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    Two reasons he's not doing better. First is the GOP house and the lack of any effort to actually govern, which requires compromise. Second, Paul Ryan is the poster child of the GOP house extreme right. Putting him on the ticket was the biggest mistake he could have made, it's the equivalent of putting Dennis Kucinich on the Obama ticket.

    The one thing I'm glad for though is that IF Romney squeaks out a victory and they put their far right agenda into play we'll truly see what kind of economy their ideology brings when it's irresponsible to lower taxes, they can't deficit spend, and they can't lower interest rates. These are the three things Reagan did to get us out of the 80's recession, so it'd be interesting (though disastrous) to see where America goes. Hopefully the 30 year conservative experiment would be over.
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    Romney is a bad choice. And the GOP knows it. It's going to regret not listening to Paul fans and running on things like Abortion and Gay Marriage instead. It's the Big Government issues that have people alienated from Romney. He's no better than Dubyah.
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    See, here is my problem with the left. I can admit that Romney certainly wasn't my first choice. I can admit that GW was a pretty crappy president. Neck and neck with Carter. But seriously, talking to the left about Obama, you would swear the guy is writing them all checks and rubbing their little butts to make them all feel good! He hasn't done a thing!!! Nothing! All he does is blame everyone else! His policies are trash that will not work!!!! The left are actually comical anymore. You could pluck a guy/or gal out of Walmart and I would have more confidence in voting for him/her!!!!
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    Obama pampers welfair and likes to add people to the welfair list. Why not sit at home and earn more then a working person. It's the easy way out.

    Romney wants people to work for their welfair. WHAT!?!? That's a curse word to lots of people.
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    Are you intentionally mispelling welfare because you think it's fair?

    If I understand you correctly, work is the four-letter "curse word to lots of people," right?

    Lots of people can't find work. If Romney wants people to work for their "welfair," then he needs to better articulate his plan for the middle class.
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    @Gilbert, nope it's because they fair well. Yes, the four letter word is "work". And I also understand people being in a rough spot. The difference of being someone in a rough spot and a generational welfair person is massive. What I do not like is people making a means of living FROM welfare. There is a HUGE difference. Help was NEVER intended for forever.
    Passed to one generation to another. No.
    My apologies to working people in a bad spot. If you were to have read some earlier posts, this was a given.
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    @Just_Lisa I think you mean FARE well. We may have a problem with semantics here. Again, Romney would DO BETTER if he could connect with the middle class and articulate his plan for having lots of people work for their meager welfare checks. My apologies for not reading some earlier posts (I can only assume you mean YOUR posts) but you may have noticed that I don't follow you.
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    @Gilbert I'm sure hoping for something better for middle class people out of Romney. And ok. You did bust me on misspelling. Lol
    Nice save tho eh? LMBO. Sorry I should have explained my thoughts more clearly also. ;)
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    I think he is doing just fine...chipping away a point or two at a time. Perhaps it is because people don't know him yet and Obama's campaign has been the most vile in history.
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    Flashback to post-election analysis from Time Magazine on Dec 1, 1980.

    "For weeks before the presidential election, the gurus of public opinion polling were nearly unanimous in their findings. In survey after survey, they agreed that the coming choice between President Jimmy Carter and Challenger Ronald Reagan was "too close to call." A few points at most, they said, separated the two major contenders."

    Read more:,9...
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    For most americans, who we vote for in November, is decided in November. Obama is not sitting on a slam dunk. He's even pretending that he'll move a little to the center if he's reelected.
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    None of the above...The reason Romney isn't doing better, even though the economy is bad...Is because people know what party got us in this mess in the first place...And they are not in any hurry to put another "supply-sider" anywhere near the whitehouse......The last republican was a disaster...McCain would have been a disaster...And Romney/Ryan would be a disaster of biblical proportions.....
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    Every poll I've look at say's about the same thing. Most people have a fixed opinion on who there voting for. It's going to come down to the fence sitter's as to who wins. That's about 6% of the vote. As it has been pointed out poll's can get it wrong. But in this case I think there pretty close to being accurate. It may be that the supreme court decides the election again. People are afraid of both these men even if they have decided on who will be getting there vote. But I will say they better be careful as to how many and as to what the up coming attack ads will say. Rand Paul became Senator of my state because his opponent Jack Conway went to negative in his attacks. This kinda of politics is starting to leave a bad taste and when you sling mud some of it always sticks to you as well.
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    Simple, the Romney campaign hasn't really put itself into high gear yet. BHO and his cronies have been spending money and running ads bashing Romney on everything from Bain to his tax returns and HE'S STILL RUNNING EVEN! Once the GOP starts spending money and running ads, the tide will turn.
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    It's actually very simple... Two Quotes from long ago explain it well..

