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    Why not give the completed assignments to NYPD? Who knows maybe the students will come up with something that the authorities haven't thought of.
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    I don't think that's a bad idea. Think about it. If you want to work on the field, especially the intelligence part of it, wouldn't you want to know everything the bad guys know? What if one way to know is to think like them, see what they see, know what they know, this way you'd know how to best counter-attack and even catch them by surprised since you know and think like them. Of course, the best way to protect myself is to know how you think and what you'd do and the things you know.
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    @MBernard umm no. if you want to go into intelligence or counter terrorism the best pathway is either a military CIA or FBI Academy. somehow the idea that's some college kid taking an idiotic course like this is equivalent to any real life experience is absolute nonsense.
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    @bsking wait, I thought the reason the professor said was that The exercise is meant to prepare students for careers in intelligence, policing,[and] counter-terrorism,"?
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    On a positive side, let the NYPD review the plans when complete to see if there was a workable plan that they may not have thought of. Sometime, less knowledge of a situation opens paths to unthought of situations.
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    For legitimate study, it is appropriate. It's a fine line between cops and criminals.
    The way to catch a criminal is to think like a criminal. Scenarios are preparatory and as effective a tool in crime prevention as there is.
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    That's correct pretty much. Didn't the guys that hacked casino games get a job in security and the guy that hacked into the Def computer system get a job with them in preventing that which he did.
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    @Keyjo -- Rocker is correct. It wasn't just one guy who hacked into government systems. There are a few infamous hackers who have been hired by agencies with three-letter names. The hackers hired by the casinos get paid better, though.
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    That puts ideas to the NYPD that they may not have thought of, and allows them to patch the holes in OUR security. This is a good thing, so yes, it had to be a liberal who thought of it.
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    I can well understand NYU Professor Marie-Helen Maras’ frustration regarding the reported NYPD officer complaints. The scenario is in fact a very important portion of curriculum for students involved in this type of course. It is standard training for all those who have taken DHS courses in Threat and Risk Awareness in preparing vulnerability assessments. Not only should students entering the Emergency Management field understand the hazards of initial and secondary hazards for first responders but how terrorists may think and plan their operations. To understand one’s enemy is to defeat one’s enemy. Obviously not everyone should be involved with this training but these students do need to understand the elements of these events in order to arrive at much more viable solutions to defuse them. Professor Maras’ professional background and training is being put to good use. There are far more worries with publications such as “Inspire Magazine” promoting Jihad and step by step instructions in training on carrying out terrorist activities. Perhaps we should also take a closer look at the current on-line games promoting similar terrorist planning techniques where the terrorists are the heroes for extreme violence and mass destruction.
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    I think it's a good idea...if you want to defeat an enemy, you have to know your enemy, and to know an enemy you have to try to think like's one of the best strategies in the book!
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    The NYPD can cry "insult" all they want, but it seems to me they should see this as helpful. Some of these students could come up with a diabolical plot or two that the NYPD hasn't thought of and isn't prepared for. I think they should fund a nice, hefty bonus for the best "terrorist plot."
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    Could someone give an example of a terrorist attack?
    I would like to know what would be the goals of such an attack.
    Clearly the twin towers attack didn't gain much for al Qaida, or at least Osama Bin Laden.
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    I think that there needs to be more thought out as to how the world works with so much religious and ethnic variation.

    In Madison, I shared an apartment with an Arab Muslim in the 60's, but he noted that many other Muslims didn't want to associate with non-Muslims. I missed the opportunity to ask about the Baath movement that was starting up at the time.

    The video you referenced is too weird to have any validity.
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    So long as they are Americans and don't need to pray half 5 times a day I don't see what the issue is. I mean if your gonna study terrorism your naturally gonna think your way through scenarios related to what your studying. I don't see why the police would be offended. Are they affraid they are gonna point out some weakness or what?
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    I think the police are stupid if they are afraid of this. I mean, collage kids are doing their job. This is what cops should be doing: finding ways to prevent future attacks on their city.
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    @Starsplash No doubt. It looks to me like that is what they are affraid of. That the students will point out their weaknesses.
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    If we wish to develop legitimate anti-terror resources, we need to have the freedom to think about the problem at hand. This exercise would seem to address that very issue, by taking the time to think like a terrorist. If you want to beat them, you will first have to get inside their head. Any law enforcement investigator already knows as much.
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    She needs a course in 101 about shutting her mouth and letting the experts teach, how absurd! We wonder why
    we have so many little leftists running around. That is not her job as a Prof.!
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    Not really. Terrorist out there are finding new ways everyday to bomb things. The knowledge right now is very conventional and predictable. You really think experts would of predicted 2 planes crashing into the twin towers.

    Fresh face, fresh knowledge will reveal new dangers. If given to the right hands, which Im sure it will be, it can show hypothetical sanarios that can now be on the watch list.

    A professor is there to teach. They give hypothetical sanarios everyday in class. This is her job.
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