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    Is a typical liberal media person. he has no solid core beliefs no solid foundation. he is not rooted in patriotism but self aggrandizement. he's a little upset because as a member of the left media he has been covering for Obama since 2008. he won't be the only 1. as they finally realize obama's going to lose in a landslide they will all throw Obama under the bus. he's melting down because the the truth of who Obama is is so overwhelming for those who were duped.
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    We'll find out in the next debate, won't we, if obamama has what it takes? Surely he'll take some time out to cram for that one, but don't bet on it.
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    If he does that, he's cooked, I'd think. The only reason he could justify cancelling is if we go to war between now and then. Or he dropped dead.
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    @Bambi the only way o has a chance is if he picks the questions and has someone else write the answers.
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    Therein lies the problem...It's all about emotions and not enough about facts,
    and that is why Obama lost the debate...that and the fact the liberal media has
    never asked him a question about anything of significance, they haven't helped
    his cause, it's like babying a child too long, the left is shooting themselves in the foot.( or is that feet)? lol
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    @mimi57 The only reason Romney won the debate is because he had a 50/50 chance.
    Don't fool yourself that he would have won if Dr. Paul or Gary Johnson had actually been invited.
    It's easy to win a fight you rig.
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    @Fishbone345 Tell me you don't really believe that it was rigged? If Obama
    "wins" the next debate, will that one be rigged too?
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    @mimi57 Seriously? Tell me you don't fall into the habit of saying anyone in opposition to Romney must therefore be a Lefty Obama supporter. I thought you were smarter than that.
    Yes, it's rigged. For the two party system. Living in denial doesn't change that.
    What would have happened is, Obama would have been embarrassed even further and Romney would have been stuttering to keep up. Just like he did in the GOP Primaries. Feel free to Google how stupid he looked once Dr Paul had the mic. Even with how much Ron kept getting interrupted and cut off.
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    I'm glad liberals are starting to get worried. I was worried every since President Foodstamp got elected. Everything I thought President Foodstamp would do, he did and then some. Now liberals will once again be reminded of what it is like to live in a world that expects you to be productive.
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    Blah blah blah. Arrogant made up bullshit from capt catchphrase.
    You should be wishing the media was convinced Obama was winning. People who want him re-elected but weren't worrying about voting because he had it in the bank will now vote.
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    @Cheenoguy And all of the conservatives who thought it was a waste of time to attain the impossible will now rush to be part of the re-taking of our country...they will vote in large numbers.
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    @seedtick Partisan arrogance about "our country" aside you have a point. Republican bench sitters will join the game too. Most occasional voters tend to skew Democrat. That's why Republicans love to try to keep voting numbers down.
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    @Franciscomv Either you don't understand the term arrogant or you fall into the common trap of both of the two popular parties; my party is perfect yours is perfectly wrong.
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    You got it. Romney has NOT surpassed Obama in ANY of the electoral college projections EV-ER, since the inception of this election season.
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    Personally, I think the debates and the polls are irrelevant. They might as well have Simon Cowell presiding over them. People who are swayed by snappy comebacks and rehearsed speeches might be effected in their voting by this sort of fluff. All I want to know when a candidate says "I will achieve energy independence by 2018!" is... how? I have heard that same rap since the gas crisis of 1973. All the plans and promises disappear as soon as the candidate is in office. The energy industry makes them an offer that they can't refuse, well before the debate 'o lies even takes place. If you don't agree to play along the non-elected powers straighten you out or get you out, one way or another. Hydrogen fuel might give us sustainable energy independence, but that would cut big oil's profits, so serious research and development is off the table. Same story with most of the serious issues that our country faces. Different issues, different special interests buying the candidates and calling the shots.
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    Hopefully in November we can claim America will be at her grandest again with the removal of the almighty messiah from his thrown....imagine the liberal tears that will be shed...oh here you go friend here's a poison ivy leaf to dry those weary eyes....
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    No more so than conservatives should be concerned about Romney's chances. Personally, it worries me if either of them win. I am so tired of this ping pong match of bad ideas and poor leadership.
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    Hear hear brother.
    I worries me so many Americans are willing to part with their liberties, just so they don't have to work a little and be spoon fed candidates.
