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    i think it is time to move on. bush is out of the picture. if you can't fix the problem get the hell out of the way and let someone else have a crack at it. whoever wants this job should quit bitchen and tell us what the hell tey are going to do to fix things. we have enough crybabies allready.
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    That's a rather low brow statement.

    Problems made by a president, often affect the country for decades.
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    @dakota_33 when the new guy says he can fix it then he should do what he says. he new it wasn't going to be easy when he took the job OR he he was talking out his a&&
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    He said it would be a long road. After all, the damage done by your party was MASSIVE.

    And the American people supported him then, and they are again.

    Just look to the polls.....
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    Nooo..sorry Mr. BET...But that's not the way it works...Picture it this way...The circus has just left town after a week of joy and merriment and all sorts of animals to clean up after...But the event planners hired a small army of workers to clean up all of the elephant sh---uh,,"stuff" ...left behind.....It will take them more than a week to get the event hall back to its condition before the circus and all of the wild animals messed it up....Now substitute the George Bush's mess in place of the circus.....only put the mess he left behind on steroids!!! times 10...Now you have the equivalent of what GWB left behind..........So no, you can't just sweep the sh...uh.."stuff" he left behind under any convenient rug and call for the next event...So you see its just not as simple as you and other repubs would like it to be...Your guy screwed up Royally! There ain't no way around that fact!
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    Not at all, and at some point Obama WILL have to be held accoutable for his OWN failed policies, this blame Bush crap
    is soooo old.
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    "That's what liberal writer Peter Beinart says"

    Well, then it MUST be worth taking seriously if some liberal writer said it.

    Romney has his own image issues in this election, but I don't think most Americans see him as particularly tied to W or his administration.
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    What a terrible feeling living under an ocean of broken political promises. I feel with you democrats but there is a better choice and that will be entirely up to you. Mr. Obama or Mr.Romney or you can vote for MICKIE THE MOUSE. Only one will probably fix some of the problems .
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    Well they don't have to look very far. I mean GW was bad those poor souls have to deal with their lunatic fringe called the tea party.....I wake up every morning and thank my personal god that I am NOT a republican!
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    George W. Bush the Third currently resides in the White House. Consider Obama's move to further TARP payments started under Bush, his move to continue the bail out of GM as started by Bush, and his continued engagement in Afghanistan (Bush). The only thing missing is the leadership side. Unlike Bush, Obama won't put his name on the economy (they're still called the Bush tax cuts even though Obama and his democratic congress extended them). If he thought Bush was driving us in the wrong direction, you'd think he'd turn the wheel when he took over. Remember the travesty known as Gitmo?
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    @bluucollar - you are reading too fast. I named TARP, GM, Afghan, tax cuts and Gitmo.


    Bush - Leadership = Obama
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    I think BUSH was just a figure head. TO me it was DICK CHENEY pulling the strings.
    Bush wasn't smat enough to screw up that bad
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    The Republicans are so ashamed of GWB that they didn't even invite him to their Convention. They have distanced themselves far enough away that he will probably do no harm. But, there is always a but, Romney's own policies and record is his biggest deficit.
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    But only one is supportive of shedding American blood for Israel, a nation which has betrayed this country on numerous occasions.

    And its not Obama.
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    Of course it will! DUH ... With the Bush's involved in so many different areas of the party behind-the-scenes such an "october surprise" is inevitable. Until the old man finally and TRULY "retires" and releases his grip on some things it will remain an albatross around any candidate's neck they prop-up that will have to be dealt with.
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    Baby bush and Romney are exactly the same person as far as I can tell. They both have the same masters. Bush's approval rating was 20% when he left office.
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    President Obama, if he's smart, he would throw the election, whoever takes office next, with $16 trillion National debt, ton of special interests groups, begging for more money.

    Job just not pay enough...
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    I have heard that the REPS & DEMS are quietly trading the White House back and forth every 8 years. This is why there were only 2nd & 3rd stringers running in the REP primary. Romney was always destined to be the nominee but he is SUPPOSED to lose.

    If everything pans out, Jeb Bush will be president #45 in 2016 for the next 8 year exchange. Here's a fun White House photo from January this year when the REP primary was in full bloom:

    Romney is being set up to lose to Obama. Here is a 27 JAN 2012 White House photo of President #41(Bush I) introducing President #44(Obama) to future President #45 who will assume office on schedule in January 2017: 

    *Laura Bush wanted Jeb to run for president in 2012

    *Jeb Bush: "No run in 2012, but I don't rule out 2016"

    At the very least, it should make one wonder......
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    @Romney_Rube I've heard things like this before, but I for one avoid putting to much stock in "conspiracy" theories. But you never know. I have also heard that Hill is gearing up for 2016 as well. Would be a good election Bush/Clintion 2...

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    @Bleeding_Blue We'll know in less than 60 days if the first of 3 elections falls in favor of the conspiracy.

    When former NFL player Pat Tillman was killed by his own men, initial rumors of this suggestion were rebuked as a sickening conspiracy. Eventually, the Pentagon brass were outed for the cover up.
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