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    These people aren't in favor of a third party. They're in favor of "None of the Above", which while understandable, is not a mature political choice.

    Collectively, Johnson, Stein, and Goode have had almost zero attention from the media compared to the massive amount of free time given to the two major candidates. They also lack the bankroll to compete in advertising to get their messages to the American people.

    For a brief rundown: Jill Stein is a physician with no government experience except as a local Town Meeting member. She supports massive government investment in environmental protections and technologies, funded by higher taxes and defense cuts.

    Virgil Goode is a former State Senator and 6-term Congressman who supports balancing the budget, restrictions on immigration, Congressional term limits, and smaller government.

    Gary Johnson is a former two-term Governor of New Mexico. he supports limited government, reducing the debt, a 43% cut in the Medicare, Medicaid, and defense budgets, replacing the income tax and the tax code with the "FairTax" consumption tax, drug decriminalization and same-sex marriage rights.
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    Also, I believe Johnson is the only one of the three who will be on the ballot in all 50 states.
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    First thing folks can do, is to stop listening to those people who tell you that your are throwing away your vote by going off the two party reservation.
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    I don't know enough about the third-party candidates. But I love the idea of a third, fourth, or even fifth viable party. I will great diversity in the spectrum as a great diversity and America.
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    It would be nice to havel a Party candidate that would tell us what his party stands for instead of picking on the other guy. Right now tho there really isn't that much difference between the two candidates. Either way the citizens get screwed.
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    I always have voted third-party for President. The Libertarian and Green Party candidates look better than ever.
    Ralph Nader was a setback for the Green Party after he ran as an independent after being the Green Party candidate in the previous election.
    All the parties have poor platforms on a variety of issues which makes it difficult to get enthusiastic. I know that most people don't care about the platforms because nobody can deliver on them, but it shows me if people in the parties understand the issues.
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    it would take massive political revolution to put a third party candidate into the establishment. the libertarian party, it seems, is making its way onto the mainstream but until they have their own televised conventions and the media laser focuses on their primary process, then the general public will only focus on D vs R. i took a survey recently that tells you which political candidate your are most in line with and i got jill stine of the green party, but i know a vote to her wouldn't mean much, so i feel stuck voting for the D's.
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    100% excited! Will they be in the dabates?(no) will they get a convention?(no) will they have annoying commercials?(maybe)
    Politics 101: our government was supposed to be about 3 branches, not 2 parties. No wonder it doesnt get anything accomplished.
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    I am not excited about having a "third party" due to the fact that we presently have more than three now. What we should do is eliminate all party labels. Each candidate for office should state his/her platform and then we vote for the best people for The Country.
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    doesn't matter if america, voted in any third party. since the republicans and democrats would still hold the majority. but it might scare the hell out of them, enough to finally get their acts together. since the quality of all candidates, are so totally deplorable. got so disgusting, i have not voted in over 20 years. and even disavowed the republician party, even long before that. and being a democrat, was never an option. since jfk was probably the most acceptable democrat since roosevelt.
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    ! third party will mean obama win, for sure!! not the time for games.....after the election, maybe? rather just prosocute the criminals, hold them accountable, to the same law we all follow.....prison is a great deterrant...deportation, execution, etc.
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    I haven't researched it to any great extent, but at a glance I really like the Green Party. I think their idea on the need to completely overhaul our public school system is probably one of the most important things we can do to begin building the nation we already claim (falsely) to be. Their policies seem to promote liberty and justice for all Americans. They want to implement green energies and break our addiction... Scratch that... Our enslavement to fossil fuels. They dont support war for the sake of oil or any other corporate interest. They believe we should actually adhere to separation of church and state instead of just paying it lip service while blatantly intertwining them, and if I'm reading them right they want to not only educate the citizenship on how to perform our patriotic duties, they want to empower us to carry them out, unlike the Dems and Repubs who want us to just trust that they really do have our best interests at heart and stay out of their way while they continue to sell us out at every opportunity. If nothing else it'd be nice to let someone who isn't a politician run the country for a while. Hell, if I'm not mistaken they've chosen a doctor to run for Pres and since doctors by trade help people, while lawyers manipulate them and business grads manage them I think it behoove us greatly to give them a shot, but unfortunately our system is currently so broken I don't see even a snowball's chance in hell of it happening in the next decade, probably much much longer, if it can ever even happen at all, which do sadly is highly doubtful. :-(
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    I think more likely than a serious run for a 3rd party, one party will be taken over. Like the republicans did the Whigs. I think today's republican party is now a far right obstructionist party. So I think you already got your 3rd party. No room for moderates over there. Reach across the isle they vote you out in the primary. Hug the president you're also voted out in a primary.
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    The republicans are far right. No way, not even close. Dems and Reps are one in the same. It's simply a fight for market share by the legal industry.
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    @FollowTheMoney It always bothers me when someone says they both or both sides etc... It's just not the case. One side has been in "by any means necessary" mode for 3 years. They vote against their own bills, their own ideas and their own ideology in masse. Sorry but what's been happening is unprecedented. The number of filabusters, how many bills didn't get that far? I hope history looks back to this era with truthful explanations.
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    True, history very well may repeat it self. But I see "both" parties as sides of the same coin. Sure one side will always fight to be on top, but none less, the same coin.
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    People want a third party. They just won't vote that way if they believe the vote is pointless. They would rather vote the lesser of two evils. Tell you what, change the color of the cap and show me what the third party is about. I'll think about it!
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    @FollowTheMoney In a perfect world I guess there wouldn't be any political parties. But with the civilizations that we currently have I think people will continue to gravitate towards forming groups of representatives whether we like it or not. I don't think it can be helped.

    I wish our political parties were more like Sweden for an example. Their political parties in their version of congress include:

    Swedish Social Democratic Party
    Moderate Party
    Green Party
    Liberal People's Party
    Centre Party
    Sweden Democrats
    Pirate Party
    Christian Democrats
    Left Party

    On top of these political parties, they also have about sixty other minor parties. So with this wide range of political parties people can figure out who they want to throw their lot in with.
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    @Chomsky0 I have to take your word for it on the swedes. But I will say , I like the diversity. It would go a long way towards curbing the inherent corruption in our system.
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    Yes! Yes! We need a third party member to come in and save this country. If anything, it will serve as a huge message to the dems and conservatives that we have had it with both of their lies and corruption. Problem is, the two party system clearly has the media in their pockets. News outlets do their best to ensure that a third party canidate is never taken seriously and to make them look like a non-factor.

    At this point, I'd vote anyone into office except the two options we have now. Really, how much worse could they do at this point. Give someone else a change to try something new, or at least put the dems and conservatives on notice.
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    The games of the two parties competing to WIN, has left us wondering if the issues are even important anymore. Vote for whoever you want, and its not a vote for the winner (of the two party system) if you go the third party route. Free to make my own damn choice; thank you America.
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    How long has it been since a Third-Party had any success? I think the answer to that question answers all questions about a Third-Party.
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