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    well if they can't make up their mind perhaps they would be better suited to join a banana republic, oh wait that's what they're pondering now
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    I guess that 63% of those who took the time to answer have heard about all of the free 5hit that's available up here. That's going to be his victory song for the THIRD-term, you know: AC/DC's "Have A Drink (and a phone, and a SNAP-card, and healthcare) On Me". "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" was just meant as a nod-and-wink to the U.N....
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    @GetAwake they don't have to be a state of the US to get those goodies. Just have to look next door, Mexico gets our goodies too.
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    @GetAwake They have been getting the freebies for decades. If they become a state they will have to start paying for them. At least the productive citizens will.
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    The first question is "What do they bring to the table"? From what I see, not much. Large numbers of people living in poverty. Just what we need, another state of takers rather than producers.....
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    Wow why so negative about all of this we should just give a chance for a change for P.R we are all the same no matters colors or race people god made us all equal lolllll
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    @Charlie69 Like I said, what benefit does it give the US? If, in your opinion, it shouldn't matter, then why not ask Haiti if they'd like to be a state?
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    Seems like a poor idea in the midst of economic strife to pick up another drain on resources.
    I tried to be as PC as possible and not sound heartless, but we're broke!
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    @dances-weebles Describe how. Something tells me they aren't doing that great if they are considering statehood versus being a country.
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    @dances-weebles My point was, that it is a risk. The budget is huge already and this would add to it. It just doesn't seem logical to me. But it's not my decision to make in the end.:)
    They'd better not raise taxes for it, that would be... disappointing.
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    If it is "non-binding" then it's just a Prom tease that might or might not turn out well once the car's parked somewhere quiet after the dance.
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    The USA must relinquish sovereignty over the states of Alaska and Hawaii, and the territory of Puerto Rico. USA should restrict governance to its contiguous continental states, and ought not to project hegemony overseas and across international borders.
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    It will happen, as that us part of Obama's 2nd term plan. It will lock the Democrats into office Infinitum.

    It shouldn't because they have a debt and unemployment problem worst than the contiguous states
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    Well I want to know where are they going to cram another star onto the Flag? And as a follow up, will the Federal government subsidize the massive cost the Right will have to bear to change all those flags they have been waving around.? It might just bankrupt them without a federal bailout. I mean hey, the Left sucks up all the freebies. shouldn't the Right be able to plop their faces in the trough some too?
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    Is it teasing? We'll see. The ball is still in Puerto Rico's court. The next step in the process would be for Puerto Rico to petition for statehood.

    "The Typical Process
    Historically, Congress has applied the following general procedure when granting territories statehood:
    The territory holds a referendum vote to determine the people's desire for or against statehood.

    Should a majority vote to seek statehood, the territory petitions the U.S. Congress for statehood.

    The territory, if it has not already done so, is required to adopt a form of government and constitution that are in compliance with the U.S. Constitution.

    The U.S. Congress - both House and Senate - pass, by a simple majority vote, a joint resolution accepting the territory as a state.

    The President of the United States signs the joint resolution and the territory is acknowledged as a U.S. state."

    Should Puerto Rico petition for statehood? I wouldn't if I were them. That would be like booking passage on a sinking ship.
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    I'd be willing to listen to arguments for and against it. If it makes sense to give them voting rights and congressional representation then let's do it.
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    as a commonwealth of the u.s. puerto rico already has full constitutional rights, and full economic benefits. it makes not much difference to the rest of the nation other than the possible economic benefits that they could bring.
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    It's a good question. I would have no problem with it, but I read somewhere that the court system in Puerto Rico is different from the US. I would wonder about the "full faith and Credit" clause in the US Constitution.
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