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    I think it means it will change 10 more times before Nov.6th..., and Dems
    please remember it's Nov. 7th for you...that's Wednesday.(:
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    This is just the beginning of an avolanche of bad news coming President Foodstamp's way. Sorry liberals, we gave President Foodstamp a shot. We really did. Many of us wanted to see him succeed. We really did. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. Sayonara President Foodstamp. We won't miss you!
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    @Wilberhum ...with so many having a fit over the Big Bird thing, put your money where your mouth is and support PBS instead of expecting it to come from our tax dollars.
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    Wilber, what a pity that Obama has only the childish trick of sending out Big Bird to Romney rallys and the mantra of "Liar, Liar, pants on fire" to counter the very real and reasonable plans of the adult in the room. Sad what this campaign has dwindled to.
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    And I think Obama needs to say F political correctness, stop worrying about whether or not he looks "presidential", take the gloves off & kick Romney's ass---- cuz we all know Obama's much more knowledgeable about the world & poltics than Romney could ever hope to be.
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    My feelings on electing Romney -- Put him in office if ya want to, people, but don't come crying to any of us who didn't after he's FD up this country even further than it is now.
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    It means that in the debate Romney did a very good job of putting to bed many of the outright lies Obama and his talking heads have been throwing out, repeated over and over by a compliant press, and showed the country that pretty much everything Obama had been saying was a lie, a misrepresentation, a falsehood. As usual the democrats went overboard in slandering what America saw as a steady, reasonable, non-crazed, man with a plan. A man who wasn't going to raise the taxes of the middle class, debunked and debunked again and again. Yet, Obama is STILL out there saying the same old lies of his whole campaign. I saw a letter in our local paper that some lemming wrote that stated that all we had to do was look at Romney, the MORMAN, and we could see that his eyes wildly stared and twitched with the unholy light of a mad man. Truly, some lemming actually wrote that and the local paper actually printed it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the mind of the base that Obama is courting. Pretty scary.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if Romney took the lead after the first debate. He did flat out win that debate and Obama was looking dumbfounded. However, the only poll I care about is the national one in November.
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    See......I took part in this poll and told them I'm for Romney..........WRONG!!
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    It means America is starting to wake up.

    Let's see.

    $ 716,000,000,000 taken from medicare ti fund Obamacare

    $ 6,000,000,000 in new Obama debt over only 3 years

    $ 1,000,000,000 in debt over the next year

    GITMO still open.

    Unemployment still above 8%.

    Fast and Furious. Of course he had a hand in it, why else claim executive privledge?

    American border still leaking illegals

    Solyndra. Obama helping his buddies out, another poor choice

    Crushing our energy independence. Doin busisness with Canada and their pipe line would have increased supply and lowered price, and created jobs.
    Obama said NO

    Above all he is a massive hypocrite.
    The man is a liar. He lies about his choices, his motives, and his agenda. Obama lied about Romneys voucher plan, saying Romney was doing in medicare, not true at all. Romneys plan lets you decide, do you want medicare? If you do great, or do you wanna opt outt to one of these other plans? Its your choice.
    Obamas entire first campaign, So called Presidency, and now in the second campaign, Obama is using fear tactics and lies. He lies to the people, he preys on those who are down on their luck, those desperate for some kind of relief, by making worthless promises. For 2 years Obama had a Dem House and Dem Senate, he could have done anything and Rep could not stop him. What did he do? Obamacare and thats it, oh and took 6 vacations with his wife on Air Force One, which America paid for it. So those of you that still are down, out of work, and in need of a hand up, yet still supporting Obama, you are sealing your own fate. While Obama lives large and mingles with movie stars.
    Wake up people!
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    nothing its contrived to revive a dead failed campaign from corporate raider slasher jobs in a America. And want to do so by executive order
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    I guess one thing it could mean is Romney overestimated that 47% that he doesn't care about and can't make take personal responsibility for their lives...
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    It's really grd to believe people change their minds daily and/or weekly relative to who they support in this election. Besides the one debate performance, the entire Romney campaign has been a disaster. He has continuously lied and flip flopped as predicted, while his foreign tour was a international disaster.
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    Well I remember the media back in the Reagan Carter election same thing having us believe that Carter was winning but in reality he was way behind the media wants so much for our party to stay in power that sometimes we stay home thinking our socialism ideas have won the day but to my surprise and dismay the constitution freedom loving capitalist republicans win. Well I am making sure I keep our communism ideas and friendship with the brotherhood going and that's why I will not believe the media that Obama has it in the bag I will be voting for Allah and profit Mohammed and the Barrack Hussain Obama!!!!
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