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    Hey Al Emid! I was wondering when someone was going to report on this.
    Lots of people are out of benifits and still out of work.

    I wish someone would now dig into disability and see how many unemployed have filed and are recieving or in the process of recieving benifits from that program!!
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    There has been some whispering out there about disability (SSDI) filling the void left when Welfare got its "work requirement" for a government program that allows the recipient to get their government check without showing any initiative to better themselves.

    "The biggest growth in the safety net, however, has come in the form of two "shadow welfare state" programs: Social Security Disability (SSDI) and unemployment insurance. Independently of any grand design, both have become massive anti-recession programs."

    "At about $140 billion last year, disability spending is twice that of all spending by the Department of Education. The system wasn't intended to be so overwhelming. It was designed for the workforce of the 1950s, when physically demanding labor meant there was a clear-cut difference between ability and disability."

    "Although disability and unemployment benefits are playing a huge role, at least in purely dollar terms, in limiting the ravages of the recession, it's important to note that these shadow welfare programs lack some of the key features of the normal, post-TANF "workfare" system. They both provide disincentives to work..."
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    @Bobolinsky wow, it really makes it hard on the ones who do need this, safety net (I hate those two words)
    Thanks for posting this link!
    What a mess. How can any fix all the broken problems, that made our country what it was...a dream of something better. Not a freedom from responsibility.

    Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.
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    @Just_Lisa jobs jobs jobs i agree . so wheres that jobs bill setting right now. the one that boehner wont talk about till after the pres race is over. what about the GOP responsibility to do there job so the rest of us can do ours...
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    @dkpayton why not just another executive order if that were the case? It's not like obama hasn't done it MANY times before?
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    Real unemployment hovers @ 15% with minimal job growth and a plan from both parites where the only defined detail for improvement reads "Trust Us" and you ask if the economy is getting better?
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    I'm not impressed by any hed that uses the phrase "real unemployment rate." The implication is that the rate is under-reported, possibly for devious and dark purposes. I find that manipulative and less than straightforward.

    In fact, the "real unemployment rate" is the one calculated according to fixed criteria that have not changed. There is no single statistic to tell us what we need to know about the job market, and adding confusion to the picture by making up new stats on the fly doesn't help.
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    I agree, but it IS well known that many are out of unemployment and still jobless. They are trying for disability now. Imagine what a pile of people will do to the economy if they get accepted for disability by using a crooked doctor.
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    What is manipulative and less than straightforward is the way that unemployment is calculated. The formula shouldn’t be anything more complicated than:

    Unemployed / employable = unemployment.

    What is also manipulative and less than straightforward is the way that inflation is now calculated. With food and energy removed from the calculation it makes inflation artificially lower than it really is.

    Figures can lie and liars can figure.
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    Even less impressive is trying to make the picture more rosy than it really is. Calculating the 'true' unemployment rate is nothing new, but it sure is getting a workout in this economy...and ANY economy where the long-term unemployed are unemployed so long as to no longer be counted in the traditional sense.
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    @Just_Lisa Oh, to be sure, way too many are unemployed. I see your point about applicants for disability (I assume you mean SSI), but I'm not sure how to tell if your fear materializes. Something to think about.
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    @Thunderchicken I like simple formulas, too, but every time I try to construct one I run into variables that add complexity.

    For instance, your suggestion is clean and looks easy to calculate, but it doesn't accommodate voluntarily unemployed people. Lottery winners and Trustafarians may have no need to hold a job but are doing pretty well for themselves and contributing to the economy. Should they be counted as "unemployed" and grouped with the father of three with a mortgage who's burned through his savings and is in desperate need of work?
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    Part of the problem is that there isn't enough talent out there. People need to get out there and educate themselves on how to do the jobs that are available. My husband's company has been in need of front end developers, back end developers, software engineers, ect, ect. They've had something like 150 job openings since last year. They offer a competitive salary and the benefits are excellent. For my husband, son, and my self we have full medical, dental, and vision and no premiums. We pay a $20 co-pay for regular check ups and urgent.$5 co-pay for dental checkups, and $15 co-pay for visual exams. Yet they CAN NOT fill the jobs. Why? Because no one seems to be up their standards. They interview countless candidates every month and yet have only hired a small handful of new employees in the past several months.
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    Very true! Education is SO important. Seems all anyone wants educated on right now is nursing because of the baby boomers, meanwhile they are letting other things slip through there fingers.

