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    they don't 'get elected'. They steal the election from the rightful winner. When the economy is good - they steal elections. Then when they have had sufficient time to screw everything up, they allow the Democrats to take office. There is no such thing as 'election' anymore. It's now "selection". When the Republicans don't want the highest office, they nominate someone who can't possibly be 'elected'.
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    How about because this bill is political demagoguery designed to sound like it does something good even though it doesn't? Just once, try thinking for yourself instead of swallowing what the DailyKos tells you.
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    So.... Republicans dont hate me for being black? And a woman? And poor? And an environmentalist? Wow, this changes everything.
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    I don't know whether I'm for the bill or not. None of the articles provide a link to the bill for me to examine it.
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    Why is there a need for ANOTHER veteran's job training program.

    "Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma said the federal government already had six job-training programs for veterans and there was no way to monitor how well they were working. He said that the way forward was not to increase debt."

    It sounds like redundancy to me. It also looks like Bill Nelson didn't get the memo that it's "paid for."

    Democratic senator Bill Nelson of Florida, the bill's lead sponsor, said: "[With] a need so great as unemployed veterans, this is not the time to draw a technical line on the budget."

    If the idea is to rein in spending that is already out of control which is what the republicans have been doing since 2011, then spending money that is trimmed from one part of a federal budget that borrows 1 out of every 3 dollars it spends does nothing to help the problem.
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    This is all I can find so far about how Sen. Murray claims this is paid for but needs a waiver anyway...

    "Murray proposed paying for the $1 billion tab over five years in part by collecting delinquent taxes from Medicare providers and suppliers and from individuals with more than $50,000 in unpaid taxes."

    And the rest?
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    "... Six job-training programs for veterans and no way to monitor how well they work" Why doesn't someone figure it out! Why not pull statistics from the programs existing showing how many enrolled versus how many got jobs, what plan worked best, average income of said jobs, ect, ect. Makes me want to find the programs and do it myself!
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    How about hiring the most qualified applicant for a job. Veteran welfare is just another Dem political ploy to add to the voter dependency numbers.
    Most of us Veterans understand, and dislike, this pandering.
    It was an honor to serve my country and I appreciate all of the perks granted to me for doing so; but,
    Enough is Enough.
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    Did anyone even ask themselves who has the majority in the Senate?

    It seems funny that the Republicans cannot pass a bill in the senate but they can stop one,don't you think that sounds kinda funny?

    The bill never came for a vote if it did I can't find the record of it.

    Just more of the political hack commentary that we are hearing everyday from the democrats, I really wish they would stop treating people like they are stupid, but I guess people would have to act like they aren't stupid for that to actually happen.
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    Learn how the senate rules work before posting next time. This is just being ignorant as to how our govt works and complaining about things you don't understand.
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    The senate hasn't worked for 4 years now.

    But when it does a vote on a bill is either a yeah or a nay.

    If you want to know why the bill was stopped talk to harry about it.
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    @Havoc I guess we start class now. See there's this thing called the filibuster and it gives the minority party power to stop the majority. By invoking it a single senator can stop a bill. It causes the democrats to get 60 votes to pass almost anything. In fact everything.

    There's just a few. More filibusters by this senate than anytime in our history. They are not legislating they are sabotaging the president and the country
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    This is just another attempt of the Republicans trying to make 'Obama's Economy' look bad so they will get elected. The problem is that the Economy isn't Obama's, it's America's. But then again America isn't the priority of the Republican party.
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    The things that make ya go hmmm. I have sometimes wondered how far they would take it to see America fail under Obama.
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    I hope every single senator that voted against this is removed from office. Support our troops? Only when it's politically convenient.
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    we might just want to hold our thought a bit untill we find out how it is supposed to be paid for and where the money will come from and what kind of pork was attached. just a thought.
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    Let's try this again seeing how the moderator seemed to think my post was VULGER .LOL the truth always is if you don't want to hear it. If the dems.hold the majority in the senate with 51 all they needed was 9 votes and they could have passed this bill. They had 6 repubs vote for it so that takes them down to just needing 3 more votes they have 2 independents that always side with them which takes them down to one vote. Please if you can't get your bill passed and you hold the majority why are you even there. You people are so pathetic putting this off on the repubs. It's not their fault that we have 6 programs already in place that you can't make work. It sounds to me like you need to revamp and appoint new heads to the programs already in place. If you have 6 programs and they don't work then its a good sign you have the wrong people running it. That's a big problem in this country right now. We have to make a change now before we become the middle east. The repubs are right dont spend more money you dont have. In your household budget if you can't afford it don't buy it. That is why repubs are rich, but I must say not as rich as the dems. Get the HECK over it this was not needed. It's not against the vets its just logic. I guess the dems can't follow that.
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    There are not alot of facts here just emotion. Are the jobs permanent? Cities that can afford cops and police already have what they can afford, also Veterans already qualify for the GI bill. There must be another reason for such a high unemployment rate.
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    Next President, has to find way to tax 300,000,000 million, with $3,333 per year.

    For the next 16 years.

    Just to payoff the $16 trillion national debt.

    That's new tax of $3,333 per every woman, child and man, in America. For 16 long years.

    With no new government programs, added along the way.
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    From the school teachers, to Police, no one wants to take cut in their pay or benefits.

    Planned parent hood,$3 billion per year,

    Next 4 years, crime wave, that's beyond anyone's wildest dreams here in America.
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    @Lasvegas711 Planned parenthood gets 300 million per year. Nothing like lies and fear to get people to vote for your side. What happened to 'support the troops'? Oh that's right, only support them while they are away, screw their family or what happens when they return.
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    Absolutely! Typical GOP obstructionism, or abandonment. They will kill abortion doctors, show zero compassion for rape victims, debase women, while crying out Pro-life until birth. then the neglect begins until that child is of voting or military service age. That how superficial and callous the Republicans are.
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    First, I have to ask, "Who controls the Senate?" Now, my son and son in law are both veterans. My son in law retired after 21 yrs and Iraq war vet. He went to work immediately upon retirement. My son went to college and has a top management job. I am a veteran and I went to work before I drew my first unemployment check after my discharge. There have always been jobs for veterans. And there has always been plenty of help for veterans. The Democratic leadership did nothing but play politics with an un-necessary veterans' job bill. What is really needed are jobs for everyone, including veterans.
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    Killing this bill was a good move on the part of Conservatives. Government is not and should not be employing more people. The PRIVATE SECTOR should be doing the hiring and the best way to start that is to EJECT Imam Obama and his Socialist minions.
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    Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!!! Way to go GOP, you just demonstrated that you don't care about Veterans. That's one heck of a message to send out before the elections....
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    That is sad. We need to support our Vets.. There must be more to this bill than just money for Vet jobs....
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    Suckers, We fall for this crap all the time. This bill was never intended to pass. It's nothing more than a political ploy in an election year. Duh...
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    If you really believe that crap you need help. The dems. have the majority in the senate if they could not get it passed it was their fault read my post above it will break it down for the simpletons. I know some of you can't do the math so I made it easy for you. The repubs had nothing to do with it six of them even voted for it HELLO. The idiot democrats can spew puke about the republicans and you people eat it up. So sad that you will let them lead you astray. Why oh why can't people think and research thing for themselves? It's not that hard. I guess that's why the dems. Love you people so much you they have got you so wrapped that you can't even think for your self.
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    The simple truth to all of DC is ---- politicians don't give a flying F about anyone but themselves. As long as they get theirs, the rest of us ----- INCLUDING VETS------- can all go to Hell.
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