, claiming it will lead to' lower rates of child sex abuse'. "Pornography and sex crimes in the Czech republic". Archives of Sexual Behavior... Really?! Who poses for these horrendous photos /videos? Are they children?! Apparently, since they want to legalize child porn, and the scariest part is that people condone it, abuse the kids and make money from, maybe we will have 5 yr. old prostitutes?... Some parents have sold their own kids for crack!
    Yeah, just what we need, to satisfy the sickest perversions there are,
    can a world get any sicker?!?
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    No, legalizing prostitution will allow predators to take advantage of the poorest and most despearate among us. now its just legal. I've said this before if there is no harm attached prostitution, how many parents would mind if it was their daughter's way of making a living? Or their son's? We should fight to stop prostitution not turn a blind eye. This is not a victimless crime. It eroded moral fiber of a society. Denmark has brothels. They lead the world in child porn abuse. Show me a kid who says I want to be a whore when I grow up. A lots of the posts I see here are made by people who have obviously never spent any time around prostitutes other than as w customer. I've never met one who didn't want their life to be different and didn't want to change occupations as soon as possible.
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    Saw this in action in Germany, 1980's. Seemed to work well. The "profession" was contained in the red light districts of most larger cities. The districts looked very clean an orderly, as with most thing German. Not sure how it would work out here though, I'm sure our government would find a way to screw it up.
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    Just in time for this...

    UN’s legal push for prostitution

    "The United Nations is promoting a new “piece” plan that it claims promises a happy ending — legalizing prostitution."

    "A UN panel said the world’s leaders should legalize the oldest profession to help stem the spread of HIV/AIDS."

    "“Rather than punishing consenting adults involved in sex work, countries must ensure safe working conditions and offer sex workers and their clients access to effective HIV health services,” the Global Commission on HIV and the Law said."

    "The panel calls on the United States and more than 100 other countries to “repeal laws that prohibit consenting adults to buy or sell sex.”"

    In Hegelian terms...

    Thesis: Prostitution should be illegal.
    Antithesis: Prostitution should be legal.

    I still agree with the thesis.
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    I would look to examples such as prohibition which did reduce alcohol consumption and Nevada's current condition of legalized prostitution which has a wiki page. Let the states decide, but I want my state to continue to say no.