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    I hate to break it to Topix, but this is not news, we all have known about it since Obama took office, despite his claim that he would have no lobbyist working in the WH, just another pledge he broke.
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    Absolutely! Along with a multitude of other transparency. This man cannot be trusted on anything!
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    The revolving door between lobbyists and government has been spinning a long time. Erecting barriers maybe be a good idea, but let's not overlook the added value here: lobbyists are not just good old' boys or high-powered sales people. They are often experts in their fields, the kind of people who get invited to testify before Congress.

    Considering some of the truly goofy things pols can say about subjects they don't understand, it may not be in anyone's interest to muzzle lobbyists altogether.
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    It's like industries writing their own regs. When it's done right it works well. When it's done wrong there will be problems.

    In MO, natural gas regs are based on St. Louis's local gas company procedures and work well. In IL, it's very different. I look for an intrastate pipeline "accident" some day.
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    IDK know if they should be banned from working at the WH in the future, but that's not the real point. The real point is once more Obama's actions do NOT match his words. One more example of his do as I say not as I do. Another failed promise and we should expect different behavior the next 4 years? I don't think so.
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    So your idea is to vote for a guy who was in favor of abortion then against abortion, in favor of gun control then against gun control, in favor of raising minimum wage then against it, in favor of stem cell research then against it... and so on and so on. Politicians lie. That's what happens when they move their lips. Spare me the fake outrage as if this is something unique to Obama.
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    @PNWest You mean someone who flip flops to say whatever he thinks his audience
    at the time wants to hear? Someone who said he was for traditional marriage and then
    changed his mind and is now for gay marriage, someone who said it was a movie that
    caused the bombing of our Embassy and then changed it, and said it was indeed a Terrorist attack, you mean someone who said ... I can go on and on, but you do mean Obama, right?
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    So you are disgusted that Obama lied about not having lobbyists in his cabinet - good for you. Were you one of the ones who booed the gay soldiers at the GOP debates, that cheered the idea that an uninsured person should die, that supported Bush's war in Iraq based on false ginned up charges, that wears a "put the white back in the white house" t-shirt? That's the kind of stuff that disgusts me.
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    Learn about the real Obama and what he is really about ... Watch the movie "2016: Obama’s America" on pay per view!
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    Romney will do the same thing, he has to. He's gotten a ton of money from other businessmen that will want a return on their investment. Our Government has been for sale for a long time now.
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    Yes lobbyists should be banned from working at the White House.

    Obama Lies:

    Planned Parenthood provides mammograms

    We got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system

    Benghazi violence was caused by an internet video & demonstrations

    My budget will cut the deficit by $4 Trillion over 10 years

    In his 2012 State of the Union Address, President Obama said that American oil production is the highest that it’s been in eight years.

    I’ve done more for Israel’s security than any President ever
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    *All bills will be on the website for 5 days before being signed
    *If you like your doctor you can keep him
    *If you like you health care, you can keep it
    *Shovel ready jobs
    *Gitmo will be closed
    *No federal $$$ for abortions
    *Obamacare is not a tax

    Just a few more to add to the list.
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    If you can't trust your president to do what he said, how can you trust him to do what is right for our country and more important, why would ANYONE send him back for four more years, to continue the lies?
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