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    Cannabis never should have been classified as a dangerous substance in the first place so, yes, it's far past time to reschedule it. I don't think that this particular hearing will legalize it, but I believe this is the straw that will break the prohibitionists' camels back. Once the public understands how useful this plant can be the house of cards that is cannabis prohibition will fall and once that happens it'll open several doors that will lead America to a much more prosperous future. After all, hemp is illegal just for looking kinda like the cannabis people use for inebriation and it has so, so many useful applications that within a decade of being able to utilize it to it's fullest potential we could be living in an entirely different world. A world where we no longer have to cut down an acre of trees that take 20 years to replenish to get 2/3 of the pulp we could get from hemp every 90 days. A world with dozens, if not hundreds of new industries that can't exist now because of our foolish decision to allow hemp to be prohibited. And, oh my, how much we will save in tax dollars when we no longer have the prohibition monkey on our back sucking up money by the billions of dollars, not to mention the money we'll save on health care when people can have access to an inexpensive alternative to pharmaceuticals that cost $50 a pill. Also, I believe a lot of alcohol consumers will drink less after experiencing cannabis, which will save us a fortune by reducing the number of people who suffer from alcohol induce illness. These are just a very few example of how cannabis can help us and I for one look forward to finally catching up with the times we live in.
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    Here here! Cannabis for medicinal use is a way better solution then say morphine or opana (oxycontin). The number of people addicted to these two substances alone is staggering. Not to mention the fact that death by overdose is now the leading cause of death for youths in America.(Use to be vehicular accidents). And marijuana is NOT a killer and would help so many people.
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    Yes. If this court rules favorably, perhaps we can finally get cannabis decriminalized on a federal level, clear our prisons, and stop wasting billions of dollars annually on the failed "war on drugs."
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    the only reason the war on drugs is not working is do to lack of real effort.

    from seeing what goes on in my area the legal stuff has caused more problems than the illegal dope dealer on the corner.
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    @Denizen_Kate that it does and i see no reason to add to the problems. i don't think it would help the problems by making marijuana legal just be more crashes like drunk drivers are doing with legal booze,though it is illegal to drive drunk.
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    @Denizen_Kate too bad all do not do that. kind of like those who drink and have a brain drink at home and never drive after.its the ones who think they can drive better while under the influence that will cause the problem for the rest of us.
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    Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Regulate it in a similar way and reap the tax benefits for all of us. Criminalized marijuana only makes profits for drug cartels and fills up the prisons with non-violent offenders.
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    I don't think the country is quite ready for legalization, however decriminalization is way past due. It is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars incarcerating non violent offenders over a marijuana offense.

    We should tax and regulate, not incarcerate.
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    Ron Paul: "I think the federal war on drugs is a total failure. You can at least let sick people have marijuana because it's helpful, but compassionate conservatives say, well, we can't do this--the federal government's going in there and overriding state laws and putting people like that in prison. Why don't we handle the drugs like we handle alcohol? Alcohol is a deadly drug. The real deadly drugs are the prescription drugs. They kill a lot more people than the illegal drugs. The drug war is out of control. I fear the drug war because it undermines our civil liberties. It magnifies our problems on the borders. We spent, over the last 40 years,$1 trillion on this war. And believe me, the kids can still get the drugs. It just hasn't worked."
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    It's about time. As long as alcohol remains a legal and socially acceptable substance, then marijuana should be also. For decades now we have lived in an extremely hypocritical society which condemns marijuana use while the alcohol flows like water. Alcohol destroys lives, is addictive, and is responsible for an average of 75,000 deaths a year from accidents and health related issues.

    Why have the FDA and pharma companies been reluctant to endorse marijuana's medicinal properties?? Well you can't place a patent on a plant, therefore the pharma companies can't make a profit off of it like they do their many other designer drug cocktails. They have tried for years to chemically replicate it in the form of marinol and others, but the fact remains that marijuana is most potent and effective in plant form. Why would pharma companies endorse a naturally occurring drug which could replace their designer drugs? They won't.

    The nasty reputation that marijuana has gotten is also due in most part to Harry Anslinger, former Federal Bureau of Narcotics director, and a very racist man. He is responsible for the many lies about the dangers of marijuana which some even still believe today. Here are just a few of Mr. Anslinger's other beliefs and quotes:

    "Marihuana influences Negroes to look at white people in the eye, step on white men’s shadows and look at a white woman twice."

