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    Yes, it is fraud and should be charged as such. If it is used for financial gain then is should be charged under fraud laws already on the books.

    If for political gain then charged as voter fraud.

    If military service is claimed by someone just shooting their mouth off, then I recommend that it gets sorted out without legal recourse the old fashioned way, a closed counseling session with some veterans.
    Some things are sacrosanct, military service is one of them.
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    I guess it is only a bad thing if you get cought. What a shame. Perhaps we should start a web sight that post their pictures?
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    thats a great idea,they still have their 1st amendment to lie,and you have yours to expose them,i think thats an idea that might get some traction in the right circles
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    That is an Excellent idea Devil Dog. Hey, fair is fair, if they want to lie and call it free speech, then we have the right to expose them for who they really are. I wonder if someone already started up a database of these SOBs. I also like Heck's modified Stolen Valor Act where it does become a crime if these liars try to leech off the VA for benefits that should be going to those who Truly Deserve them.
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    Only if they are gaining anything by it. Though, theft by deception should already cover that. If they are just saying it to have people think they're "brave", as much as I'd like to be able to punch them in the face, it is still a free country. They have the right to be losers!!!
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    If they can do it to successfully defraud the VA, get a job they should not deserve, or anyother benefit, then yes it should be criminal. If they are lying just to lie about it, being an a#@hole is not a crime.
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    Dimestore Warriors have been around as long as there have been second-hand shops selling used uniforms.

    I can remember being in Vincenza and running into one of my E-3's,(Private First Class) sitting with a couple of girls trying to be impressive and wearing his Class A's with 3 rows of medals and a set of Jump wings. The kid was fresh out of AIT and had been in country all of 2 months.

    LOL! I never had the heart to chew him out in front of the ladies (he was a geeky little guy with red hair and freckles)...but we had a sincere chat about honesty, integrity and honor the next duty day.

    Anyone that lies about their military service deserves to be held up to high ridicule and labled a liar. That's all. Just shamed.

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    Oh yes, the current or future President would never sign a bill prohibiting lying, so I guess it is a moot point.
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    why would it be? it seems ok to lie to congress so lying has to be ok. its ok to break laws only if your are of a certain group.

    with this administration telling the truth may soon be illegal .
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    As much as Congress themselves lie, how is lying to them anymore of an importance? Whats the saying? Judge me when you walk on water?
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    @tomincali also it is not a federal felony unless congress does it like holder did,also showing they support federal crime depending on who does it.
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    A crime? I'm not sure. Probably not a felony, but maybe a heavily fining misdemeanor. Instead of sending the person to jail, give them a criminal record and immediately take all their money and possessions, then give all those possessions and their money to a established VA charity. Boom. Problem fixed.
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    As a veteran it always amazes me why people do this. Perhaps they should be forced to have a license plate that reads "lied about serving my country"
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    It's illegal to impersonate a LEO!
    It should be illegal to impersonate a Vet!
    Not every Vet has gone to war, seen combat. But every Military Service Member and ex-MSM paid dues and earned the uniform he/she wore to stand and defend our Nation. Not only should it be illegal to lie, it should be illegal to wear a dress Military uniform in any way, if you didn't earn it.
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    Yes, it should be a Federal Offense to lie about serving in the military if you have not done so. and to also wear the ribbons and claim that you earned them.
    one thing people. those ribbons tell a story of a person's life. as in what battles/wars/rewards one has earned during the time they served.
    seen one dude with ribbons for battles decades before he was even a gleam in his daddy's eyes. he had been claiming he had earned them.
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    The way to distinguish between a real hero and a fake one:
    It's the fake ones who want to talk about it.
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    Anyone, who shamefully intentions attempt to deceive, deliberately, those who fought and died, as members of United States America military, Heroes circle, should be punished.
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    ABSOLUTELY NOT. It should be considered a major crime & the person who did it should be thrown in jail for a while to give them some time to think about it. Anyone who would do that is a just plain --- COWARD.
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    The unintended consequence of making it "a crime to falsely claim military honors" would be the overnight transformation of VFWs from pleasant Saturday afternoon beer-sipping locales into hotbeds of criminal activity.
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    But, did you read? "The bill would not cover minor instances such as telling fake war stories to nab free drinks at a bar."
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    If you're benefiting financially from it then yes it should be a crime.
    But is this law necessary or superfluous? Wouldn't these cases of lying for financial benefit already be covered under "fraud"?
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    Does this mean they'll have to go arrest all the drunks at the bar of the VFW? They have been known to shade the truth just a bit, you know.
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