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    Today at 13th Holmes, Kansas City, MO, Federals Building a terrorist attempted to bomb. He was caught, and his car was found to have traces of explosives. Dogs hit on the trunk. My advise to all is to purchase gas, and provisions in case of the worst scenario. You don't want to be out on the streets in chaos.
    This whole thing is because we have a weak perceived President. Those who hate us respect strength, not weakness. Obama has sent messages of weakness to the Islamic world, and they took note. The murders in Lybia should never have happened. But this Adminstration told the Embassy their guards could not have loaded guns, and were not on alert on the anniversary iof 9/11. Insane.
    This willfull blindness mindset by our government is what allowed 9/11 to happen. What more do we need to experience before we realize that they are living amongst us based on a plan.
    This is the banner of the Muslim Brotherhood:
    Jihad is our way and death in the cause of Allah is our dream.
    Ask yourself, does that sound like a Islam intent on assimulating into our American society, a Islam that respects all religions and believes in peace? Or a religion bent on taking over our government and installing Shariah Law. That you either adhere to their religion and tenets or die.
    The following was confiscated by the Feds in VA at the home of a suspected islamist:
    An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Goal For the Brotherhood in North America. 5/22/91 by Mohamed Akram
    Another really good source on the Middle East is:
    Center For Security Policy
    Shariah: The Threat to America
    Click on book, to go to Amazon site, click look inside to read the entire book free. It is extensive but well worth the effort.
    The Book is : Shariah The Threat to America An Exercise in Competitive Analysis Report of Team B II

    They are at war with us, we are not with them.
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    In terms of domestic terrorism, the numbers fall more heavily on the religious (Christian, not Muslim) right, or others of a far right persuasion. Apparently the group that bankrolled the film are Christian Nationalists. They, or their leader, have been involved not only in anti-Muslim activity, but also Christian militia training.
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    I disagree, nearly 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 attack. All due to religious Muslim fanticism. Odingo Barack Obama's cousin killed 100 Christians in Kenya over they not voting for him. Burned them to death in their church. Muslims rant, riot, kill in the Netherlands over a cartoon. This latest episode of irrational behavior in Lybia, Egypt, Tunisa, Yemen, Bangladesh, Kuwaiit, Somalia, Indonesia etc.. is an indication of a failed foreign policy by this country. Instead of addressing the matter immediately with strong words of indignation towards those who killed our Embassy staff, those who rioted, tore down our flag in Egypt. Instead Obama chose to demonize a silly poorly made film as the culprit. He still is touting that film as the reason for the irrational behavior consuming the middle east. When the real reason for their behavior is his weak foreign policy.
    The film was unknown by most, until Obama and Clinton made it an issue. Anything to attempt to cover their failed leadership.
    The knee jerk response by our State Department with apologies instead of firmness in the beginning, would have curtailed any attack on our Embassies.
    Telling Egypt we will not tolerate any breach, that a attack of our embassies is considered a attack on America.
    A firm statement to Egypt that unless you get your people controlled we will cut off all aid. Instead he chastized Romney...really Presidential!
    Clearly, this proves Obama is not qualified to hold the office of President. His choices are lame, unAmerican, and feed right into the narrative of appeasement towards Islam.
    If Obama and his State Department had spoken in those terms I do not believe things would have spiraled out of control.
    Obama and Clinton own this middle east disaster.
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    Yes, they see kindness and apologies as weakness, they only know
    and do one thing well, and that is kill...when have you ever heard of anything being produced, invented or manufactured over there? Many
    are still riding camels...They have no time or the intellect to create things, they are only good at torture and destroying lives, property
    and any thing else they can.
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    @mimi57 Actually many fine things and a great empire were created. Then the religious fundamentalists took over it only took fifty years to fall apart. That was long ago.
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    @Drake_Burrwood That's fine and I just read that, but quite frankly, I don't care what they do. All I care about is what happens to our soldiers, our citizens and OUR country...Not
    concerned for people who love to kill, rape and stone women
    to death, they are barbaric and more like wild animals than humans...
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    Let me state the obvious.... No shit.

    Is the shit about to hit the fan or has the fan already been struck? Either way, folks had better wake up and realize things are going to get much worse.

    There is no reasoning with radicalized religion. They do not share our values, beliefs, morals, etc... Violence is what they understand. They view negotiations as weakness and inaction as cowardice.

    We have become Islam's bitch. We're too afraid to react for fear of offending anyone.

