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    Translation: please don't bomb is into oblivion. It's a good start.
    A fanatic is a person who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.- Winston Churchill
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    Sorry, I don't believe a word you say or write on a sign. Stop killing
    Americans and then you won't need to apologize! Someone said ,
    you never hear hear Muslims speaking out against their own, that's
    because 99% all feel the same way and practice Sharia Law.
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    I have little doubt that most of the apology signs are out of fear that we will attack Libya as we did Afghanistan and Iraq. That being said, the actions of a few do not represent the whole. It is very wrong to judge the people of a foreign land with the little knowledge we have from our standpoint here in the United States. While I do not agree with the drone attacks on alleged al-qaeda members, I do think it is a better approach than the bush era tactics of full-force invasion. Please, for the sake of our wonderful country, be more educated in your criticisms of those you do not know.
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    @mynameisaric No, with all due respect, this country is at a very critical point. We need to stand up to these people, you need to study Islam, the Quran and the history behind Muslimism. Our
    country will no longer be great once it's destroyed...and we are
    slowly being destroyed and humiliated!
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    Or study Christianity and try to work out how someone could have as unpleasant views as @mimi57 while claiming to be motivated by Christian scripture.
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    @mimi57 We are being destroyed by the breach of our civil rights by our own government in this petty "war on terror". These islamic extremists do not have the power or capability to destroy our country. They caught us off guard on 9/11/01 and opened our eyes. BUT the more we push our military onto foreign soil and try and purge the world of islam, the more they will push back. This is a war we cannot win. The sooner we as a country learn this, the sooner we can make peace with foreign nations and gain back security.
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    Good for them. Evidently some of them are as troubled by their countrymen's behavior as some of us are about ours.
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    Just not enough to stop them from doing it again, So Screw Em... We should have kept out of it and let Qidaffi handle it in the first place....
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    Of course they are. Some need to learn, that the radical behaviour of some do not represent the whole. Look to the hate groups here at home, they claim allegience to Christianity, but are not iindicative of Us, or Christianity. What happned is appalling to us at home, and to any sane person around the world regardless of religion.
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    @Bleeding_Blue exactly!!
    Bleeding _Blue I'm a Bleeding_Red Cards fan!! It's funny how you and I agree on just about everything else. Glad to meet ya!!
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    @Bleeding_Blue .. If One individual under the claim of Christianity did this the Nation would rise up in an over whelming disgust for such action... We see a group taking a violent course and we call out police, and national guard if needed to stop it... If the cops and national guard did not stop it the People would take action against them... In Islam such action is allowed and celebrated by the masses.... On 9/11 1000's took to the streets across the middle east to celebrate the deaths on 3000 + Americans... .. So when I see a couple dozen saying we are sorry I could give a crap... The Only Solution is to reduce their populations to the point they pose no threat... The Time will come when we will have no choice but to kill them en mass.....
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    @Quantummist I support your right to say this, but I frankly do not agree with you. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.
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    This is wxactly what I'm talking about.. the problem is us(people) in general.. the sensational, and the Dramatic are what draws us, so the Media in an effort to get views, more papers sold, more subscriptions, are monetarily bound to report those stories which cause people to be more emotional, thats why you hardly see Articles about posotive subjects in I said in another thread ..with a population of over 6 million, there is no way these feelings of hatred could be shared by the majority of their citizens, especially since we just Liberated them..
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    "We" did NOT "liberate them". Rather, the one occupying the White House chose to defy the law (and the will of We the people) and provide automatic weapons, shoulder-launched missiles, and enormous material support, to those adherents to the "religion of peace" who have declared their intent to "destroy America from within". Consequently, they used said weapons to kill Americans.

    “An Explanatory Memorandum On the General Strategic Goal for the Group In North America”, by The Muslim Brotherhood, 1991.