    Nurses are fantastic and I have a high respect for what they go thru. But flooding that field leaves a gap in many other fantastic professions.
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    This is why I think education is so important. My husband got lucky. He had a mentor who taught him front and back end web development because he saw my husband could pick it up quickly. But most people need to go to school for such things and can't afford it. The 2 more important factors to ANY strong economy is health care and education. We need a working class who is both healthy enough and well enough educated to work in order to support themselves and their family. Public education is extremely important and Health reform is too.
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    @TrueAtheist I was also lucky, I too had a mentor, my dad, my hero taught me my profession. I do mix designs for road work.
    But yes, you are very correct economy and healthcare and education. Utmost importance.
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    Perhaps the HR Office is not doing the best job of trying to recruit the right talent. There is also may be a problem with management and the way they are coming across in interviews. Now, unless your husband is doing the recruiting and sitting in salary negotiations you really do not know that they are offering a competitive salary or what benefits they are offering the newbies. It is not always the benefit package that will chase away talent.
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    @Granny_Grey It's just the standard they are looking for. They interviewed the guy who set up all of the Fox Sports Network sites and turned him down because he lacked certain skills that his company required. And yes, my husband does do a lot of the interviewing. In addition, he's been working there for 2 years and I was the one who did the bulk of his job search for him. I know what this company offered compared to other companies out there who had job openings for the same work. Plus my husband gets calls from recruiters on a daily basis despite the fact that he is currently not actively looking for a job. We live in Southern CA and he works in Santa Monica, which is part of what has been dubbed, the "Silicon Beach". There are job openings galore out there and the recruiters are desperate to fill those jobs. In addition I do freelance for a lot of the companies out there and always keep an eye on what is going on in regards to what is being offered for full time work. The only reason I don't have a full time job is because I like my life as a stay at home mom. I like to do my work from home and I like to be able to pick and choose when I work and when I don't so I never work during summer vacation or Spring and Winter break. And since my husband's job provides us with health insurance I feel that that responsibility is not on my shoulders.
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    If we can't even depend on our Politicians and the Media to give the REAL numbers that are related to the economy, how can we have any faith in their ability to fix it? ANSWER: We cant!
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    How Amazing when the GOP is running the Dog &Pony show we never ever count the ones that are out of benefits.When the Democrats are running the Show we do???.
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    It all needs laid out on the table. It should have been done all along. The reason it's put there now tho, is because America is in big trouble. BIG. TROUBLE. If it does not change, and soon, a whole lot more are going to be added to that unemployment list. America right now is a house of cards, with a hurricane blowing our way.
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    @InjusticeSucks ???
    Is that all? Is Oboma going to fix something for you or anyone other then whom he has helped already? After four years of failure?
    I think not. He is the king of welfare and poverty, and thinks he's Robin Hood robbing the middle class to give to tha couch potatoes, because they deserve nice things also. LMBO
    The sad thing is, the couch potatoes now believe this, and can't understand that the handouts they are given did not really come from a tree. It's OWED to them, because nobody built anything without them.😱
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    There is only one way to spur our economy and that's to spur demand. You can do that with tax breaks, but tax receipts are at the lowest they've ever been as a % of GDP and it's a weak form of stimulus as there is no way to guarantee that money gets spent in the economy, especially if those tax breaks are at the top. You can lower interest rates, but last I check you can't get much lower than zero. Lastly, you can take money and spend it directly in the economy through infrastructure projects, energy investments, and nation building right here at home.
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    @FollowTheMoney If one is not willing to earn their living with the jobs that are available I just wonder how that can be blamed on the sitting President? I also wonder why is American companies use the practice of "downsizing" to increase their profits how that is the sitting Presidents fault. But hey that's how the cookie crumbles. The private sector is creating more Jobs than under Bush but due to a down turn in the global economy and job outsourcing by US companies there is less work available in the United States and thus that's the Presidents fault... Perfectly logical.
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    Jobs aren't the governments business. However, in an effort maintain power and possession of our liberties, they are trying to make it their business. Too bad 'we' the lazy and apathetic citizens let them do it. Ignorance and apathy are a deadly combination.
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    @FollowTheMoney You are totally correct Jobs aren't the governments business. The private sector is charged with creating and retaining most of the jobs in our economy. Since the collapse of the economy under Bush it should be clear that we were in a deep hole to begin with. However, we also have to understand that we are living in a world which relies heavily on the "Global Economy". Today American companies are spread out and invested in numerous markets and how these companies do oversea also effects how we do in America. Furthermore, a lot of these multinational corporations have come to realize that they can profit more by employing less people for lower pay while requiring them all to do more work. If you hold a job and do not see this happening in your own work place you can count yourself lucky but this is the reality a lot of Americans are faced with today. Do more for less or do without a job. And this is a major part of why the unemployment rate is where it is right now.
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    @peoplepack You'll get no argument form me. I'm aware of the situation. Problem is, What to do about it. How do we put morals and ethics back in business? Legislation? Force? We have given those options away. The only option we have left is congress, vote the entire congress out of office. Then impose term limits, tort reform , replace the tax code, and then tax the piss out of ( tariffs) those who would outsource manufacturing. Just a thought. ;-}
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    The real issue here is globalization. It has destabilized many economies due to the ability to move production to the cheapest labor and lowest taxes. This process constantly displaces workers and economies have not put in place policies to address the displacement. It takes some time for a factor work to become a dental assistant if it's possible at all. I'm not advocating isolationism just that we need to accept and address the overall cost of globalization.
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    fm the article
    'Moreover, the stated unemployment rate includes those unemployed and looking for work but not those who have given up job searching. Economists believe that including those individuals would produce a true unemployment rate in excess of 15%"

    That assumes that those not looking for work ought to be looking for work. All 'stay at home moms', the disabled, those that have enough income without working ... etc. etc.
    Remember the CPS was developed by economists. By they way what is the CPS defination for the Civilian Labor Force? Are the numbers actual counts or estimates...should there be an adjustment for part time workers ...
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    Of course it's worse. All we've heard are Lies, Lies and more Lies!
    Vote the Dems OUT >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>
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