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    I don't understand why people are so messed up about this. It's perfectly clear to me. Romney wants to cut taxes 20% across the board (something the Bowles-Simpson report wanted) and to keep it revenue neutral and not decrease the amount the high income earners pay, they will close loopholes and certain deductions. Now this is the part you all need to pay attention to:

    What loopholes and which deductions to be determined by a BIPARTISAN group of congressmen. Got that?

    Romney is not going to say we are going to close A, B and C in a definitive manner at this time since that may change when they BIPARTISAN group of congressmen sit down and work on just what to cut, reduce in size or leave in place. The bottom line is that Romney will not reduce the money coming into the treasury from the high earners (the simplified reporting and limited deductions for some will actually increase the income to the treasury) nor will he place a further burden on the middle class. Now come on folks, this isn't Rocket Science, all you have to do is listen to what is said and not interpret it into something it is not. The Obama administration is doing just that by citing a outlier study, since repudiated and walked back by those who did the study, that used assumptions and what ifs to get their conclusion that suited their agenda at that time. Since then too many reputable studies have come out and proved that Romney could do as he said. Romney just doesn't want to lay out a full plan until it has been hashed out by the BIPARTISAN group of congressmen. Got it?
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    So... in the end you want the same level of taxation and the same distribution of taxation and no new taxes on the middle class... why even have tax reform if the end goal is to keep those the same?

    BTW, there isn't a single reputable study that shows this can work the way you claim.
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    No, its not quite that simple...They also want to "cut and eliminate" a bunch of gets interesting...So its like Wallace said---its one thing to just tell people the good part...But which of the programs that people depend on does he want to do away with? And why is he being a coward about telling the American "Voters" THOSE details...NOT as simple as you thing it is!
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    If Congressmen didn't get paid until they passed a budget that brought in more money than it spent, then things would likely improve much quicker.
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    @Dan_Tien Should have done that in 2001 when we actually had a chance to do that, but instead theonewhocannotbenamed decided that the people should 'keep' their money and we shouldn't pay off our debt. Where were you guys then?
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    @AceLuby I was fuming impotently back then, too. Remember "The Golden Rule" - The guys with the gold make the rules.
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    @Dan_Tien As was I, unfortunately most didn't notice until after it was too late and voted the same people in who spent us into oblivion
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    Chris Wallace is a registered Democrat, I thought he was a Republican... he has also voted Republican no matter. His questions seemed fair, but ,then again
    the answers seemed credible to me. However, I doubt it will be easy
    few things are, and hopefully it can be done, but then again, we've
    been promised many things by the current administration that haven't
    been done. A whole lot of things haven't "added up".
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    Just because Wallace is registered as a Democrat doesn't mean his politics aren't to the right of center. I thought his questions seemed fair, too, but perhaps I lack your faith in the credibility of the answers. None of it adds up for me, neither left nor right.
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    Well that makes both tax policy choices not adding up - yet one will still be chosen. lets just argue about who gets to drill a hole through the boat we are in!? LOL
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    Obviously you don't have to be a CPA to see that if your spending more than you make, you can't salve the problem by spending more while reducing your income.
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    @tomincali He is the only way out to the economy Bush left. Romney wants to take us back the the Bush Plan that got us here.
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    "you can't salve the problem by spending more while reducing your income." Thank you. Basic economics 101. Now tell you idol that, maybe he'll listen. Your beloved president 0bama has racked up over a Trillion Dollars each year he was in office.$1 Trillion + each year in spending, by the 0bama regime. Just think about it for a moment.
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    @MarkJM Really, how soon you forget, it was Bush that drove to car off the financial cliff but you slam Obama because he can't put wings on the car fast enough.
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    If you want to lose your home mortgage deduction, property tax deduction, have more limits set on your healthcare deductions, etc., by all means-----vote for the GOP. -- That's math I don't care for.
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    I'd like to hear something about Obama's tax plan. and Wallace is a liberal. you do know who his father is right
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    how many republicans have you ever seen that their tax plans where good?just remember republicans will raise taxes on middle class and give tax cuts to the rich it is a fact and never forget bush seniors worthless quote "read my lips no new taxes"the first thing he done was raise taxes on the little man.the only decent republican we have had in office the last 30 years was reagan
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    Wallace is right. It would be refreshing to have a candidate speak in total honesty about their platform and plans and let the voters decide. Romney would gain more than he would lose from such a tactic. Critics would attack the details but independents and libertarians would be able to make a better informed choice.
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    For once, I think Chris Wallace is living up to his father's legacy of asking the REAL questions that need to be asked, and holding his interview subject's feet to the fire. I think his dad would be very proud of him.
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