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    I think its funny that the higher ups messed up and let a detainee of guantanamo bay die even after he had been cleared for release years ago, then all of a sudden we hav attacks on us, that fuel our patriotic rage justifying what our government does and keeps them out of hot water
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    well i think they were right, calling america the sleeping giant during wwii. i think we must of, went back to sleep.
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    How about you tell it like it is? They want to kill all who do not think and believe like they do. If you are not muslim you are nothing. how about we tell them to kiss off and leave them to fend for themself in the sand?
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    If they did a close up of angry Nazis would it be unflattering and Leukoanthrophobic? These people just want to act bad and not be called out on their s***
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    Islamophobia is a disingenuous term. It is not an illogical fear a group that wants to murder you. And they rage over everything that insults there religion or there profit. If their profit, and that isn't using the wrong spelling, was a good man then he wouldn't want his followers to murder in his name. And if Islam was a 'Religion of Peace' they couldn't murder innocent people in the name of religion. So the group that insults their Prophet and Islam is Muslims.
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    Islamaphobic? Idiot phobic is more like it. Doesn't appear to me they're 'portraying' anything - unless they staged it and that would be silly - you can find these gatherings all over.
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    It's not like they doctored the photo and if I heard correctly the people rioting were Muslim and usually riots are started by enraged people. Seems like they just called it as they saw it.
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    Newsweek has published plenty of controversial covers. Plenty of covers depicting rage, agony and joy.
    I'm assuming this picture wasn't staged and is a photo of actual, angry Muslims rioting. Looks like, waddles like, quacks like..........I guess it is and why not show it? If Muslims are enraged with the photo, then they can dial it back a bit or at least not leave the house without their makeup!
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    I posted further down on here about how I can name a few instances of both "angry atheists" and "angry Christians". But do you remember what the Buddhists did when South Park showed Buddha snorting cocaine? Or when those ancient statues were blown up in Afghanistan? Me neither.

    I just wish both religious and nonreligious people could be more like the Buddhists and take things in stride - and eventually develop some sense of humor and humility.
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    Yeah well, Buddhists are more about spirituality, inner peace, tranquility. Instead of trying to force people to see it their way, they wait for people to inquire. Buddhism would never be very successful here, they care more about the human spirit and less about the money.
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    guilty of extreemly poor, over-acting if you ask me. they don't even, need an excuse to kill other muslems. if they can't blame some one else for their own troubles, then they are only going to kill each other. thier entire religion, is based on murder as their g-ds.
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    Great picture! But newsweek is wasting it. They should save it for an article entitled "Portraits Of Insanity", or "Demon Possession In The Middle East". Or maybe even, "When Hemroids Get Bad".
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    Im starting to thing being Muslim has nothing to do with religion. Its really just a license for insanity.
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    I would encourage everyone who commented here to actually read the story by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a very courageous and intelligent woman who speaks from experience when she talks about Islam and the difference between a free democratic society and a Muslim theocatic one.
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    ..these are ignorant people, shallow in brains, unstable is all ways!! they spit on jesus, pierced his side, called him traitor, and son of the holley-weird, they put his picture (jesus) in urine, stompted on his image, still mocked and made fun of.......but, yet, no one is being killed, homes not being burned, or raped, sodimized etc. we are dealing with morons who call themselves "christians", who are and represent anything but christ!! even satan called himself "christ-like"...
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    Yes, this is an extreme minority. I do not use the Westboro Baptist Church as the standard for all Christians.

    Remember what the Buddhists did when South Park showed Buddha snorting cocaine? Or when those ancient statues were blown up in Afghanistan? Me neither. But like I said, there are many instances of "angry Christians" like the Westboro Baptist bunch and the 700 club, and yes - I have known quite a few "angry atheists" too.

    Why can't you religious and nonreligious people just be more like the Buddhists, take things in stride, and develop some sense of humor and humility?
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    Because that might lead to peaceful coexistence, can't have that!
    There's no profit in peaceful coexistence. All that love and tranquility, what would the pharmaceutical and defense industry do!?
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