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    Is anyone really surprised?
    Take our guns, open the boarders, fund abortions, and cut defense, and add a president that bows to a Saudi king and refuses to salute the American flag.......
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    The President or anyone else saluting the flag who isn't in uniform spits on the military and hundreds of years of tradition. The traditional thing for civilians to do is put their hand over their heart when the Pledge is being said, or the Anthem is being played (also men and women should remove their hats). So.. BZZZZT! Wrong.

    Oh and to address that nasty rumor you obviously accept as reality.

    And for the tradition part.

    I don't like a lot of things that the President is doing or has done. But, I choose to dislike his policies based on reality. I don't have to make shit up to do it.
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    "Take our guns" - Except in Aurora, Colorado, Tuscon, Arizone, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, New York City, Chicago...

    "open the boarders" - I dunno what dissecting renters has to do with anything...

    " fund abortions" - Nope, Hyde Amendment still in effect.

    "cut defense" Even though each of his budgets has been rejected by Congress it's President Obama's doing that DoD spending has increased.

    "president that bows to a Saudi king" - ever met the Queen of England, sweetie? You'd be expected to courtsey, your male escort to bow. Why? Because the sovereignty of a monarchy resides in the monarch, not the citizenry. In a republic like ours that fought a lengthy war against Britain sovereignty lies in the citizens, not the President.

    "and refuses to salute the American flag" - "Your flag decal won't get you into Heaven anymore" - John Prine.
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    @DARSB I agree. Especially in regards to Her Majesty. It's more a sign of respect to other respected people to bow to them, as is the custom in their country/nation. This is the same argument that can be made about whether or not a US official greets citizens in a foreign country in their own tongue, such as Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Punjab, etc. If you wish for another country to respect yours, you cannot just /expect/ respect. Respect is earned, not given. As the Bible says: "Do unto others as you would have them do to you."
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    @DARSB First the Nurse thing, then the John Prine thing. I love Prine!
    "That's the Way that the World goes Round" is my favorite.
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    Am I concerned about the scheduled defense cuts? No. I think we need serious defense cuts and we need to stop being the world's police. But all that is need to stop the cuts is for Congress to do it's job.
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    If they really wanted to they could probably cut the budget without "dire" consequences. I'm sure a lot of it is fraud and waste by all politicians and their cronies on both sides of the isle.
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    @Nemesis3X Hell yes! Lobbyists for big Defense Contractors lining the pockets of our elected Congress and we wonder why the Defense Budget is such a huge part of the Deficit?
    It's not rocket science.
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    Defense cuts in the midst of middle-eastern uprisings against Americans ...and not to mention threats against our soil Wich have always been there but seem more concievable these days ....what is going on in these peoples minds
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    No it really doesn't matter because the cuts aren't scheduled until after the end of days anyway.
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    Only if we are concerned about the security of American interests here and abroad. So far I'm not convinced this administration is serious or even has a clue as to what they are really dealing with here.
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    What I think I'm going to look into is if Homeland security and TSA are included in these cuts or not. If not, a big warning flag for me!!!!!
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    I have the same idea.
    Just what is going on with the present addministration ?
    Is it one well organized bit of mass confusion?
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    @artjeb mass delusion. Not so well organized.

    Ever heard of the saying, Everybody in a fight has a plan that lasts until the first punch. Well, this administrative just took one to the gut. Obama and Hillary are bewildered by the concept that reality doesn't contort itself to fit their ideology. Who knew?

    Apparently Egypt, Libya, and the rest of the ME don't really care if his middle name is Hussein. I really hope he wasn't counting on that. Vanity doesn't replace strategy. Too bad this administration has none. I guess we could apologize some more for something we didn't do.....
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    It is very suspect. However, I believe with this cut should come a cut in all foreign aid and our military being there. Bring our military home and stop all this aid and war spending we could be out of debt, self sufficient and able to protect our own.
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    I didn't expect anything less from the apologizer in chief. Yes it worries me.
    How much more obvious does oboma have to be with his intentions? Our military has rubber bullets at these embassies. RUBBER. On 9 11. And today. RUBBER BULLETS.

    Just wow.
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    Embassy security? That's a hoot. The Marines guarding were not even allowed to have live ammunition. Guess someone's 'feelings' may be hurt, eh?
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    @Fem76 -

    So far the best report I have read from a legitimate source.

    Time magazine website

    What’s Worse: No Marines, or (Possibly) Unarmed Marines?

    UPDATE II: The Marines said late Thursday that any reports “of Marines not being able to have their weapons loaded per direction from the ambassador are not accurate.”

    UPDATE:“With or without a weapon, Marines are always armed,” Pentagon spokesman George Little said Thursday afternoon.“I’ve heard nothing to suggest they don’t have ammunition.”
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    Borrow something from private industry. Perhaps we could hire the Chinese to defend us. We already owe them so much money they have just as much to loose as we do if we are attacked. Our soldiers won't be hurt, and it would us cost a fraction of the price.
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    I have mixed emotions about this. I know the importance of a strong military to defend our nation. At the same time if you look at the budget it really is impossible to balance without cuts to defense. I think it should be handled with great care to insure that the safety and needs of the men and women serving are not jeopardized.
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    I'm for major defense cuts, BUT NOT indiscriminate defense cuts especially not for embassy security when there's so many problems.

    We need to raise taxes.
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    yes i am for more than one reason firstly china is sounding alarm bells and america needs to defend freedom not communism that been proved that it does not work but the chinese communist system is manipulated in the yuan it always devalues itself wen it should be appreciating getting back to defence spending that creates everything that eventually normal man, women and child would utilise
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    heck they are going to oversepend, no matter what they do. i am more worried about, congresses and the administrations, exuberant wage and amnities scale. they should not, make more than the average citizen.
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    I am appalled by this. Our citizens will be at greater risk than we are already, and more people will die because of it. Mr Carter must love this idea.
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    raising taxes has never resulted in reduction of over spending. when it is only typical, for them to overspend even more. i say cut the foriegn aid to countries, and groups that are our enemies. and reduce our monetary support, of the un. since they seem to be helping and supporting our enemies, much more than they do us.
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    Games, Games, Games.
    I would like to give all elected people a 100 percent pay cut, with no operating expenses for six months; with it becoming permenant if they didn't fix their priorities consistent with the Constitution.
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    Cut waste, get more efficient, increase tech research, builds more Bots and Drones.
    In about 190? Churchill said, "The only way that civilization can survive domination by the Islamic hordes is by continuing to maintain a superior weapon advantage".
    Damn he was smart.
    Maybe some people in our government want Islam to succeed? DUH.
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    As a retired military spouse and veterans recipient of the post 911 school funding and take back it is not actually the active duty who the cuts
    Will hurt so much but the retiries
    And their dependents, so when they speak of defense cuts they actually mean cut the people who served and fought for their country already!
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