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    "Global Warming" is and always has been a lie perpetrated by folks with an anti-business, anti-Capitalism and anti-American agenda.

    It's been debunked to the point of being a punch line.

    In fact, I'm laughing right now.:-)
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    The scientific community, you know... experts on the subject, are in complete agreement that climate change is happening. You must be a Fox watcher.
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    @AceLuby Here’s all you need to know:

    At one time, glaciers covered North America. Those glaciers melted because the earth warmed, and it was long before anyone bought an SUV or started using coal in power plants.

    Moreover, these wild ‘global warming’ claims are made by the same ‘scientists’ that have changed their collective mind dozens of times on millions of subjects as new information was discovered. Only on this subject do some say that it has been ‘settled,’ meaning nothing more can ever possibly be learned.

    When ‘science’ can tell me with more than a little certainty whether or not it will rain tomorrow will I give any credence whatsoever to the wild ‘global warming’ claims.

    Bank on it.
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    @2ndcharm There is actual debate there, the problem is that we cannot have that debate when there is a large portion of people like @Jeff_Woehrle who simply ignore the issue and say it isn't happening.
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    @AceLuby Scientists are not in complete agreement at all. Just this week there was another news story about NASA cooking the books, even to the point of changing data from five centuries ago. Scientists have uncovered fraudulent data from IPCC. The real science show the globe is cooling and has been since 1998. There is no consensus
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    Global Warming is a worldwide scam thrown out around the world by Al Gore and others of like mind. I would have listened more had they not created "carbon credits." That was the magic scam phrase for me. These bullshit artists made piles of money from the do-gooders of the world and those who were too quick to jump on the band wagon without doing due dilligance. And, the amount of taxpayer dollars they ended up with is scary.
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    So the people at Fox News AKA.. Romney campaign headquarters don't beleive in global warming? Hummm!! Hey maybe Fox News won't use sunscreen and will be burnt to a crisp. Then while their all in false news hell they'll have some time to think about it.
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    Spoken like someone who's never watched any Fox news program. If you wish to open your eyes, watch any Fox program then read the account posted on sites like Newshounds. You'll experience political hackery at it's worst.
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    Ba-Zing! Exactly.

    Much better to ban all cars and industry in the United States now and sort it all out later.

    Sky-is-falling loons.
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    One type of misleading statement concerned the alleged cooling trend discovered in the 1970s. A Fox anchor said, "I thought we were getting warmer. But in the '70s, it was, look out, we're all going to freeze." However, the study claims that "a greater number of papers, which represented consensus in the science community, in the 1970s predicted warming," not cooling.

    Maybe but it's the Newsweek article that got the most play. More people were discussing that than global warming.

    As for the 97% claim, from the Union of Concerned Scientists report:

    Given News Corp.’s public environmental commitments and the extremely broad reach of these media outlets, this analysis focuses on representations of climate change across many primetime programs on Fox News Channel, and particularly at such representations in the opinion section of the Wall Street Journal.

    I'll point out that Fox's entire prime time lineup is all opinion shows.
    IOW this article is an opinion on many opinions.

    As for my opinion, the less we alter our environment the better.
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    Certainly am - its like a big F on their viewers forehead so I know who I'm dealing with in everyday life.
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    Surprise, surprise. I can't wait to discuss this further. I love the responses of the right wing on climate change. Fox News itself is just a lot of hot air.
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    Really can anyone be happy with "Fox News" or should I say Fox Propaganda
    Fox has a severe problem with giving facts and what they state to be facts is just opinions its the most none truthful station on tv and that's not just my opinion it's everybody's opinion exempting the scatterbrained fox viewer that eat up there propaganda like its candy nobody with any kind of commonsense watchs fox
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    Even real sheep know that there has been an increase in solar activity and produce less wool. Sheeple put wool in their ears and only eat the pablum they are fed by mass media. Fear of Climate change is just another tool we use to huddle the sheep into corners for better fleecing and feasting. The ice cap on mars is shrinking we better have the EPA force new regulations on the Martians.
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    Gore has made a billion on it. GWarming must be good.
    I'm for controlling the Sun and stopping earth wobble thereby stabilizing our Temperature, but how can I profit from that?
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    hello climate change movement under Al Gore is shameful hoax. even the earliest scientist who looked into this have since recanted their previous findings as false. on the other hand Al Gore has made hundreds of millions of dollars.
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    Wouldn't it make sense to take action and be proven wrong, rather than take no action and be left with no choices?
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    Man Made, Man Involved Climate Change is a Book of the Eco Religion... And make no mistake, It is a religion.. It has it's Beliefs, Myths, Priests, Clergy and Disciples... It uses the threat of Excommunication and Ostracizing to keep the followers in line.. Anyone that wishes to question the teachings of the Church are Crucified in the media.... Your Comment sums up the Religious aspect of the New Eco Religion ...

    " Wouldn't it make sense to take action and be proven wrong, rather than take no action and be left with no choices? "

    Is the same I have been told by other religions...

    "Wouldn't it make sense to Believe in God or Jesus and be proven wrong, rather than take Not Believe and be left Going to Hell?"
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    !!!! gore is a shake down artist!! thus, politician? con artist, ponzi scheme? i would say fox is 100% right!! gore is a fraud, just in it for the money!!
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    If gore believed what he was preaching he would give up his private jets, limoses, and cheese burgers. Or is it just us peasents who need to sacrafice.
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