    I say "Fuck it." Pull all of our people out of the Middle East. Cease all foreign aid to the region. Put our finger on "The Button" and make it known any further attacks will be dealt quickly and in the most destructive manner.

    Our citizens are being executed because some dipshit in Kalifornia made a movie disparaging Islam. WAKE UP AMERICA!! GET MAD!!
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    I agree with you on the dangers of radicalized religion. However, what many are missing is the role of radicalized religion here in the US in recruiting and radicalizing Coptic immigrants and producing the video. Check into the organizations with which Steve Klein has been associated. Folks who establish churches deliberately "off the grid," see themselves as superior to the government and arm militias for a coming insurrection are no less dangerous, and they may pose a greater threat here than Al-Queda.
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    As I have stated multiple times already - The film is a red herring thrown out by Al Qaeda and its allies to distract us from what is really going on. If any people are rioting over this film it's because their imams told them to, not because they know anything about it themselves. And who do you think the imams are taking their orders from?

    It seems to me that if our intelligence agencies do their jobs properly - which in most cases they do - we ought to be able to rely on them to prevent terrorist attacks without us having to be in panic mode all the time. As for Muslims in this country who are not terrorists, I am not at all worried about them suddenly becoming violent over some movie, any more than they did over the cartoons that lampooned Muhammad.
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    At least the fbi has acknowledged a warning...something the administration failed to do a WEEK before the terrorist attacks of 9-11-2012.
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    There are sleeper cells in this country right now. They have been finding qurans along with the stuff from the mostly catholic mexicans sneaking in. I have heard al queda has been gaining influence in central america. Whoever has been sneaking in and is awaiting orders I would think either does something soon while everything is in flux, or what they are waiting for is much bigger.. Either way, I am arming up and I suggest others do so as well.
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    Well they would need to understand they are in the UNITED STATES and the fire setting home burning bs wont be tolerated here, cause us American citizens will fight their asses back.
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    Rational men and women will continue to act rational. For those this statement doesn't reflect, it's always is wise to be on guard.
    We will be ok America. Be vigilant.
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    Its a pretty stupid headline. About a week to late for the FBI to warn of "possible" violence. Its only going to get worse. All the radical Muslims need is an excuse and this film gave them a good one. I feel the author should be held as an accessory to violence.
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    Of course not, I mean the President is all friendly and apologetic and ass kissing. What is there to worry about, the fact that Muslims want to kill and destroy us.....Which has been there entire purpose since 9-11. So do not presume to talk to me about all the good things that they do.
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    "First responders should remain aware of the potential for spontaneous large crowds and protests that could overwhelm resources and should be vigilant for possible efforts to encourage peaceful protesters to commit acts of violence. Faith-based organizations should promptly report suspicious activities that could indicate pre-operational plotting against Jewish, Coptic, Islamic, or any other faith-based communities."

    Wouldn't you hope that these precautions would be taken ALL the time? Duhhhhhh....
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    I am not worried about the violence, the free world can handle that,but these third world countries values clash with the western world....
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    This isnt happening because of the FILM!!! The film is an excuse. They planned this for 9-11. Obama has no clue how to run this country
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    The intelligence community seems to think this was a well choreographed situation where extremists were looking for the opportunity to riot and carry out attacks for 9-11. Lo and behold, one man with questionable intentions did just that.

    As to Nakoula's actions, we highly value freedom of speech in our country, but Nakoula's action seem to go well beyond freedom of speech and into the realm of the nefarious.

    Why would Nakoula create this film under the guise of a historical film with a name like Desert Warrior then change the dialog dialog in post-production by overdubbing actors' voices so as to create a different story line? Does freedom of speech include deceiving his cast and crew, putting them in harms way without as much as giving them the choice?

    He has a criminal record for financial scams/internet crimes. Was this nothing but another scam that went along with his Anti-muslim sentiments? Was he trying to capitalize on others' anti-muslim extremism, attempting to get money from supporters to produce a half-baked you tube video?

    And why claim to be an Israeli Jew who received financing from 100 other Jews when in fact he is a Coptic christian living in California who isn't likely to have received much money from Israel or its citizens? Why involve Israel and Jews? Was he trying to protect himself by shifting blame to Jews or was he purposely trying to railroad them?

    It bears repeating that with freedom of speech comes great responsibility, and this responsibility includes honesty and dedication to one's beliefs. Deceit should play no part in this freedom we value so dearly.
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