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    This is all lies. Barry said it was a protest gone wrong over a video. Then he apologized for America being so hateful and had an American citizen arrested for a "probation" violation to try and appeal to the terrorists.
    The Muslim in chief sure can make the country safe can't he?
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    I've known this for weeks, what's new about this? My main question is when will we ever find out why the president and all his administration felt the need to cover anything up? What did he know, when did he know and why they cover up is the question.
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    How Stevens was brought to the hospital was posted on Liveleak weeks ago yet the state department is still sketchy as to how he got there?
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    um... saying that it was on 'liveleak' is about like saying that you read it in the enquirer, or that you give any sort of credence to assange's wikileaks.
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    @TeamAmerica uh-huh. if ou don't mind i think i'll follow the official reports rather than scandal sheet or someone's opinion blog
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    @dances-weebles The "official report" from our UN ambassador was that it was caused by the Youtube video. She repeated that LIE on FIVE different Sunday news programs. I'll put my money on LiveLeaks. They aren't up for reelection.
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    This is just Chapter 1. There's going to be lots of information as the various investigations mature. I'm looking for the FBI report soon.
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    I agree with waiting for the report, my only problem with that is the fact the F.B.I. was'nt allowed at the scene of this act of war for a month.
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    Oh yes, This indecent will be squeezed for ever ounce of play it will give. Spun and re-spun from every direction until it can be woven into a stack of dollar bills.
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    The entire story starts way before this attack and is still playing out. There were the three previous attacks. The requests for more security. There is the question of us arming the people who attacked the embassy. There is the question of "faulty intelligence". And much more than I want to post from my phone.
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    No, there have been far too many inconsistencies and they just keep coming.
    Someone will emerge with the truth, eventually...I doubt it will ever come from the State Dept. or this administration, they are not capable of truth.
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    @PNWest Sean Smith's mother just truthful answers and deserves them. The Obama Administration are treating her poorly. Zoe would like a truthful answer too!
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    @Zoe2012 All of these people gave their lives in the service of their country. Their deaths should mourned, not be politicized by anyone, not Obama, not Romney and not Zoe. If you want a truthful answer let the government investigate it and report on it.
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    @PNWest We have a right to know the truth and especially their families. Good grief! You tube video, how stupid! Trust Obama to honestly report, no way. Can't wait until Romney becomes our next president and releases all of the information on Libya and Fast and Furious! We want the truth!
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    @PNWest if Obama knew from the beginning that this was a terrorist attack he should have said so. As for politicizing the deaths on Libya, while I understand the feelings of those families who lost loved ones there, this event is part of the national conscious and unfortunately will be explored in detail so that we can avoid another tragedy like this one. I think Romney has a legitimate point in that this administration deliberately misled the American public on an issue that resulted in part from bad policy decisions.
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    Yes. I feel more disgust toward obama than I thought possible. He lied and lied and then he lied some more. Now he's actively engaged in a cover-up.
    Mitt Romney is absolutely correct to bring it up, or as some say "politise" it. It is a matter of failed policy on the obamma administration's part.
    We Americans have the right to know what happened and why.
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    There's no more to be said, no investigation needed, the far right already made up their minds. "The president has failed" at least thats what Lindsey Graham and Ed Gillespie said all over last Sunday morning political shows when asked to comment on the Benghazi situation. All they saw was a chance to trash the Obama administration not showing any compassion for the loss of life, they disgust me. Now there, I feel better.
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    Yep, who did what, when, why and how is irrelevant. Our government, as a whole, has failed and is failing over and over again. It's time, past time, to hold the legal industry as a whole accountable for their failures. Accountable for unwillingness and inability to set their own personal agendas aside an do whats best for the country.
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    Why wasn't security heightened when it was asked for? Chris Stevens wrote
    in his diary that he feared for his life, how telling! There were at least two
    previous attacks and one blew a hole through the building. It was 911, they
    had requested more security, it wasn't given, why? Why did Obama refuse to
    answer the question...Why did Hillary attempt to take responsibility when it
    is the Presidents responsibility? There are a lot of questions that Americans
    want answered, this is not going away.
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    This changes nothing. The point is that terrorism is alive and well in the middle east. And that terrorism is directed at the United States and it's allies.
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    No. I never bought the youtube video story. Just shows the President was wrong when he said the war on terror is over. OBL was a milestone not an ending. The whole strategy needs to be re-thought.
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    The 'war on terror' can never be won, just like the 'war on drugs', 'war on poverty' or any other 'war' that is a war on an idea as opposed to a war against an actual enemy. These are just ways to justify HUGE wasteful budgets and is absolutely sickening.
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    First, there was inadequate security for the ambassador; second, the administration changed its story daily; third, the incident required a forceful response from the president- but he made a campaign stop. This gross failure of leadership is reprehensible; the first duty of government is to protect its citizens.
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    It really doesn't matter why the act of terrorism wasn't reported as such at the time. There are some things the president should be able to keep to himself. Could be, he saved many lives by not revealing everything. He is after all, the president. I hate #%&*&%# lawyers. All of these departments have to have an excuse to have meetings trying to convince us how important their jobs are by continually bashing the president.This is a stupid distraction from the real problems we face as a whole country. This stuff is embarrassing as an American. I imagine how the other people around the world laugh at how our fantastic SYSTEM is run. It would be best if our elected officials support our president. ps I haven't found my spellcheck button.
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    The Bengahzi incident is the exclamation point of a failed foreign policy doctrine. People in this country are not so stupid as to believe it was their lying eyes that watched the president using every chance he got for two weeks to bring up free speech and a pathetic internet video as an excuse for the Bengahzi ordeal. Libs can go on t.v. all they want with a glazed look on their face exclaiming how Romney is the devil for daring to say that we should not be apologizing after we have been attacked millitarily. Where can a person begin with this story? The entire ordeal was screwed up from the floor up. The more Obama tries to explain this away, the more foolish he looks
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    All you people that think this is being politicized I want to ask you one thing. What if that was your husband, brother, or someone you were a good friend with that died in there. Would you just trust Obama and Hillary? Where does the lying and coverups end? Hillary admitted it and Obama has done nothing to her. She should be removed immediately and tried for dereliction of duty. People, we are still at war. There were several request, and may I remind you that it was near the anniversary of 9-11. Are you so stupid to think that just because Obama is a Muslim that all this hate is just going to go away? If it was your husband or family member you would want answers-not coverups, or a sitting president out politicing rather than protecting American citizens. Obama could care less and all he is doing is just waiting for this story to get old, so he won't have to do anything.
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    I remember an instance not long ago. When Bama try to resurrect is image actually said " I need to tell the American people a better story",
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