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    Mitt Romney is a liberal, but he'll have to do for now. As long as we get him a Tea Party congress/senate he will do the will of the people. The senate/congress races are what's most important. People, please vote wisely and remember it is the money of your children and grandchildren that Democrats want to squander.
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    i would have to agree,you don't get elected to position of governor in Massachusetts if your a conservative in this day and age
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    @MongoAPillager Current MA governor Patrick is the first Democratic governor since Dukakis in 1991.
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    @MongoAPillager Massachusetts is a funny state. It likes its Congressional reps to be guys like Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank but seems to really like conservative Republicans for governor.

    My point is that Mr. Romney is pretty conservative and his success in Massachusetts doesn't contradict that. Before you leap to the keyboard in rebuttal, I understand you disagree, but you know, being to your left isn't the same as being liberal - there's a whole lot of less conservative people over here, too.
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    A bit more self-disclosure, yes, but please, more offhand critiques of aeronautical engineering, like this,“When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly, there’s no — and you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem. So it’s very dangerous." (LA Times)
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    Yes, that's correct. But I think we can count on him nuking Obama in the debates. And I'm sure Ryan will make Biden look like a complete moron in the VP debate. I think the only way the Republicans would do badly in the debates is if the liberal moderators act biased against them.
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    I think going into the debates we can agree that it's gunna be pretty close. Romney isn't gunna "nuke" Obama in the debates
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    @BigD1391 I guess Obama must be smarter than all the leftists on here than. They have a real hard time defending his viewpoints and actions!
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    @BigD1391 Okay. I'll look through your opinions sometime soon and respond to a few; right now I have a lot going on but I'll make a note of your name.
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    Id say they are easily on decepticon 3.5 by now, after his 47% error, they removed all numbers from his vocabulary.
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    Microsoft has had a hard time keeping up with a slew of patches and bug fixes. It's beginning to remind many of Windows Millenium.
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    The reason the polls look so good for Obama is most of those supporting him are sitting home drawing a check off the government. Romney supporters are out working for a check and don't have the time to take poll questions.
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    He has no passion.
    Mitt is a stuffed suit, unable to relate to the common American. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has turned the silverware to gold by eliminating hundreds of thousands of American jobs.
    In Hawaii, we'd call him "high maka maka."
    It's become quite apparent that he looks down his nose at the working, blue collars and the middle class.
    First Reagan the Puppet, then Dubya the Fool, now it's Romney. How far are the Republicans going to fall? How far will they go to sell us out to the capitalist swine.
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    Romney cannot answer the simple question of WHY he wants to be president. It seems he has this lone ambition to be president for no other reason than to fulfill his father's desire which, in turn, would make him and his progeny the most powerful and historically prominent Mormons ever in the history of his church. The funny thing is that, at the very least, he will need that 47% on his side to accomplish this feat.
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    "Romney's "a transaction man: someone who moves assets around with a speed and force that leaves many of the rest of us bewildered."
    Ah, the old "slight of hand." A con man, a shyster, snake oil salesman!
    I guess the idea is to screw the whole Country (except for the very wealthy) and make us think we liked it!
    Yes, the more I hear, he more I distrust.
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    Mitt is what he was raised to be... an aloof elitist. So when he doesn't seem to understand the lifestyle or concerns of common citizens, it's because he really has no experience in this area. He never had to count the change in his pocket to see if he could afford a hamburger. He never had to apply for a job that he wasn't assured of getting because of his family connections. He thinks Dressage and yachting are sports. He just doesn't get it and never will.
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    "Romney's "a transaction man: someone who moves assets around with a speed and force that leaves many of the rest of us bewildered".

    This statement alone. ALONE. Sounds good to me. I'm not sure how much more passion people want. I sure know what I don't want more of, and that's Obama trying to tell that we are better off then we were 4 years ago. If you ask me we have had four years of "Bumps in the road".

    Romneys got my vote. I would like to see some smooth sailing for a while. And I'm willing to give someone else that chance.
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    I think those criticisms are accurate. The problem is, he can't just fake passion for the campaign trail because people will see through it.

    Romney is at his best when he talks about things he knows well and doesn't worry about saying what he thinks his audience wants to hear. Unfortunately, that's rarely the case. But for example, if you ever hear him tell a story about his family, you can really hear the sincerity and get a feel for his genuine love for them. I wish he'd do that more often.
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