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    Do you mean those fracking Frackers have finally come to their senses?! Some of them must be sitting on oil...
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    Hahahahaha!!! Mimi, I was thinking the same thing when I read this story!
    It's different when it's located on environmentalists property! MONEY!!
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    Fracking is probably a net gain because it lowers the use of coal. One problem is that mining sand for fracking can harm the environment through air and ground water pollution.
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    The trick is "regulation can deal with any negative side effects". But they haven't and they won't. The chemicals used in Fracking are poisonous on many different levels. Have you ever seen water burn? If you have, thank Fracking.
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    Fair enough, IF and ONLY IF they can pass good enough regulations to stop the gas from getting into people's water supplies.
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    Flammable drinking water and earthquakes but cheaper and produces less CO2 than coal.

    What a dismal tradeoff.
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    YES...I live in North east PA where this process in being used. We are happy healthy clean and safe, our communties are alive again, jobs, businesses, home repairs...Its been great and the companies have done good things for us here !!!!
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    My husband works in the oilfield and his crew is a Frac crew. He has been doing this for nearly 3 years and has explained and drawn out how his job- and those who prep before, and finish after him do all of this. First of all, they have to account for every chemical used, and reclaimed from the operation. Water and sand are forced down a cement casing that has had holes 'blown' out by metal 'spikes' that are then retracted and removed. The water table is not endangered because pressurized water and sand are used to crack the rocks and what chemicals are used are in no more danger of causing a massive calamity than asphalt roads washed by rain. Dirt filters. These Frac companies don't want to be sued. They want to do things cheaply, and without grief. So they are emphatic about protecting how things are done. Workers get written up or suspended if they spill even a gallon of ANYTHING while fracking. It's just not in the interest of the workers or companies to reap profit now with a process they think will create massive lawsuits down the road. So really? People who believe the News should look into the information closely. Who backs that report? Do they have an agenda? Are the owned by a company who is in competition some way with American energy independence? Think on it and then make up your minds.
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    Thank goodness the real environmentalists were able to break away from the crazed marxists in their ranks, finally! Please come back, you made our air and water cleaner - don't let them muck up our future by tanking everything please.
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    No! Absolutely not in Eastern North Carolina! Just look at Pennsylvania's fracking and that explains it all! It is not safe at all where shallow groundwater is concerned. And if it is allowed, and the aquifer used for drinking water gets contaminated, it take millions of dollars and hundreds of years, if not forever, to even make a dent to clean up our drinking water! I know, because I am a groundwater expert, and a chemical/environmental engineer! People, do not be blinded by GREED of big oil! We will all suffer and die, and then our economy goes to hell and our land becomes a desolate, barren wasteland for no one to use and enjoy and make it a place called home! Listen, and do not let GREED/EVIL do this to us! Fight it tooth and nail at the county level, at the state level, and at the national level! I sure will!
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    Absolutely not! Just because it's "cleaner than coal" doesn't mean it's clean. First of all, in states that allow it the people affected don't always get a choice in the matter. All they need is about 30% of the land to be allowed, and the rest are forced on. To get around the possibility of refusal many energy companies are now in the business of developing land and selling homes without mineral rights. One serious problem with fracking is that is affects people with well water or underground rainwater collection systems. Even city water has turned flammable in certain case. If fracking went on under my house it would poison my organic garden, drop my property values, and make it impossible for me to refinance my mortgage.

    Also, as a source of energy, I will eventually be switching my home away from natural gas and going with a combination of geothermal and solar for all my heating and cooling needs.
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    ...yes!! the reason they are "back tracking", they are wising up to the fraud, and extortion of "green energy". even al gore, is stopping investing is the worthless crap!! why would he do that? cause he is loosing his ass, and it don't work, and there is not enough money obama can print to make it work!! its all a fraud!!!!!
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    Problem is, here (west Texas), that Fracking uses lots of what we don't have much of, WATER. We can live without energy, but not without water.
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    Although I must defer to the experts, of course, intuitively, I think this is a bad bad bad idea. I won't live near one of these things if I can help it.
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    Isn't choosing the lesser of two evils still...evil?

    There are far more environmentally beneficial and unobtrusive sources of power generation/fuel for power generation that I feel the energy brokers need pursue until a less environmentally harmful means of natural gas extraction can be developed.
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