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    I don't know about evil, but the comments were definitely clueless, dumb, stupid, ignorant, insensitive, privileged, sexist, misogynistic, and anti-women...for sure.
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    @LAMolitix-- I was with you until you got to "privileged, sexist, misogynistic, and anti-women...for sure."

    Please explain.
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    @Bobolinsky ---I think she was right on target with those statements..."privileged "---because he gave the impression that he was looking down his nose at women---and telling them that he knows better about their bodies, than they do...."Sexist"---(th is needs no further clarification)...And Misogynistic---because.., This one clearly does not need any further explanation either....I think LAMolitix got it all exactly right!!!!! Nice Job, LAMolitix!
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    The man isn't evil. That's just stupid. He simply said "legitimate rape" when he meant "forced rape". He was trying to distinguish the differences of "statutory rape".
    Now the man is an idiot and I would never vote for him, but "Evil" is way over the top.
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    Of course there is a defensible side, everyone has the right to act like a moron. But, you also pay the price for it. Nice headline though politix...evil huh?
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    sure, there's a defensible side to almost every thing.
    you can defend your need to drive drunk... you were too drunk to walk

    you can defend breaking your friend's nose... it was blocking your view of the girl sunbathing in her garden across the street

    you can defend peeing on your neighbor's roses... hey, you didn't want me to pee my pants, did you?
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    I agree with Dana Loesch. I believe Akin was refering to what he though was an established medical fact. I saw at least three different stories yesterday about medical studies on this issue that had three different results! So, medical science doesn't know for sure. I do know many people believe the stress of "trying" for a baby can sometimes actually prevent pregnancy. Haven't we all heard the stories about the couples who tried desperately to conceive with no luck until they adopted or made the decision to adopt? Conception occured after the stress of trying was removed. The idea that stress prevents pregnancy is almost an old wives tale.
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    In the poor man's defense, female ducks have evolved in such a way that they now have a biological anti-pregnancy response to forced sex. Maybe that's what he was thinking about....hmmm'
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    "So here we have a man who has not just no knowledge of what happens during rape and conception, but actually provably wrong knowledge. And he makes laws about these things.

    It’s clear that Akin’s beliefs are driven by his religious fundamentalism. This would be a matter of concern to me for any lawmaker, but you have to understand: he sits on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee!

    The irony in this should be evident.

    And worse, Rep. Akin is not the only woefully under- and simply miseducated person on that committee who attacks science. It’s full of such antiscience people. Examples include Mo Brooks, a global warming denier; Ralph Hall, who tried to use porn to scuttle a science funding bill; Jim Sensenbrenner, another global warming denier; Paul Broun, a creationist (a creationist on the science committee!); Dana Rohrabacher, another climate change denier, and more.

    It’s mind boggling.

    Today, more than ever before, we need politicians who are educated about science and technology. At the very least our economic future depends on science! Yet we have people on the Science Committee who are devoted to actively destroying it.

    This is why I support Science Debate 2012. The goal of this organization is to educate the public about where politicians stand on science issues, including evolution, global warming, energy, and the economy. "
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    "We should ban life jackets and all other floatation devices.They only encourage risky behavior. The only way to prevent is abstinence from going into the water. "

    "Also, if you were forcibly pushed into the water, don't worry. If it was a legitimate pushing, your body will find a way to shut out all the water and survive the drowning."
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    Personally, I find his rhetoric and policies abhorrent! But I would never have voted for him in the first place (or someone like him).

    What I find amusing, is all the republicans throwing him under the bus when what he espouses is actually the platform of the party.
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    I disagree with it, but it's a legitimate position to take that abortion should be illegal and that rape should not be an exception. I can understand the reasoning that even if a pregnancy was the result of rape that the child shouldn't be punished for it. In fact saying "abortion is murder, but not if the woman was raped" sounds like they are only trying to make themselves look moderate and being dishonest.
    However, that's not the only thing Todd Akin said. He said that a woman's body has ways to shut down a pregnancy if it's a "legitimate rape" implying that a woman who gets pregnant wasn't really raped. That's NOT the case.
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    So they were all conservative people defending him? Hm. I'd actually pay attention to this article more if it was people from different points of views defending Akin, but since it's merely a party (or people of similar ideologies) attempting to do damage control, it's arse gravy of the lowest order.
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    I will admit that this guy is to dumb to be a sen. however, there is a democrat who had sex with a minor boy in a rest stop. will he quit?
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    I think it was a very stupid thing for him to say. Evil, no. He's VERY pro life and he was grasping at straws to convince people not to abort rape babies. What he said DOES prove how important each and every child is in his eyes.
    Rape is a horrid thing, let alone becoming pregnant due to rape. I think his point was, if you abort the child, you could be ridding the world of another Picasso, or the future President, or just a ballerina, or just a stockboy at Walmart. A life. A life that did not ask to be. Innocence.
    I do not believe in abortion as a means of birth control. Women who have been raped and became pregnant IS indeed another story, and a decision to be made by the woman raped.
    Will it in any way effect my decision in voting for Romney/Ryan? No.
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    Akin is going to reveal the doctor who educated him on how woman's bodies work. I believe his name is I. Shandar. He performed a lot of "unnecessary" experiments.
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    @DARSB Yes I understood that too. I Shandor is a reference to the mad scientist named in Ghostbusters who brought Gozar worship back. Gozar worship is about as valid as Wilke's ideas.
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    Hopefully the connection between Akin and Ryan will be clearly established and it will cost Romney/Ryan some votes.
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    Of course this rag tag Collection of Lesser then Human beings would think that.Hell lets make this Idiot president he is at least more Honest them Mittens and Eddie Munster
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    I'd prefer leaders with a fact-based approach. Rep Akins doesn't meet that criterion and from what I can tell his apologists don't either.
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