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    I voted Libertarian and still will bet that Obama is re-elected. Why? Romney is the worst serial flopper in my 66 years. I have never seen a man who is a bigger liar within such a short span of time and then turn right around and look you in the eye and deny what he said yesterday. This man is a sock puppet for disaster.
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    With all the broken promises, economic woes, and fed up Americans, it looked like the GOP could not lose. Then I think they had a meeting, and said, "Challenge accepted." If they pull it off, it will be in spite of Romney's efforts.
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    We voted early for Romney/Ryan in Ohio! Hope to see him Monday at Port Columbus to offer our support. We also did the door-to-door in our area and received extremely positive support! People were basically stating they would vote early and on Election Day and at least half requesting yard signs, this was a month ago!

    Ohio for Romney/Ryan.

    Governor Kasich (R) is the job creater in Ohio and we love him too!
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    Obama could even get Strickland re-elected, what in the world makes you think the majority of people are goofy enough to vote for Barry? Governor Kasich has helped Ohio, he loves Ohio and Ohio loves John! Honda of Marysville is what I call a great company, not Obamamotors. We will never buy a GM product again and my husband is a union steel worker!

    Ohio for Romney/Ryan!!!!!!!
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    @PNWest when GM made the deal to ship part of its country overseas to China that's it as far as I'm concerned.
    Not only that Gingrich is an old obsolete crackpot.
    You can pretend you have the"facts" but what do any of us really have?
    You will see oof O gets back in, nothing. Unfortunately. Hope I am wrong.
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    @Zoe2012 - Zoe, Zoe, Zoe....tis tis. You would rather send your money to corporate Japan than corporate America? Shocking. The ignorance of the average citizen is sickening. I need to get out of this country before it's overrun by brainwashed zombies.
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    Voters now realize "hope and change" was a facade. We are not buying in again. Romney is going to win by an unexpected margin.
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    How fast can you stop a fully loaded train(economy) when you can see your headed for a sharp turn and you don't have your glasses (assuming they are non reading lenses)? Also, how long would it take for said train to get going that fast? Now finally, how does one keep from falling and crashing when running downhill? Something that slows your speed so you don't trip over yourself(the bailouts). Ofcourse, this is a very crude example. It will be fixed, we are all arguing cimantics.....
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    Do these early voting numbers tell us anything about who is going to win the presidential race?

    Considering I've read articles and heard news stories about how early voting always favors Democrats, this report does make me smile.
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    At best they tell us that the polls are probably completely clueless since most are based on the 2008 turnout models where Dems had a 12 % advantage. There doesn't appear to be the same ground swell for Dems now. Answer: everything is probably still up for grabs.
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    Eventually we will be voting through out the year, instead of on that one Election Day like it was done for centuries.

    Early voting, voting by mail, all offer opportunities for fraud. Knowing how much of a hard time democrats have with the truth it's not beyond the realm of possibilities that those same democrats would use those opportunities for fraud. Unless the voter is a shutting, in the military or performing some other activity outside of the United States, voting should be done on one day at a predefined voting place.
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    Democrats can't even tell the truth about the cause of the recession why wouldn't they use every opportunity to keep power, even fraud.
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    Do not forget that a lot of us Republican old timers vote on election day as we do not trust the clerk of courts with our votes. And I will not walk away when I push Romney and the light signifies Obama. We know these voting machines were made in a foreign country.
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    Would have liked to see hard numbers and not conclusions that fail the logic test.

    Of course Romney is doing better than McCain - Romney raised much more money in 2012 than McCain did in 2008, and we're talking about an incumbent President Obama with flaws exposed, not an idealized Senator Obama like we had in 2008. But comparing Romney's numbers with McCain does not prove he's beating Obama. As a matter of fact, from all indications I've seen, the swing states look quite good for Obama. It'll be close, but it's not favoring Republicans - that is a leap the numbers simply don't support.
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    Losing [sp.] i know how to spell; just texting and spell checking i really suck. "Vote for the losing" Black president, please.
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    ALREADY VOTED !!! The entire Republican ticket. Romney will win a landslide in Florida !!!!
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    What has anyone seen that would lead you to even consider obama i do not get it thats a stupid one jeck of a president oabma THE ONE TERM GERM
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    For those beating this Romney, flip-flopper thing to death. Keep in mind, the best thing that could have happened to, and for, America is if Obama had done a little flip-floppin himself.
    Yeap, a little more doin the exact opposite of what he did and this election would only be for practice.
    Guess he thinks America is so stupid that he can have 23,000,000 Americans unemployed, break promises like " if I can't cut deficit in half in 3 years then this is a one term proposition." If the last time he met with the house or senate Rep wasn't in July, if he had not ignored the constitution numerous times, if he had not went around the system and declared things under Executive Order so often, if he had not missed the last 9 security briefings leading up to the Benghazi attack, if he had not taken 716 trillion away from medicare to fund Obamacare and cutting benefits to those already on medicare, then early voting would be favoring him right now.
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    obama spends money we dont have is this the redistrbution of wealth he sought a change is all that will prevent usa bankruptcy
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    How is Obama redistributing wealth if he is spending money we don't have? Please explain how that works.
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    @naruhina89 spend now pay later but i certainly didnt collect any of the now however bloated govt is collecting ....the salaries of govt employees should be posted in print big enough to read ....last time i read fine fine print discovered roseville city council part time job (several hours month) received 179,000 yr
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    This old Republican will wait for tuesday as in wisconsin there are many liberal buerocrats and if I have to push Republican button 1000 times I will not leave it at Obama's Nation. The machines are rigged. The card counters are in the evil ones camp. I will do what I can. My vote will count.
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