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    People keep saying, "voting for Gary Johnson is throwing your vote away". Well, it's a better alternative than voting Obama or Romney & throwing my country away!
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    I too would support the GOP...if they actually supported limited government. I too would support the GOP..if they actually supported freedom and liberty. I too would support the GOP had they supported fiscal responsibility. I too would have supported the GOP had they not supported new entitlements and new cabinet positions. I too would support the GOP if they would embrace the libertarian wing as much as they do the pro life wing or anti gay wing. I too would support the GOP if they wanted to secure our border as well as we do S. Korea's. I too would support the GOP if they would support a foreign policy that we could afford. I too would support the GOP if they did not think we should be policemen of the world. We knew where the Democrats stand in regards to big government, but it was the republican party that was supposed to stand for limited government. The fact remain that had the GOP legislated like conservatives, you would have never heard the term the tea party. Many of my friends are saying that I need to vote for Romney....the same friends that told me McCain was the man in 2008.
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    yeah but really you will be supporting obama in the end. I suppose you are in a relatively easy spot, you can bitch and grip no matter who wins this year.
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    @bsking Perhaps you need a basic civics class as only a handful of voters in a handful of states will decide this election. My vote supports my candidate. What you are saying is exactly what they were saying 4 years ago when the liberal John McCain was the GOP candidate. But being a good party man, I bet you took one for the team and voted for McCain. Sorry my vote is my vote and the GOP has to earn it. When you choose the lesser of 2 evils, your choice is still evil.
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    @LGRepublican Oh no, I just need some of the Koolaid that makes people accept being raped of Liberties. That's all.
    "NDAA 12 is a good thing.... These aren't the droids we're looking for"......drooooooool
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    you to party pushers are such the problem. And you all a bunch of cowards afraid of Obama! A "wasted vote" is one for more of the same two party puppet show! A vote cast in the face of adversity for TRUE change... I dare say is wasted.

    here is an excert from an ealier article about what I mean.

    But they gloss over all of these flaws to relentlessly push for Romney, a man just eight months ago they hated with a passion. They gloss over the fact that Romney is really just Obama, only with Caucasian skin and a red tie. They gloss over all his statements where he has proven he isn’t a believer in truly limited government.

    Instead of taking a principled stand, they cower in the shadow of Obama. So overcome with fear of this one man they have allowed themselves to be duped into voting for what is essentially his “conservative” surrogate. That is not courage. To vote for a man who represents no change from the status quo, except that he is from the opposite party of the incumbent, is nothing more than abject cowardice.
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    If he did endorse Gary Johnson it would totally help those of us who worked so hard on his campaign that are now working on Gary's! I know I would appreciate it!
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    Absolutely! What would that do for the numbers on Barack and MItt? What would happen if WE "independents" voted on Gary Johnson? Better Watch Out Obama and Romney. We are all getting sick and tired of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries being Raided! Start Raiding REAL Drug Stores and Liquor Stores. That's were REAL PROBLEMS and DEATH Stem from!
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    YES HE SHOULD! Ron Paul knows what we're up against, he knows the blow that he was dealt by the GOP thugs back in August, and he knows full well (and even admitted to this himself) that write-ins are not going to do much of anything for him. Gary Johnson is our last plausible hope for bringing the R3VOLution into actual reality. Gary Johnson may not be the most perfect Libertarian, but he has shown sincerity and integrity in his terms of office in New Mexico and upholds the general principals of the party, he is experienced and the ability to pull this off.
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    Dont vote for this great candidate, it would voting by your true conscience, you sure never use your vote for that. Its supposed to a cheap bet you can claim you picked the winning side of, not shape the country with the best person!
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    Absolutely! He should not waste his vote on a billionaire who attempted to smear and waste him in the republican debates.
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    It's about time! Gov. JOHNSON is the only choice the people of liberty truly have left. Support for Tweedle "D" or Tweedle dumb "R" is really a wasted vote.
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    Why do people poll honestly compulsively?
    I understand people not wanting to vote third party because they don't want to spoil the election but polling determines who gets to debate. I think Romney and Obama are pretty safe there don't you?
    I was asked in a poll and said "Jill Stein" even though I plan to vote for Obama because I wanted to help her get to the debates.
    If more people would answer pollsters according to which third party candidate they'd like to see at the debates we'd see third party candidates allowed in debates more often.
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    Interesting. I didn't think that Ron Paul Ron Paul was as blind as his blind followers. So blind that they can't see the stark difference between the Democrat vision of collective redistributionism and republican individualism.
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    He can do whatever he pleases, he just needs to recall that his son would like a career in the Republican party, if you get my drift. But, Ron Paul, always too strange to exist, will do what he wants. It's still a free country.
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