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    This is a direct result of President Foodstamp's pitiful foreign policy. Iran is now so bold, and possibly has a nuke bomb, that they can do test runs over Israel now. If President Foodstamp had any backbone he would be in Iran right now dropping bombs on their heads. Nope, he sees kindred with Iran, as they both are brothers in Islam, instead of seeing kindred with Israel. President Foodstamp not only let there be daylight between us and Israel, he's all the entire sun to fit between us. This is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. Thank goodness the U.S. will have a capable president in January to deal with this issue.

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    Let Israel fight its own battles.

    They don't belong over there anyway. God the evicted them nearly 2,000 years ago after they crucified His son. Remember now?

    Jesus came with the Roman army and destroyed the place with its temple. The United States is under no obligation to protect it -- especially since God has forsaken it.
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    @Wilberhum - You're a liberal. No, I would not love President Foodstamp if he started a war. Despite your false assumption and liberal twisting of the truth, the war was already started. It's President Foodstamp who is afraid to engage. It's war whenever you seen a military drone into another country's airspace to spy on their nuclear facility. But to answer the question you should ask in the proper context, would I love President Foodstamp if he defended our nation and our allies? Yes, I would. Now you're dismissed.
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    I'm pretty sure it's from Iran. What got me interested was this new drone that they have. Didn't we lose one of our top secret drones over Iran a few months ago? Looks like they're trying to reverse-engineer the craft for their own use.
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    Finally! I was beginning to think I was the only one who remembered that captured U.S. drone. It was less than a year ago, wasn't it?
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    could it have been some kid playing with a remote control model plane? if so, then he's sitting in his room now crying over the fact that his birthday present just got blown to hell and back.
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    I'm sure the administration will insist for the next week it was just kids throwing stones. Nothing organized, just isolated mischief.
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    @Wilberhum Jill Stein is an excellent choice for the anti-war crowd. This president has already broken enough promises regarding armed conflict and assassinations.
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    @Wilberhum Well, you see...that's not what he said he was going to do. He said he would have the troops home. Reality turned out a little different than 'hope' and 'change' might have suggested. For those disillusioned by the president's deception, Jill Stein is a fantastic choice.
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    It was probably Israels own drone set up to look like Irans - they will do anything to get this war started
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    Israel is surrounded by over a billion people who think they are "infidels" and
    want to kill all of them, such a tiny country in the middle of those who wish to
    wipe them off the face of the earth...why in the world would THEY want to start
    a war. They are not the ones committing countless acts of terror, including that
    of their own people, not Israel.
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    Just another war that will be started by Israel. They just love war, that's why they have been keeping it up for over 60 years :(
    I would never suspect Iran.:(
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    Good possibility; but im thinking israel probably put an anti muslim video on youtube, and pissed them off. Those guys wouldnt do something crazy without a really good reason.
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    No, it didn't come from Iran. There is only one nation that is invading other nations with drones. Considering the damage Obama has done to our relationship with Israel, is was probably Obama spying on Israel to see if they were on the verge of attacking Iran before the election which could hurt his reelection chances.
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    What does it matter if it was? Is it our business if iran sends a drone over isreal? Because it sure wasnt anyones business when we sent our drone over iran. Its a two way street.
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    Of course the drone came from Iran. Either directly or indirectly. Iran has been in the middle of all the regional problems.