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    Martin Armstrong lastest analysis tells it all about items like this teachers strike.

     This whole Sovereign Debt Crisis is starting to look like Nero playing the fiddle as Rome burns. We have to realize that Western society is at the breaking point where Democracy fails for the majority has discovered they can simply vote themselves the assets of the minority. A Russian client writes just as Putin merely changes the title of his job to keep power:“democracy and equal rights are fairytales for boys and girls never the real world.” Obama talks about “trickle down” and speaks nothing but Marxist Class Warfare. He demonizes the mere possession of wealth as if this is the reason government is faltering and instills hatred against the “rich” while courting Goldman Sachs as his biggest contributor. He blames the rich for somehow causing the collapse of government ignoring the fact that it has been the irresponsible policies of politicians that have brought us to the brink of extinction. This is just not going to end well. Attacking the rich will cause the VELOCITY of money to decline and with it; government will be unable to sell its bonds. The bankers will demand higher taxes and already are adopting the same anti-American policies. HSBC now refuses to accept accounts from Americans in Asia. The witch hunt for wealth is spreading globally and the banks are leading the charge.
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    "Obama talks about “trickle down”? WTF That's Romney's tune. Tax breaks for the rich the middle class jobs. Ya right. We all know what "trickles down" and it ain't jobs. But really add you think Romney concepts are Obama's.
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    @Wilberhum wilby, if you an I could question these two nimrods on national tv, i believe EVERYONE would vote for Rocky & Bullwinkle.
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    The Average Chicago Teacher get 76 grand a year salary for a 9 month school year... And only Half of the students graduate High school .... Charter Schools in Chicago have a 90% graduation rate and the teachers get on average 30k a year for a 10 month school year... Also Chicago has one of the Highest Per Student funding in the US...
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    So if the teachers do the math correctly- 16% for poor performance ewutes to hiring new teachers at half pay for a 40% in student grad rates, then how many union teachers does it take to stand in the unemployment line until we can balance the budget and improve graduation rates= most of them. No wonder they want job security guarantees. If I was underperforming like that is want a safety net too!
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    @ir0nw0lfe Typically I am anti-union, and certainly throwing money at schools has never solved the problem. The schools
    that have the biggest budgets are often the worst schools.

    I know what my daughter-in-law goes through teaching. She
    has been yelled at, called every name imaginable, grabbed and shoved. She is very tiny and blonde, she said that the kids often
    come to school without even a pencil. There is no parental involvement at her school and there is also little support from administration...other than calling the police.

    A job she once loved, she now dreads. You cannot teach children who refuse to learn, where education is made fun of by peers and most parents do not care if the kid gets an education or not. They send them to school with nothing, don't encourage
    them to do homework, or even have respect for themselves, let alone a teacher. And the only involvement they have, is to go to the school and yell at the teachers and blame them. I'm sure
    there are bad teachers, I had a few, but I think the majority are good teachers, who overwhelmed by administrators who fail to
    back them, and by parents and students who really do not want to be there. You cannot force parental involvement and you cannot force kids who are not encouraged by their parents to
    ever value learning, or value respect for others..sad commentary on our society..
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    @mimi57 I agree it's sad but that doesn't justify breaking the budget for higher pay. Sounds like the system needs fixed before we throw more money at it.
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    @ir0nw0lfe The problem is "double dipping". Tax payers should not have to pay for a pension system where administrators can
    retire in their 50's , collect 100,000 pension, and then return and
    recieve a full salary. That is being done all the time, and should
    not be allowed. No taxpayer should have to pay for administrators to get rich. The system does need fixed, and it needs to start at the top with no one being able to double dip.
    It explains a lot as to where our tax dollars go, and it's not on
    the kids. It's really not the fault of the teachers, I sure would not want to teach in any inner-city school today...It's a different time.
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    Of course you do. And I bet you have no clue about the real world and how it works. Here's some advice, turn off MTV and the Real Housewives of where ever and read a newspaper. Teachers are over paid cry babies, usually. Though not all of them fall into that generality.
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    "the teacher's union promised in August to strike if their concerns over pay and job security weren't met." While I have no issue with a wage increase of less than 4% each year for the next 4 years, I do have an Issue with them expecting job security. There is no place in the privit sector where there is job security. That is part of the 'New Reality'. Teachers need to accept that fact.
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    Welcome over to the conservative side of thinking. Job security should be strictly tied to job performance. If the task is performed and the organization advances then so should the employee. However, if the employee doesn't perform, thus causing the organization to fail, why should the employee get anything other than termination papers?