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    He is what you need him to be, when there is a particular point you want to make. Sort of like Michael Bloomberg. If you got a bad idea there is most certainly a way to add him to the equation.
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    Typical liberal- 4 years of destruction of this country not enough for you??? Thank God we may get a change in the white house- of course- with those fighting voter ID laws- well then it may mean chicago thug politics to win for obama
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    The Daily Beast is extremely liberal and Andrew Sullivan sounds more than
    a little nutty..It's a little early to be freaking out now...wait until Obama loses
    and then get all "freaky". LOL
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    Unfortunately, yes.
    It's a shame too. Romney only sounded so good in that debate because he kept lying. If the truth didn't sound good he said something else.
    He said he has no plans for a $5 trillion tax cut. His proposed tax cuts do in fact come out to that over a decade.
    He talked a lot about closing loopholes and deductions but so far in his campaign he hasn't given any specific proposal for closing these things.
    He said 23 million people are out of work. This is NOT true. Romney came up with that number by counting part time workers as being "out of work".
    One of his biggest LIES is that a panel is going to decide what kind of treatments you can get. The Independent Payment Advisory Board is for preventing wasteful spending in Medicare(without cutting quality, "wasteful" means throw money in get nothing out). The law explicitly states that they can not ration care or limit medical benefits. The panel can not even tell private insurers what to do. It's all about Medicare.
    And now people want to vote for him just because "he 'won' the debate". He would NOT have won the debate if he stuck to telling the truth.
    He said he will make sure you can still be covered if you have a preexisting condition. FALSE. Even one of Romney's advisers admitted that was a lie after the debate.
    DO SOME RESEARCH and actually learn about the things he said and whether or not they were true or else stay home on election day. Nobody should vote uninformed. Look up everything Obama says too. Give nobody the benefit of the doubt. Research it! It's quick. It's easy. Type it into Google and off you go!
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    You criticize romney on lack of specificity, and I agree we need more details, but where did you stand on a bill that had to be passed just to see what was in it?
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    Even the guy who's study obama cited says obama is wrong. Actually 12 million out of work + 11 million part time who want fulltime or gave up looking for work. The death panel will tell your doctor what procedures are too expensive to work. Cuts to medicare providers will make them stop taking medicare patients. There is nothing to call obama a lier on because he did not say anything only accused Romney of a 5 trillion dallor tax cut all night.
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    I'm against that. But that's not a problem for just one party or the other. Remember when the PATRIOT ACT was passed and basically nobody read it.
    I will cheer when a politician stands up at a bill hearing and says "I am voting NO not because I am against this bill but because I did not get enough time to read it. Anybody who wants to do their job RESPONSIBLY should do the same."
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    Sometimes people inadvertently prove their opponents right. The fact that the guy who did the study doesn't personally support Obama is irrelevant.
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    @CommonSense True, but atleast with the patriot act the chance to read it was there, atleast enough of it for a poltician to say wait I need more time, if we actually had one that would do it. The affordable healthcare act was given no chance to be read or even glanced at, just straight out said if you want to know what it say you have to pass it. I do'nt like many politicians, but a few scare the h**L outa me.
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    "But he turned left in recent years.....He backed Ron Paul for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination on foreign policy grounds."
    And what is a foreign policy that "leans right:? I think it is a funny thing, though, that so-called conservatives take pride in their advocacy for small government But when it comes to foreign policy they turn into liberals. They want massive military budgets. They want a supremely powerful Pentagon. They think it is our obligation to be policemen of the world. They support securing S Korea's border, but leaves our borders vulnerable. They support stationing our troops in countries where we won wars over 65 years ago. They want virtually unlimited welfare handouts for Israel and other “allies” such as Pakistan and support even more aid to Arab nations.

    Welfare is supposedly bad for people - so-called conservatives call it a crutch and claim people would be better off to be forced to solve their own problems instead of being made dependent - but welfare is supposed to be good for countries like Israel and Pakistan?

    Financing our foreign policy on the backs of future generations is immoral. Our generation needs to fund our government and with 10,000 boomers retiring daily, taking care of matters at home has never looked so good.
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    Of course liberals should be concerned. If Romney sits in the oval office, he will continue and escalate the profound destruction of the middle class authored by Reagan and perpetuated by the Cheney mafia
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