    "A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul."
    - George Bernard Shaw

    "The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize
    they can bribe the people with their own money."
    - Alexis de Tocqueville
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    Because the younger members of society swallow Liberal sound bites as Gospel, and they have been brainwashed to the point of voting for against their own long-term interest.
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    The polls change constantly...and of course the liberal pollsters are not dependable. I don't believe in much of what the polls have
    to say, they are biased and Obama's been their Golden Boy no
    matter what he's done or failed to do. Romney will do just fine, if
    not and Obama is re-elected, get ready Socialism here we come!
    We will fall as sure as the Roman Empire.
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    We're going to fall anyway. History is doomed to repeat itself, because we always fail to learn from it. But it won't be because of what you think is Socialism. It will be because of greed: greed for wealth, greed for power. Reagan was the first nail in the coffin and Bush Jr. just further drive the nails in. Typical in both cases of weak, idiot leaders who are easily lead around by a golden ring in the nose and a rich man's tether.
    I can only wish we'd become a little more Socialist. Socialist/Capitalist as opposed to the Fascist/Capitalists we are now.
    We must end the Plutocracy.
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    Um, how about because it's summer, the election is still over 2 months away, and most people aren't even paying attention? Don't overthink it.
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    Only th epolitical junkies are even concerned at this time. Nothing will start in earnest until after Labor Day when Romney can spend the money he cannot now because of restrictions.

    Jimmy Carter was way ahead in the polls in 1980. Reagan didn't catch him until late October.

    The Mainstream media are favoring Obama. They give him a boatload of free advertising just by doing positive "news" stories on him and negative "news" stories on Romney. That's why the left hates FOX so much. They aren't in the tank for Obama.

    But just like in all midterm elections, the ECONOMY will be the major player, no matter how much the Obamaites say no it isn't. It is ALWAYS the main factor. Do I have a job? What are my prospects? How fast are the prices rising at the grocery store? How much is gas at the pump? American women are more concerned with grocery prices than free abortions.

    You can blame Bush only so long. But when Obama instituted TARP II the economy fully became his responsibility. And come November Americans will ask themselves if we want four more years of what we have today, or do we make a change.
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    Oh, yes the economy is hurting Barack Husssein Obama's re-election chances. But, the liberal media is in the tank for him and wants to cast doubt upon that idea.
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    If you are a conservative, the media is doing you a favor.

    By showing you what he is doing and you come to the conclusion that you DO NOT like what he is doing, this should motivate you to go out and cast your vote AGAINST him.

    But your comments leave me with the impression that the (liberal) media can sway an election in a lib/DEM candidates favor.

    I would almost believe you except for what happened in wis.

    The "lib" media POUNDED scott walker UNMERCIFULLY for more that a year and it only galvanized the conservative populace.

    In the recall election, walker received about 250k MORE votes than he did in the original(2010) gov election.

    As powerful as the media is, they CAN'T cast a vote.
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    @cnw95 I am definitely a conservative. But, those who are not convinced one way or the other are looking for the one thing that will push them to a particular candidate. IMHO, Romney will win this election...IF he stays on message and talks to the American people about what he will do as president and how he sees this country as a great country. He must keep his supporters energized. Barack Husssein Obama has spent three and a half years trying to convince us that we are a failing nation that needs to be more like Europe and fall into lock step with the UN. And he has done everything he can to push us that way by tearing down tratidional values we share in this nation. Keep in mind, our nation is made up of many, many different people and groups. They are divided by ethnicity, climate, topography, etc. And each one will fiercely defend his/her right to live as they please. So, what happens in one heavily unionized state will not necessarily be the case everywhere.
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    @seedtick So your concerned about the swing voters.

