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    these guys are right up there on my list with akin and his comment about 'legitimate rape'. there is no room for these idiots in government at all... or even be brought out in public by their handlers.
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    I agree, but I also believe in allowing them enough rope to hang themselves. Free speech is a good thing, else how will we know who are the real monsters and nut bags?
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    Republicans don't lie when it comes to racism and apathy. They need these two morons; if only to substantiate how the extreem right wing fundamentals feel deep down inside.
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    @Capt_Moran agrees with many who don't see the racism through the American dream. Example: "All that terrorizing and racial hate, was character building to us Americans."
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    There are, and will always be lies in politics. It's with the ease and frequency they are told, that is scary. Gullibility spawns such plain ol' Idiots such as these in believing they are so right that everyone else must be wrong. They are driving this bus and it's heading toward a cliff.
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    This is a typical Republican racist. He truly believes that because he was born with pink-colored skin, that such gives he him supremacy over others who are much darker in complexion.

    No Democrat could ever say such a thing. Democrats just don't think like that.
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    I've heard that line of reasoning before. He made the same mistakes liberals make all the time. The first mistake he made was when he said that citizenship in the "greatest nation ever established upon the face of the Earth." It's supposed to be a "silver lining." The suffering endured by millions of people over the course of centuries is equalled out by the blessings that their descendants enjoy. His ignorance is astounding in his lack of consideration as to what might have become of the people who were enslaved, their descendants, and if Europe hadn't tried nation-building combined with monopolistic trade policies... the whole continent of Africa.

    Another mistake that this guy made was to be historically ignorant and a bit of a throwback to the colonial mentality of "civilizing the savages." This is a mentality that is still encountered among the older generation of republicans... sort of like this guy.
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    Liberals make these mistakes too. First they remove Western Civilization and America specifically from the context in which it existed and then pass judgement on historical figures and the West in general based on 21st century morality. Historical Ignorance. Ignored is the fact that slavery existed all over the world until the West decided it wasn't a good idea.

    Second, Liberals like to use the suffering of past generations as a rationalization for race-based laws like affirmative action that only flip race-based discrimination backed up by the force of law the other way.
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    There's a difference between this guy and liberals like Derrick Bell and Eric Holder. The difference is that this guy is historically challenged buffoon who made a couple mistakes through ignorance. Derrick Bell (creator of Critical Race Theory) and Eric Holder (practitioner of Critical Race Theory) made the same mistakes through intent.
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    Just another Republican stating something publicly they normally only say in private.....This is what they honestly think.
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    I know not all republicans are racist, but there a reason for the stereotyping, and this is it. You can't keep saying your for the rights of the people and smaller government, when you have leaders in the party making these types of statements, being against gays marrying and against abortion.
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    @Decent-Dissent Surely, it was a comment that was not thought out before spoken...However, I heard no Liberals saying anything about Biden's statement about putting "ya'll back in chains." I guess if you are a
    Liberal you can say anything, even if it's a racist slur, and that's okay. Why the
    double standard. A racist remark is still a racist remark, no matter who it comes from.
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    So when you view the drones who make minimum wage at work, you cant imagine them as slaves? Chained down in poverty? Whipped by management? Servents to a CEO pharoa to whome they are just a calculation from the top of the pyramid? Not even a little bit?
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    @Decent-Dissent Oh most definitely I have...I have worked very hard jobs w/
    mentally retarded people.(handicapped) I was paid 8.00 an hour, and risked
    injury, in fact sustained a serious rib injury that I still suffer from... I did manage
    to get a degree in social work, despite having three boys. It wasn't easy for
    sure. I also came from a poor family, my dad had TB. and several lung diseases and my mom didn't work outside the home. So, I am very sensitive
    to poverty issues... I do understand, and that is the reason I became a Republican after spending most of my life being a Democrat...I learned that
    I will never, ever work for a poor person, they do not create jobs.
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    These guys aren't racist, they just said some things that they should have known better than to say because the liberal media will take anything that any Republican has to say, and twist it against them!!!!!!!!
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    @DARSB The first thing this article asked was, is this guy racist? But he is not racist! Read what the guy said, and if you think it is racist, then the media has made you mentally ill!!! Don't reply if you are gonna say what i think you will!!!!
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    If you think slavery was a good thing you are a racist moron. This isn't some "liberal twisting" it is called quoting. It is sad and pathetic that you proclaim moral superiority and victim hood for the mentally diseased at every turn. I am sure Republicans are victims of skewing for the sake of scandal just like Democrats have happen to them at Fox and the WSJ. When you claim victimhood status for jerks like this you simply show your true colors. If you support this guys statements you are a racist or put loyalty to the party above the good of country and its citizens.
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    @Cheenoguy For the last time, this man isn't racist! He said although slavery was a horrible thing, because of it, black families get to live in the greatest country this world has ever seen, because they had ancestors that were slaves!
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    @Romney2012 If you don't see that as racist then you are yourself a racist. There are many blacks in this country whose ancestors never came here to be slaves. Thus proving black people could still be here without the evils of slavery. And whose to say what their lives in Africa would be like if it weren't for European colonialism and the slave trade?
    It's kinda like saying "It's a good thing Hitler killed all those Jews because otherwise they wouldn't have a modern day nation of Isreal."
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    Hubbard must be a frend or relative of Akin. WHERE, in God's name, do they find these morons? You mean to tell me these states have nothing better to run for these offices? How damn pathetic.
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    Honestly, as long as slavery is consensual I don't see a problem with it.
    There are many cases where a person might want to choose to be a slave. Say a person has cancer and no health insurance. They realize that though they should've worked harder and got a better degree in college that they still want to live. So they sign a contract with someone exchanging themselves as workers and as people in exchange for a promise to pay all health expenses and room and board for the rest of their lives.
    Why shouldn't the government honor their contract?
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    Can this list of idiocy get any longer? What is also frightening is most likely these folks consider themselves god fearing Christians! They say we get the government we deserve....please spare us from these morons!
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    This guy is an idiot. Time to play which is worse. This comment or the "legitimate rape" comment by Todd Akin of MO. Thoughts anyone?
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    I don't know how Reps should reply, I am not of their group. I know how the rest of us should reply, post this article EVERYWHERE!
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    I don't know how Republicans should respond, I am not of the group. I know how we all should respond, post this article EVERYWHERE!
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    I think Arkansas is working hard to take the "Capitol of Crazyland" title away from Kansas. Now we find a Razorback Republican promoting the death penalty for "rebellious children." My favorite part? He's anti-abortion.
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