    "Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men"

    "The primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races"

    It's time for the lies to end and the world to acknowledge that marijuana does have medicinal uses and is no more harmful than alcohol or cigarettes.
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    Absolutely, You should be able to grow and use home grown medication anytime you wish... Including the assorted roots and herbs we in the south have been using for generations...
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    @Denizen_Kate ... I'm of the view that it's My Body and I should have the right to put anything I want in it... Even if it's deadly to me.. I can see laws for sales and distribution of assorted things, I can see laws that hold me responsible for my actions against others if my intake causes me to do something stupid... But as long as I make, grow, magically produce something there should be No Laws against what I put into my body....
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    I hope the court rules in favor of Marijuana. Treat it like alcohol. Let it be legal and place a tax on it. It is none of my business if two people are in their own home smoking marijuana. It should not be the government's business either. Place similar Surgeon General warnings on marijuana packets and let corner stores sell the stuff. It would take business away from the Mexican drug cartels, allow for law enforcement to crack down on more severe drugs, bring in much needed revenue, and yes even provide for some medical benefits (especially to cancer patients and those with glaucoma).
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    It can greatly help people with chronic pain that have become immune to regular pain killers. I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to purchase this from your local pharmacy.
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    They actually ran an article on here where a scientific study just showed that it cures cancer. it has to be broken down to a much stronger dose than just smoking it but it has the properties to cure cancer
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    @methinks in the 70's high times ran an article on government crops & it featured picture of factory rolled joint like cigarettes packaged in big tin canisters. as far as i can recall, in the bay area the scene started for AIDS patients. once being a musician, i smoked a lot. i don't care what anyone says, it is definitely psychologically addictive. nobody wants to stop feeling good. what it is, this program, is big business. it's holistic medicine & for the chronically addicted, hoping to turn casual users into the chronically addicted.

    it relieves depression & arthritis.that why i got a card. the list goes on.

    but the recreational use of it???

    it's packaged & sold as an aphrodisiac

    it's wa-ay out of control. they've whored it.

    & dealers nickle & dime bag it out in high schools & on the streets

    i know people that are so addicted they can't fulfill their basic needs.

    the homeless recycle for it and give up other essentials.

    it's the only subject in certain groups of society.

    a handful of years ago,a musicianfriendsofminegave it up in his 60's saying ' i can;t smoke that shit anymore' in spite of needing it for depression & arthritis, i've done the same.

    maybe if i get married again i'll indulge again.

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    @KimBoe Yes the Government maintains a Very large pot growing farm in Mississippi called G-13 .... The basic reason it was started in the 30's was to maintain a seed stock as pot seeds have about a 2 years shelf life and because there may be a time in a national emergency where it becomes a necessity to have assorted hemp fiber and by products. It supplied the few Government pot receivers back in the70's & 80's but stopped supplying in the 80's.. The Joints came in a sealed Tin OD Green can with a pull top with the data on the pot stamped on the top... The Farm is still there and grows a variety of strains and produces seeds for world wide seed storage , then burns the crops each year....
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    Yes, It is a much more viable and natural medication, compared to the Benzoids, Xanax, and the various psychotropics being peddled by the drug companies. These manufacturers are the most dangerous organizations on earth, selling poison and calling it medication. Then these arrogant companies have the Gaul to demonize a truly all natural medication given to us by God. I believe that the standard for a dangerous drug should be whether or not the ingestion of a higher than recommended dose could lead to the patients untimely demise. I have never heard of a case where solely the ingestion of Marijuana led to the death of a person.
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    I believe that Marijuana should be first classified as a food product. Within my Body being top of the food chain I do possess 12 amino ACIDS. These are Proteins I need to feed. So pot has just as much meat as me? If as it was all ready done. We survived because Brucie....Because Bruce He Demanded we little chickens took MARIJUANA SEEDS to mars. We needed the proteins.
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    alcohol fits the criteria for a schedule I drug perfectly, cannabis does not. IMO it's been wrong for a long time, however i expect the court to do nothing less than keep the status quo.
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    Absolutely. Then maybe the people that run this site will get scripts, smoke some, and harvest diamonds from their lower-abdominal region.
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    Should have never been made illegal to begin with. While this is a step in the right direction it is still a far cry from what is right, which is outright legalization.
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