    They always play a part in the presidential election but to what degree is always the mystery.

    But as it relates to romney,swing voters are the LAST thing he should be worried about. I'm still convinced that there are those amongst the REPUBLICAN voting populace that are NOT fully sold on romney.

    Romney barely qualifies to be a MODERATE republican.(romney makes lindsey graham look like rush limbaugh)

    He needs to focus more on his BASE. He NEEDS to convince the REPUBLICAN voting demographic that he will govern with a conservative ideology.

    This is the KEY to a romney victory.

    If he is unable convince his suspect supporters that he is a CONSERVATIVE,he will lose.
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    Let's see African Americans and Latinos choosing NOT to vote for the cookie cutter rich white guy as opposed to one of their own who dangles huge carrots in front of them. Color me shocked....not to mention that among all voters overall Obama is just plain more likeable, which makes me wonder how much the charisma is keeping him afloat.
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    Absolutely correct. You hit the nail on the head on both accounts. The Democratic party has a long history of fostering dependence on the part of minority populations knowing full well that by doing so they ensure large voting blocks (despite the fact that doing so is inherently condescending and racist). This carrot, as you so perfectly describe it, along with Obama's charisma, is going to be difficult to overcome. Self-sufficiency is a tough sell, especially when the salesman is rather bland.
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    How about they won't vote for Romney---just because he Ryan would be a Disaster for America......That's my take, but I will leave people (of any nationality or color) to decided, themselves who they want to vote for. After all, it is their right.
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    Missing on the list is its difficult to beat an incumbent. Whatever chances a candidate has against an incumbent (and Romney's chances look decent at the moment) will be much better against a new candidate. If Romney ran this same exact campaign (everything else being equal) in 2016 against unnamed democrat, he would win.
    But the brain-trust of the republican party knows this. He is their throw-away candidate. The republicans have much better potential candidates than Romney but aren't going to waste the political or financial capital on trying to defeat such a likable incumbent president as Obama.
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    Probably has a lot to do with Neil Newhouse and his comment; "We won't let our campaign be run by fact-checkers". The average person heard this, and immediately began fact-checking everything Romney and Ryan say in their speeches; found out that the vast majority of it is just made up, delusional bullshit, and realized how horrible they both are.

    For example? Ryan's acceptance speech blaming Obama for the closing of the GM plant in Wisconsin in 2008, saying Obama promised to keep the plant open. Obama never made such a promise, and the plant closed in December of 2008, before Obama even took office. Somehow it's Obama's fault, though.

    Or Ryan berating Obama for legislation that Ryan, himself, signed off on when he claims to not have liked it, or blocked from happening when he claims it would have been helpful.
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    I believe 1&2 are very acurate. Mitt Romney looks exactly like "the man" and he has a carreer built on stepping on the little people. He is everything that l dont want to represent me, or america.#politician4sale
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    Well Bush JR put us all in a mess! Obama has been here only 3 years.
    It took Bill 8 years to get out of old man Bush & the debt is not like it is now! 3 years! I had a car loan for 5 years. Really people. Stop the stupid!
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    Clinton dies and of course goes straight to hell. When he gets there the Devil greets him and offers him three ways to spend eternity. They go to the first door and the Devil shows him Newt Gingrich, hanging from the ceiling with fire under him. Bill says "Oh no! That’s not how I want to spend all eternity......." They go to the second door. The Devil shows him Rush Limbaugh chained to the wall being tortured. Bill says "Oh no! Not for me!"
    They go to the third door. Behind it is Ken Starr, chained to the wall with Monica Lewinsky on her knees giving him a *******. Bill thinks and decides, "Hmmm, looks okay to me. I’ll take it." The Devil then says, "Good. Hey Monica, you’ve been replaced."
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