    Unions should be illegal in this country, especially in the public sector. This is just extortion. A bunch of tenured teachers than can't be fired and only end up playing the role of babysitters for part of the year think they are underpaid? Disgusting. So very sad...

    And guess who really loses out? The children who foolishly will probably grow up to vote Democratic not knowing that they are voting to continue the very cycle that has held them back.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix I was with you until you decided to kill unions. Obviously your understanding of labor in the US is post Union.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix you have some of it right, but I don't think demonizing unions is beneficial to anyone. The average man has no leverage to negotiate fair pay for a fair days work. As it was before unions and seems to be going back to is, take what is offered or go fly a kite.
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    I stand with the teachers. May they stay out until they get what they want. As the wobblies say, "direct action gets the goods."
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    I think we should offer the striking teachers free breast and penile enlargements like the teachers in New York get. Of course our kids all ready have self esteem issues but it is not about the kids is it?
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    It would appear the real fight here is tying teacher salary to teacher performance-it says TONS about public teachers that they don't care to accept accountability, even, ironically, when asked to by a Democrats' Democrat, Emmanuel.

    We saw the shining example of teacher relations in Wisconsin. Unions feel they need to demand the moon and stars. Politicians need to feel they owe responsibility to their constituents, and exact fairness and accountability.
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    i don't know how it is there,i do know what teachers have to deal with here in ca. teachers cannot be held accountable when they are forced to have thugs in the classroom they cannot get rid of.

    some kids are forced to be there and others go just to cause problems and the teachers have to put up with all this nonsense.

    want to hold all these teachers to a standard, make sure they can get rid of all problem students,anyone no wanting to learn is a waste of tax dollars ,no kid going to school to learn should have to see or hear a problem kid in the class.

    our ca schools look like prisons with cops and probation officers on campus showing just what kind of nonsense teachers and students who want to learn have to deal with out of greed from districts who do not care about kids they just want that money.
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    Union thugs!! Normally you try to show good performance before asking for a 16% raise. With a 50 percent graduation rate you would think the teachers would forgo thier raise in favor of redirecting that money towards more books or ipads, but typical union thuggery on display, hold the kids "education" hostage for more money. The N.E.A. needs to have its back broken with school vouchers and maybe after some competition shows up for the public schools, kids will be able to read thier diploma again.
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    This is ironic. The left is all about unions, and they're also about calling "the evil rich!" selfish because of "all those evil profits". THIS is selfish. Every single one of the teachers should be terminated, and banned from ever teaching again. Let them go work at McDonald for minimum wage for a while, or even be unemployed (without pay of course) like many Americans are. Most of them make $75k a year anyway!!! And now they want a 40% raise? And not have to be evaluated? Teachers should WANT to be the best they possibly can so I don't understand what these people are thinking. I know a few teachers, and they want to succeed. They want their students to succeed. And the fact that The Holy One hasn't said anything really shows the hypocrisy of the left. He HAD to comment on a republican governor's position on union, but he can't say anything about his friends handling. Dismantle the union, and fire them all!
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    they should be striking do to the problem students they are forced to put up with,some have to be cops or prison guards over groups of sawed off thugs only in school to cause problems.
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    Flashback: 39% Of Chicago Teachers Send Their Kids To Private Schools
    The Washington Times:
    Public schools no place for teachers’ kids

    Nationwide, public school teachers are almost twice as likely as other parents to choose private schools for their own children, the study by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute found. More than 1 in 5 public school teachers said their children attend private schools.

    Public school teachers told the Fordham Institute’s surveyors that private and religious schools impose greater discipline, achieve higher academic achievement and offer overall a better atmosphere.
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    16% pay raise over 4 years and that still is not good enough for them? Sorry, I can't side with a union that puts their own interests over their very cause: the education of children. I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually side with Rahm Emanuel over this.
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    The average teachers salary in Chicago right now is $76,000 while the median income in Chicago is $40,000.

    The teachers should be ashamed. The union is disgusting.
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    @CanisCanemEdit Exactly, and it's a $76,000 salary for nine months of work at that. Then they flip when Rahm asks for 90 minutes more in a school day to ensure the children are learning the material needed to pass state exams. I understand some teachers really do get the low-ball end of pay, but this is ridiculous. I know a lot of folks who would love to have a $76,000 salary for nine months work at most.
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    I don't know that I would want my job security tied to test scores of a bunch of poverty stricken kids who might live in homes where schoolwork isn't assisted or encouraged. One can only do so much....
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    The teachers, of course!!!---If the city of Chicago can not manage the people's money any better than they have...then don't blame teachers for their incompetence. These teachers do their job day in and day out...and are holding up their part of the bargain...So the local gov. needs to hold up theirs....
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