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    its pathetic what passes as media coverage . I guess because obama stepped in it on univision I should have known the story would be about romney,I mean they have to "blame someone else" and george bush was not available.

    just for laughs obamas redistribution video still hasnt played on cbs,nbc,abc. while a cheesy,edited cellphone video of romney went straight to air and looped.its disgusting.I hope the obama supporters here know a little histiry about tyrannical rulers.They take control of the media first so they canwe see this from obama. lie to everyone at one time.
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    So. Let me make sure I have this straight. According to the people of the interwebs... Obama is a Muslim, fascist, socialist, communist, dictator, tyrant.

    Guy is a busy man.
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    I checked your recent posts and damn near all of them are hateful, name-calling, rude and the most right-winged (and I really do hate using right/left in a debate, or discussion at all) posts I've ever seen.

    You seriously need to just stop caring that you're a Republican, stop caring that the guy who is currently president is a Democrat, and realize that you, me, them, we're ALL Americans. It shouldn't matter which political party they're from. You should take that out of the equation altogether and look at the big picture.

    "Person A makes some good points about this particular subject and Person B think's we should do the opposite." Not, "Democrat makes some good points, but Republican thinks we should do the opposite."

    Until you learn to do that, you're going to be stuck forever in the state you're in. "Democrat made some damn fine points there and a lot of what he said is pretty accurate. Republican was pretty much got caught in a lie.. but I have to side with him anyways".

    And for the record. There's no need to do any homework. It'll be bias towards one side, either way. Either I'll land on a website called Obamaistheantichristmuslimfascistdictatorsoci... or Obamaisnttheantichristmuslimfascistdictatorso... .

    Seriously bud, you're just going to keep spiraling in the hate you have right now until you realize the things I said. Stop reading bias websites (towards one person or the other), and just be happy. Our freedoms aren't being taken away as much as the websites are telling you. We're still free. We're still Americans. We still have everything we ever did. Enjoy being an American instead of hating other Americans because they're backing the "wrong" political party.
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    Polusalo, man, your posts are always some of the more insightful posts I see on here. You should have a blog or something. I'm sure there would be a lot of people who would read it. Keep it up!
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    It's not uncommon to want a somewhat "friendly" crowd. Going to an interview where you get booed the whole time because everyone there is in the bag for the other candidate doesn't help you properly present your ideas and does no one any favors.
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    He should have just passed on the interview rather than stack the audience. Obama finds supporters everywhere, Romney has to bus the same 5000 people around the country to make it look good on TV.
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    @norezen don't kid yourself. Obama had to change venues for his acceptance speech at the DNC because he couldn't fill the original one. His popularity in NC has dropped that much. What makes you think it's not the same elsewhere?
    On top of that, if he ducked the interview the media would have had a field day with it. He would have been characterized as a Hispanic hater or just not wanting the Hispanic vote.
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    @Capt_Morgan02 Dude, no one cares if he couldn't fill a football stadium. No one expected him to fill that entire stadium. They changed venue due to potential weather issues. It also could have been security issues. Who knows.
    What makes me think its not the same elsewhere? Polls and knowing people around the country. And people knowing that Obama is sticking up for working class people. Every person who worked in manufacturing (and lost their job due to outsourcing) is starting to realize that Obama has the answer and Romney will continue Bush policies (half of Romney's advisors are from GWB cabinet).
    Obama imposed tariffs on Chinese imports when they threatened American jobs when he could without Republican interference.
    If you want a third term of George W Bush, vote Romney. We can go back to that disaster, or we can limp our way forward and try to build a country our children will want to live in.
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    "That revelation became one of Saturday's most-circulated stories among the mainstream political media."

    That's odd. None of my regular news feeds mentioned it. A search for "mitt romney univision" turns up a couple of stories but it's not the major result.
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    You know a person isn't good when his supporters can't give a real reason to support him other than insulting his opponent.
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    Story is specious at best. Anytime the quotes are from "anonymous" sources the veracity is highly suspicious. And it's soooo easy to claim the informant is from the candidates own party. Pity the author of this hit piece didn't bother to check other sources.
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    @Politicskid Whats biased about asking for tax returns? Whats biased about him saying he won't represent 47% of Americans? Whats biased about his lack of specifics? Whats biased about his changing position on issues? Whats biased about his support of Paul Ryan? Whats biased about saying Paul Ryan wants to privatize social security? Whats biased about saying Paul Ryan wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system? Whats biased about saying that Romney wants to repeal the law that forces insurance companies to insure?
    There is no bias here, there is no mystery, these are the things these running mates have said. I wont even include the Republican platform in general because they get even more extreme. Its merely reporting the truth sir. If their positions seem unpalatable to you, then maybe you are a liberal too.
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    Whats biased about reporting Romney's desire to cut taxes for the wealthy? Whats biased about him saying he wants to increase taxes on middle-income families? Whats biased about pointing out his record at bain? Whats biased about pointing out his record as governor?
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    He also wants to cut student aid, cut funding for public workers, eliminate safety-net programs
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    Obama wants to pass a bill so we can have safe bridges in this country so people can trade over long distances. Republican response? FILIBUSTER!
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    He said he doesn't give a rats ass for anyone who is in that 47% who do not support him. Hmmmm mittens, you may need to bump that percentage up a bit after this week.
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    All he was asking for is the same type of forum afforded to Barack Husssein Obama. He was forced to have his forum before BHO, who always has a stacked Democratic audience. Why should he not get the same opportunity to have his supporters in attendance?
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    Then there's this from Chris Hayes: "Mitt Romney sure as hell wouldn't get up in front of a room of home healthcare workers, people who are, in many states, making minimum wage or just a little more to change bed pans and clean up blood and vomit—and tell the people in front of him that they're a bunch of indolent, shiftless moochers who won't take responsibility for their lives becuase they don't pay income taxes. I don't think even Mitt Romney is that politically inept."
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    I wonder what the chances are of Obama answering questions before a room full of gun totin hillbillies ,with copies of the constitution in hand,or how about some bible thumpers,maybe a room full of small business ,how about a room full of troops that are not allowed to have bullets,I think you get the idea.
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    @MongoAPillager Except for the "gun-totin'" he has done those things, look at his campaign schedule. More recently, he spent an hour on Univision, while Mr Romney spent 25 minutes. I think it comes down to the President just being a better politician.
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    Not surprise at all! In fact, if you watch and compare the interviews you can see something is up with the crowd as they never stop cheering even though all Mitt did was keep saying was the same political boring promises and some new one to convince Latinos he is not a racist! Sorry-it didn't work
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    Probably better if he doesn't speak at all for a while. Lol. That might b his smartest decision yet. To bad he had to pitch a fit . I can't wait till the debates.
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    Gov Romney doesn't handle challenges very gracefully so it's not surprising he manages the audience for high profile events. He did it before with his NAACP speech, but he's far from the first. The Bush-Cheney campaign required signed loyalty oaths of its audiences.
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