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    I've said it before and I'll say it again...

    "The rules changed in 2008-9 and the Republican party learned that fact in 2010. TARP, the auto bailouts, and stimuli are what changed it. They were the "Intolerable Acts" that resulted in the formation of the Tea Party"

    Ryan came to the forefront with his selection as Chairman of the House Budget Committee after republicans took back the House because of those "rule changes." They are also why he is on the ticket.
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    "I inherited this economic mess from Paul Ryan."
    "You don't give the keys to the car to the same Paul Ryans that got you into this mess." - and other failed Obama quotes
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    Interesting, but Ryan has sponsored 8 bills in the current session. Two, both budget bills, were rejected by the Senate (passed by house), one has been referred to the Senate Budget Committee. If his legislative successes are a few as the article claims it is reasonably clear that Ryan was not an effective legislator. He has not crafted important legislation that has the support to become law. However, his 'Plan for Prosperity' shows a mind that can formulate policy beyond just talking points. Perhaps he plays the part as thinker, not man of action. Hopefully he well inject substance to a presidential race that is currently public relations and scapegoating.
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    Ryan's brilliant Medicare block grant proposal "Adds Millions to the Uninsured and Underinsured. In addition his plan provides the largest tax cuts in history for the wealthy giving millionaires $265,000 on Top of Bush Tax Cuts.

    Of course it raises taxes on the middle class, ends guaranteed Medicare benefits, erodes health care coverage, partially privatizes Social Security, and makes deep cuts in guaranteed Social Security benefits.

    Yeah Ryan should stick to coming up with new post office names.
    Ryan is just another insane Libertarian Tea-Bagger that is hell bent on creating a feudal society in America. Sweet Jesus, can't this country come up with something better than a lunatic fringe of fascists loving oligarchs to destroy us?

    (source: The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities a non partisan think tank with board members from the Brookings Institution and the Urban. Institute)
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    Please note that Ryan has not sponsored bills to that would implement his plan. It is easy to argue that he doesn't that 1.) perhaps he really doesn't want his plan to become law and/or 2.) the specifics of his plan would be unacceptable to Congress or Voters and/or ___________ (please offer your suggestion). So far he has been unable or unwilling to act, only 'play' public relations games. I'll make an exception for his budget bills, IF you can explain what they do and how they do it.
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    Is the number of bills passed any measure of a legislator's worth? That's like saying the number of measurement devices I maintain is a measure of my productivity without regard to the accuracy of those devices.(I'm not paid to be fast but I'm paid to be thorough.)
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    it might just be that the more bills they pass, the deeper in the hole we go, maybe they should try unpassing some of the mess they made??
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    Funny how neither the HuffPo or any major media outlet focused similar scrutiny on Obama's total lack of legislative accomplishments at both the state and federal level. If it didn't disqualify him from being President, why should it disqualify Ryan from being Vice President?

    Is there any obligation anymore in the media to present facts in context? And shame on Politix for helping to spread such a one-sided hatchet job of a "news story".
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    Qualifications for President, nothing can prepare a person to be president. Ike, came closest to being qualified, followed George HW Bush (the first one). LBJ wasn't that qualified on paper, but like him or not he could get legislation passed.
    So what makes a 'good' president, is it just based on public opinion?
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    Actually, George HW Bush might have been the most qualified President ever, in terms of having experience in various areas of government. Ike, like many Presidents, was a military hero, and was fortunate to preside over a prosperous period in which he didn't have to do much. LBJ understood how Washington worked and had experience manipulating the system to further his priorities.
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    @Bobo - How many times can you answer the "have you stopped beating your wife question" before you start returning the favor?
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    When they ask for Romney's tax returns, we ask for Obama's drug test results. When they criticize the jobs created by Bain capital, we criticize the jobs lost (aka not created or saved) by Obama. If economic success means 8% unemployment, I'll even take Bush.

    Obama campaigns on bringing back jobs in the industry and holding fat cats accountable. Well how about the scrapping of a major steel mill in Maryland -
    and $millions paid out in executive bonuses for a job well done -

    I wonder how many wives will die because of cancer thanks to Obama's great success in the industry!
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    Absolutely!!!---I have always said this guy is a "light-weight" and "narrow-minded" political thinker...And NOT even remotely qualified to be VP...His pick is probably the final nail in Romney's coffin...Sure he appeals to the so-called teaparty...but thank god that group of extreme right-wing wacko's are few in number...
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    Wow, Ryan has only got two bills passed in 12 years? Most insightful peace of information I've learned from these Politix articles yet.
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    Regardless of whether it's Ryan, Sanders, or any other representative in focus, this just highlights how absolutely useless Congress has become, as well as the Senate.
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    I think that Romney was trying to tell himself, "Ron Paul", but it got flipped backwards on the way out and turned into "Paul Ryan". Wouldn't be the first time that something like this has happened. For years the men's bathroom-attendant at the Romney mansion thought that Ann Romney was suffering from sadomasochism...