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    Its just propaganda to sway the ignorant masses into buying the illusion that voting actually makes a difference.the fact that celeberitys play a part in u.s politics should at least bring some to the conclusion that something is wrong.niether candidate works for the people and to put your faith in a politician instead of each other is ludicrous.
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    Fergie, Seth Green, and Dr. Maya Angelou are now what constitutes an "All Star Cast"? My has the definition of All Star fallen....
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    I have been committed to voting since I turned 21. Nothing will stop me from voting. My slogan is 'No vote, no right to bitch'.
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    I never vote, but I reserve the right to bitch regardless. Doesn't mean I expect anyone to listen though. It's mostly for my own amusement :)
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    Voter participation is key for a successful democracy. However, EDUCATED voters are even more important. Voting for a candidate because your favorite celebrity supports him or her is a recipe for disaster. The current president rode in on a wave of uninformed voters who thought he was 'cool' and 'dreamy.' He also had a fancy logo and neat advertising. Gee, he must be qualified! We see what that path has wrought.

    A better campaign would urge prospective voters to learn about the issues and the candidates' positions on those issues. Learn to make an informed choice based upon your individual values and preferences, not because a popular athlete or actor told you what to do.

    Democrats are in Hollywood's pocket for a reason. There are an awful lot of under-qualified voters up for grabs who need to be herded into the polling place like sheep, and Hollywood knows how to build a fantasy.
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    @MongoAPillager Maybe just a little eyesight check. I didn't say it was.

    However, VOTING is a part of how we do it here in America, and educated voting makes all the difference.
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    Voter participation is key for a "successful democracy",that was what i was referring to.a lot of the problems in this country stem from belief that a democracy is an legal form of government in America.
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    @MongoAPillager Understood. However, I believe that voters backing any candidate (or issue) because of celebrity 'leadership' is not furthering the cause of successful governance. Voting should not be mandatory, but I think a case could be made for at the very least having a grasp on who is running, what they stand for and how they plan to address problems. What we have now is worse than a popularity contest...because people support not the popular, but who the popular say they should support.
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    @Jeff_Woehrle i would back everything you say except for be honest though i still can,t understand what good it does to vote for president when only the electoral vote counts,maybe you can help me with that,i always vote but leave scratching my head
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    So I should imitate Fergie? She was a drug addict, should I become one too? And when was the last time Maya Angelou had a real job?
    At least Seth Green I can respect.
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    Well let's see. So far, most of us don't know who these celebrities are. But their target audience probably does. But this looks to be, to it's credit, non-partisan.
    Then we have the discussion over whether we are a democracy or not. We are a democratically elected Republic.
    Does my vote count? Does your vote count? No, but a whole lot of votes together DO count!
    Will the young voters make informed decisions at the poles or just vote for whomever they feel is the most attractive? I think young voters are just as capable of making informed decisions as older voters, maybe even more. People make choices for a myriad of reasons. Some may vote because their favorite rock star says so. And some may vote because their local preacher says so.
    But for sure one thing, decisions made today will affect the future generation, so heck yeah, they'd do well to get involved in the process.
    And while we're on it, this Nation has for far too long, been controlled by old, rich White men.
    It's time that more minorities and more young people got involved not only in the voting, but in the government itself. We're a diverse Country and should be represented thusly. We need younger Representatives and Senators. A better racial and gender representation in Congress. More members from alternative walks of life.
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    Why its anyone down on this?? I don't get it, enything or anyone who help to get the word out (specially to minorities) it's doing a good dig to me
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    Sadly, yes, I suspect that using known celebrities will help get people out to vote.

    I say sadly because these voters won't be voting because it's their right, or because it's (debatably) the right thing to do, or what have you. They'll be doing it because it's 'cool.' "Oh look, Fergie is going to a voting station! That must be the new 'in' thing to do!"

    This isn't educating the population, it's merely steering it. I hate to use the stupid example, but do you think as many Americans would pay attention if Joe the Plumber did a PSA? Or the President even? Or well known news anchors? Or police officers, judges, firefighters, etc?

    The case in point would be the 'West Wing' reunion PSA that came out a few days ago. It's the same thing as this PSA that Fergie, Green and Angelou have done. Except 'The West Wing' aired years ago and was targeted at a much more intelligent audience than the one that this is targeted at. There's a reason that networks don't air good quality programming any more...
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    @dances-weebles You're not missing much, although I do respect Maya Angelou and even have a book of hers... ( :
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    @dances-weebles Maya Angelou is a well respected black poet/author, I
    love her work. Fergie is a Pop singer, she's okay...Seth Green I don't know
    of either. Look up Maya Angelou if you get time, she's an amazing writer.
    She wrote "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings", and many other poems and
    novels. A lot of her stuff comes from the hardships blacks have had to over come. I really admire and respect her.
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    them telling people to ote and Not mentioning who rthey should vote for is a Good thing...why would anyone disagree..unless you think these voters will be choosing the other guy..haha
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    I would suppose they do to the simpler individuals who are more easily swayed by such fame. But one is in a pretty bad state of affairs if it takes some celebrity to get em off the couch.