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    It's time to bring our troops home. They can't tell who they're fighting any easier than the Vietnam Nam era soldiers could. In some instances they are actually training guys who want to kill them. We need to bring them home.
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    Remember when GWB gave the Taliban a choice to hand over bin Laden or we would overthrow them? Then we got him last year? Has anyone heard of mission creep?
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    I wouold put another comment here but apparently my strong suggestions arent liked by the moderators, but I will say this in finale,,,, We need to get out of there and get out of all those countries that hate us and stop all aid to them and use our military that are brought back home to build and construct wind power fields and ocean power fields and drill our own oils and make alcohol to use for fuel and CLOSE OUR BORDERS to those countries that arent democratic and let them survive on their own.
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    They need to suspend ALL joint operations with the afghans! I'm sick and tired of sacrificing our men, women and children to help these people. They are the enemy!
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    Youi try to help someone that hates you? get real.
    The afghans despise us.
    look at KARAZI ( spelling ) the prez from there. Puts a person for 32 yrs that helped catch BIN LADEN. KARAZI is just another terrorist.
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    Let our military commanders do what they do best, kill the enemy. Stop making them to try and make friends with the enemy before the war is over. This bleeding heart bull crap is the problem. Grant the enemy no quarters, kill them where they live until all the fight is out of them. This is how to win a war. Issue blindfolds to the liberals that can't handle the ugly reality that is war.
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    @FollowTheMoney - And the purpose behind your killing anybody else over there is what? If we're issuing gear for body parts of those in disagreement with our views - I would rather see some gags handed out....
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    @Lorth The fact is that we are at war and will be for a very long time, like it or not. If in a fight, fight to win that's all. Stop tying our military's hands behind their backs with all this bitching and moaning about whether we should be there or not.
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    @FollowTheMoney - I've got a nephew stationed there right now - I do care about whether or not he is risking his life for a reason. I don't see one and you haven't provided one. Our people are dying for what? Your response is kill them all. For what reason?
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    @Lorth Oil...I'm OK with that. Stability in the region... I'm OK with that too. Anti-terrorism...Fine. Point is, we are there for a reason. A good enough reason for me.

    "Kill them all " No. Kill only those who would stand in the way of victory.

    I spent 18 months over there in the '90's. My son has deployed twice to Iraq and once in Afghanistan.

    It would save many more lives, American and middle eastern alike, if we stopped pussy footing around and do what we need to do. Ending this war once and for all. Not to mention the money we would save.
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    @FollowTheMoney - Oil? You mean Their Oil? You're ok with us risking our people's lives and killing others for their oil? Stability? These people have been going at it for a couple thousand years. You're kidding or lying to yourself if you believe we're bringing stability to that region. Anti-Terrorism? Why do you think these people hate us? Because our only interest in them is getting their oil. We know that, we treat them like that and they know it. Our actions are breeding terrorists. So far, nothing you've said seems to justify us having our troops at risk over there, let alone killing everybody who stands in our way.
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    Its about time the US stops joint action with afghans. Why should our country prop up yet another country while our country goes broke? Isolationism? YES. If we can pull it off.
    The USA should just leave the middle east alone and so should Israel. Just send us the oil and we don't care other than that. Cash for goods. If the Israelis are so concerned about their survival, I'm sure the UN can get enough boats assembled to evacuate their entire population.
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    How should the US to deal with attacks by Afghan troops? Pack up and go home. Leave them to their beloved Taliban and Sharia Law.
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    They were the enemy from the 1st day we set foot on the ground there, They were the enemy from the first foreign student from there we allowed to attend our colleges, and they are still our enemy today.

    Our Soldiers need to be taken out of that country and brought home.
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    @Havoc We need to do this with all countries that dislike us but that in itself is not enough. We need to stop All aid and NOT allow these countries to send their people to america to be educated. If the truth were known, we have most likely tought all are enemies how to build the bomb that they use to kill us.
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    @marine1 I would have no problem with such a move as that, There seems to be a problem in our countries policy when it comes to foreign aid and foreign students, it began long ago and has IMO just become a natural thing for us to do.

    I would like to see this addressed by our Government but I doubt it will happen in my life time, We defitiely need to understand our position and true history as the country who accepts all, but in todays world all includes many that are not concerned with becoming Americans, and where I think the true distiction is really founded between our national history and foundational beliefs and our current position.
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    We say f-u and move out it's not our fault they don't know how to protect their country. Our military man have
    better things to worry about