    “Shariah - The Threat to America, An Exercise in Competitive Analysis (Report of Team B-II)”, The Center for Security Policy, 2010
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    @vigilant okay the one occupying the white the Current president of America, wich is a part of the UN.. you know the group of allied countries, appearently they all voted in favor of sending help to the opressed people in libya..we sent in air support to prevent the tyrant from committing more crimes against Humanity (bombing his own civilian people).. appearently enough countries felt it warranted action.. we did not liberate them? I beg to differ.. if not for us all Libyans opposed to momar's dictatorship would be burned to a crisp while the entire world watched idly by as people carried signs "help us" ..what kinda superpower would that make us?.. the only way to change these peoples twisted view of us is to Prove we are above them Morally .. sitting idly by watching people burn makes us Animals just like the people were trying to stop..
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    @Souljah You are such a Democrat. You rascals will be the death of the free world. America was far safer when Muslims were just killing Muslims. Now they're united, and killing innocent Americans. If you want to show off your "moral superiority", have at it. But you have no lawful (or moral) basis to impose your perverse will on the rest of us. America is NOT a democracy, it's a republic constrained by the Constitution.
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    DARSB- Why don't you quit whining about how everyone is mean and unfair. Virtually every post you put on here is a bunch of victimology. You go put your life on the line for your country and come back to a mosque in the shadows of the trade center. Or listen to your president apologizing and bowing to a bunch of muslims who would like nothing more than to see a crescent on our flag. Whatever idea you have of a utopian society is ill conceived at best. Whether you like it or not (and I suspect you don't) we live in the greatest most free country on the planet. Go to China or Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya for that matter and whine to them about how evil the U.S.A. is. They would probably put your head on a stake or use it for a soccer ball. All these constitutional rights you think you are defending by sticking up for these people, are being slowly and systematically broken down. And anyone else who wants to whine about the Christians, you tell me the last time you heard of a Christian trying to use some kind of Biblical law to defend himself after killing his daughter, or wife, or sister because she was raped. Or better yet for becoming westernized. And don't dare mention the inbred KKK, like it or not they are not a sect of Christianity.
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    You said that so well. At this point this country is being destroyed from within. There are too many Islamic sympathizers who 'care' more about the Muslims and less about their own country men.
    I never hear these sympathizers talk about how bad it is that our
    soldiers come home with with missing arms, legs, are blinded or
    disfigured for life,never! I give to the Wounded Warrior Project,
    I truly do not care what happens to the Nation of Islam. We need to
    cut off any aid to Libya and all the Mid-East. We need to take care
    of our people and aid the soldiers and families who have sacrificed all they have to make THIS the greatest country in the world... We
    have planes leaving here all day, every day. If you don't like this
    country, you are not forced to stay here! If you are so sympathetic
    to EVERYONE else , but your own country...go where your sympathies lie. Or, do you think those places are a little too
    extreme??? Soooo tired of the whining. Our soldiers don't whine,
    they put on their boots and hit the trenches, all so you can be free
    to complain about America!
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    Hey they are learning something from American politics. They figure all they have to do apoligize and everything is cool.
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    I dont believe it. The quran says it is ok to lie to people in order to further your jihad. I need to go out and buy one. I am running out of toilet paper.
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    inside job they did it again america why must you put the world threw this bs just stop already jeez it seems like every othe rd country is peacefull but ours I mean whats so good about these wars we are tryin to start
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    Oops sorry for the vote up. I hit the wrong button. But to your post, it is obvious that you believe we sent people to Libya to murder our Ambassador so that we could start a war. My only response it that I think you need to put your Tin Hat back on.
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    @Wilberhum if you can murder 3000 of your own people hell yea you would murder 3 what you need to do is take the governments 4 fingers out uranis
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    I've never seen apology written on a sign in English immediately after an Islamist terrorist attack. I am moved. I read someone's comment that they don't want us to bomb them to oblivion; and, I say that makes them smart and still sorry. God help the innocent Libyan people because our warships are on their way. And, let's pray that Al-Qaeda doesn't punish those who took a chance to say sorry to us.
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    I agree but i never said go after Libyan people i know this was an act of Al-Qaeda their should be somthing done. Lets hope they capture these perpetrators soon
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    @americankid23 When US wants to become a Policeman of the World and interfere in others nations business, then you asked for such incidents. After Iraq, Egypt and Libya, USA now wants to interfere and illegally supporting infidels in Syria. Thanks Russian and Chinese Veto that US could not succeed in its nefarious design. Remember, if you want to corner anyone to the wall, he will certainly defend him/herself. It seems that attack on US Embassy in Libya is also result of a similar reaction. I would request US to mind its own business instead of poking its nose in others business. There are other problems US citizens facing such as Unemployment, health etc. which needs more attention.
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    So they say "sorry" and we say ok go on about your life have fun. NO we have to do something this was an act of war if we let them get away with this than anybody can kill our people and say sorry and we let them get away. I love my country countryand when someone from my coutry is killed by another country this is HUGE
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    Slow down and take a breath. The one's who are apologizing aren't the ones who are responsible. I for one am glad that someone is speaking out against what happened, it might be an indication that things are improving in Libya and people feel a bit more free now that Crazy-Pants is gone.
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    Good for them. This is the first time I can remember where muslims appologized for the behavior of the extremists among them. I hope they get stronger and louder all around the world.
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    People need to realize that not all Muslims are extremists who want to kill us. Similar is how not all Christians are the same, or hold the same views, as Fred Phelps. There are extremists in every religion.
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    @mimi57 its odd, the government funds the muslim brotherhood then the muslim brotherhood plans an attack on a u.s embassy.if thats not odd than the fact that the u.s knew that it was coming is.then you have the u.s DHS come out and say that they are backed by iran.something is very odd about all of this.ill give you the links here in a minute.i want your take on the information I provide.
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    Also the talking heads on the news admitted there was knowledge of it earlier.when things get underhanded I question the question is, why were they not evacuated before this atrocity was committed? They could have at least heightened security and the lack of security measures raises many questions about our governments concern for its citizens.the chain of events since these wars originally started are frightening and the people of th u.s need to start questioning those in power regardless of their party.thats why I saw it as a pretext to a war with iran.
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    Also, I note The Atlantic is still dutifully parroting the fake "movie caused the protests" cover story that the terrorists provided for them, long after other media outlets have wised up.
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    @Gilbert - Good article. I liked this quote:

    “As our world grows and technology improves, it is incredibly key to become a global citizen. We have a global responsibility towards the future.”
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    This is favorable to see, but I would give this message more clout if say a group of 5,000 Muslims were carrying this message around...
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    By all accounts, Ambassador Stevens was very fond of the Libyans and they were fond of him. He did a lot towards furthering their new government after the revolution and helped the during.
    I believe this egregious act of terrorism was committed by Al Qaeda and doesn't reflect the general feelings of most Libyans. Let's give them a chance to help us track down the attackers and prosecute them.
    As has been echoed, we have our own Christian extremists, even terrorists here in our Country, too.
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    Reminds me of Americans apologizing when our freak, crazy religious nuts do something crazy to piss off other people that live on the planet.
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    My main criticism about Muslims is there silence to those who murder in the name of Islam. I find it totally refreshing to see those who actively condemn those who commit violence.
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