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    Several thoughts. While it may be unstoppable, there was a time when many women wisely practiced abstinance and they understood it was for their own good. Premarital sex today is far more common than it used to be and we are reaping the consequences of the "It's inevitable" attitude. Second, there is a real push toward the attitude that unprotected sex without consequences is an entitlement. Hence the notion that birth control and abortions must be free. It goes hand in hand with the idea that government must provide a cure for AIDEs. Preferably yesterday.
    I suggest that birth control is already free and completely reliable. It doesn't require a prescription. It is the word "No". Self-respecting women have used it for centuries.
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    Thank you for stating this nicely. Liberals are so backwards it's hairpulling.

    And honestly, if you are choosing your spouse on the basis of sex, it's an enormously shallow relationship.

    I'm not trying to sound conceited, but I was a virgin on my wedding night, and married at 22. We have been married for over 10 years, and still going strong. I didn't marry my husband because of sex, I married him because he is hardworking, loving, had potential to be a good father, and brought out the best in me.
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    @TeresaJ J

    ust to put this out there, if you build your life on a strong standing of ethics, your life will be more satisfactry than if you build it on your own whims.

    My husband and I both have strong ethical backgrounds. We considered our courtship to be a building of our character. Today, his job is one of which he is on call 24/7, and it often takes him to places for which he will be gone for days or even a week on end. But I am never concerned about what trouble he might be getting into, or if he is cheating on me. I trust him 150%. That is the peace of ethical living. I have never been worried about an STD, pregnancy, the law, or anything of that nature.

    Such things however, have to be built from very young up. We are failing our youth with our own attitudes.
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    @TeresaJ I agree completely. A sexual relationship in marriage is built gradually with lots of understanding, patience, and respect for one's spouse. There is no such thing as instant compatibility, sexual or otherwise. You avoid nasty surprises by talking everything through before planning the wedding; values, expectations, goals, etc. Anything less is a divorce in the making. When we say the kids are going to do it anyway we are tacitly giving them permission, a poor choice on our part, a cop out, really. They will never know how to build a successful relationship if we don't show them. The mess we have in this country is the result of ignoring the wisdom of the ages, thinking we know better. BTW we are a few weeks away from our 40th anniversary.
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    @Realthinker Sex is a natural occurrence between two , hopefully , likeminded individuals. When you walk out of the church or civil service you still find others attractive. So from day one you are fighting a battle against the natural feeling of sexual attraction. I don't believe that you should be with one person for the rest of your life because it is not natural. One person should not be with one person forever but that is a personal opinion which i do sometimes wish had happened to myself. I went 21 years married with a lovely lady and we did not split because of sex but because of pure boredom. Seeing one another for such a long time was not in my opinion healthy or really normal. However i could be one case and a wrong one at that.
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    Yes. It's ridiculous to expect young people to abstain. Sex is a natural function of our bodies, and even if you believe god made us, it seems silly to me to believe god wouldn't want us to use what he gave us. It feels good for a reason. And consider: that little spot on the female genitalia serves no other purpose.
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    I like sex as much as the next person, but the sex isn't REALLY the issue. The issue is being RESPONSIBLE about it. If you and your FWB are taking advantage of your relationship, there should be a discussion about using birth control and what happens if one of those "Oops" incidents happens. I personally think that one of the main reasons that talk never happens is that our government has taken consequences out of the equation with all their hand wringing and programs. Single and get pregnant? No worries, there's a government plan to take care of you, pay for childcare, etc. etc.
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    Utah has one of the highest rates of divorce in the country. And that is directly related to the pressure to get married so early and outlook on sex and relationships.
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    This topic is dumb. Everybody's like, Yeah! we want sex! woohoo!
    Wait until you have teenagers of your own, then start up this topic again.
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    LOL...Love that song. Love (lust in most cases) will always find a way. I think
    the out of wedlock birth stats will show that we have been giving premarital sex
    a chance, not only a chance, but tv.,movies, music, all promote it..especially
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    I lost my virginity at 16 after a 6 month courtship , relationship without sex in. American English , which made the sexual aspect of the entire RELATIONSHIP amazing. There was an anticipation that made us and then made the 'occasion' completely beautiful. However to end up marrying someone to find out on your marital bed that your completely out of sync with each other sexually is a divorce. So my opinion is don't just jump into bed but definately have sex before you make an ENORMOUS COMMITMENT called marraige should see a shrink. Your boyfriend/girlfriend might like doing a David Carradine type deal so you test drive a car so you test drive...... I will let your imagination run wild.
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    Yes! sex came first, and it is a more natural human act than marriage is. Just take responsibility for yourself and enjoy!
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    God first sanctioned marriage between Adam and Eve.

    Pre-marital sex, adultery and extra-marital sex are not good for society. They should be outlawed and sever criminal and civil penalties for any violations.
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    yes. It worked very well for me, and I recommend that all should try
    anything that works. In fact, I liked it so much that I went back for more and more and more. Was I bad?
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    I think we have to remember males and females were created to do what they do. I don't care how many man made laws are enacted, or what religions have to say about it, the Creators plan is will win out.
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    I think someone already used the parody, but I'll use it again:
    You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, would you?
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