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    In addition to this throw away laugh line that everyone except the reporters in the tank for Obama understood as a laugh line. Mitt Romney had some other things to say today.

    Mitt Romney: What I Learned at Bain Capital

    "My business experience taught me how to help companies grow—and what to do when trouble arises. When you see a problem, run toward it before the problem gets worse."
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    Really? I think this is making a mountain out of a mole hill. No one except Trump thinks the birther issue has any relevance to voters. Does Mitt scare Dems that much?
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    So Reid can accuse Romney of tax evasion without proof but Romney makes fun of the birther nonsense and he's the bad guy. Lighten up people. If Bill Maher said it all would be well.
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    I can't believe that Mittens would say this kind of thing about President Davis---er, Soetoro...oops, I meant to say Obama.
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    Obamas birth certificate is covered up with lies and false information. Do the research. Bottom line new president or r freedom is demolished. He wants to destroy the u.s. and make us like other countries. No rights and everything is chosen for us. Sorry but I want my rights and freedom.
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    Yea, doesnt anyone care that the hospital he said he was born in didnt exist until the 70's!
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    I've told you a thousand times.. He was born of a jackal deep inside one of those Hawaiian volcanoes and has come to destroy all mankind... Nobody listens!
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    Romney was not out of line, maybe poking fun a bit. But Obama's machine has been down right nasty. They've said terrible lies, false statements, accused him of crimes, murder. They are are pack of tasteless dogs in my book. Obama cannot run on his record, he is a failure. So he and his team resort to slander and lies to distract the electorate away from Obama's failure to create jobs and fix the economy. Obama has met with his Jobs Council once in six months. Now how telling is that on his interest in creating jobs? We have 24 million people out of work and hurting financially. And we have a President who is more concerned about reelection than doing his job. Obama made many promises in 2008, and hasn't kept any that are not far left motivated. This is really sad, because the electorate bought into a facade, nutured by a salivating media. It is time to grow up, take the blinders off if they are not already off, and tell Obama and his stooges Hell No we will not reelect you.
    That a vote for Obama, is a vote to further destroy this country. Obama's birth narrative one way or another means nothing at this point. What matters is that he goes away!
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    has anyone proven it not to be a fraud? as long as it took to produce someone was lagging on something that takes about 1 minute to get
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    Get over it people. It's already been shown beyond a shadow of a doubt the birth certificate is fake.
    Does it matter now? No. Obama has pulled a fast one on Americans and got away with it.
    Lets move on to the important issues, the economy, jobs and the growing size of our government and a man ruling by Executive fiat.
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    He shold've went further and demanded college transcripts incl funding and Obama's passport/ Since the demands are being made for Romney's taxes are being made, let's have total transparency.
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    I was sort of wondering if he had a high school diploma?
    Or is that part of the "We built this." thing?
    Like he built his High school diploma all by him self!
    It came in a box, from a old Sears catalog!
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    I was going to say that Romney is deliberately trying to "rattle Obama's cage" but decided I better not because MSNBC's "race expert" Toure might mistake this common euphemism for "niggerization" (his made up word, not mine, and yes, I know he said he's sorry). So I'll just say Romney is joking, albeit "kidding on the square," another euphemism, and one I trust passes muster with the race expert word police out there.
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    He didn't bring up obamas birth certificate.Read the transcript.The media brought up their leaders birth certificate.This was a good joke.
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