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    Problem with Hillary is she has a slight (however minor) murder habit. She just kills people and it's not like she can help it. She'll never be prez because the Republicans know where a lot of the bodies are.
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    you might as well forget about Hillary she's done. because of her complicity in the cover up of Ben Ghazi her political career is over. I can't wait to see her sweat at the upcoming hearings
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    @RobertJHarsh yeah remember foster ? they found his body in that park in DC... and the first thing they noticed he wasn't murdered there... I think that was during the Whitewater scandal I don't know there are alway so many scandals with the Democrats.
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    A lot of places are starting to look a lot better. I really thought the American people would demand the economy to be fixed. Turns out they like welfare and state gimmedats. If that is the future of America then I will decline to be a part of it. The more sites I visits and the more research I do the more troubling this is. Times have indeed changed. The American way of life is now based on govt handouts paid for by the hard work of the quickly shrinking producer class. I never believed in my wildest dreams that American would want to be majority welfare state. Just floors me. It does explain chronic obesity, consumerism, and the entitlement attitude. I think its time for the producer class to start doing hard research and make the hard decisions that are going to be needed so they can relocate and survive elsewhere. It's going to be a dark and scary time for America in the next 20-30 years. The people who truly believe that what is going is "good" are flat-earthers and are truly ignorant of how economics actually work and are blind to what is coming.
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    Brother, you hit it on the nose. I'm too dug in here (unfortunately) to truly leave. However, I am training my children up to be able live elsewhere for their own well being and freedom.
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    Yes I think Joe Biden should run for President in 1016 on the Democrat Party ticket.

    This is something I can support wholeheartedly!
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    You are obviously not a veteran.

    34 ID, Redbulls. Last out of Iraq. Every single guy in my platoon voted Obama, because we don't like being smeared over foreign roadways.

    And Jeb Bush.....really??????????
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    Lol. There is no way in hell Jeb could ever win a presidency, dubya made sure of that.

    Thanks for the good laugh though.
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    They made Dan Quayle out to be the dumbest Vice President ever because he spelled Potato with an "e" at the end. Biden doesn't even know what state he is in (gaffe #5,234) and liberals are having a serious discussion about him running for president.

    My how we have digressed.
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    Quayle did and said a lot of dumb things. The spelling gaffe is just the most memorable. At least Biden knows that South America is not a state.
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    What was the name of the guy in the wheel chair that Joe ask to "stand and take a bow"?
    That is my personal Biden favorite. Can't wait to have such a rocket scientist as Commander in Chief.
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    @bizaroWorld - Never said Joe wasn't an absolute font of material for comedians. Personally, I don't think he would ever get the nomination from the DNC. Too much baggage, and he's too old. If he were elected, he'd be what? 80+ by the end of his first term? I want someone new. But then, I'm not a registered Democrat.
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    oh my goodness I forgot about that one-and didn't he say something about someones mom being proud of him and she was dead or was it the other way around-there are so many-could you imagine if George W would have set on a biker chicks lap or got drunk and danced in the street as Joe did
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    No American President has entered office over 70 years of age. Biden will be 74 years old in November of 2016. Further speculation of this topic is irrelevant and illogical.
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    LOL, no, he will not run in 2016 and is a little too old. We can now only elect one more older person and it has to be a female thus; since Obama won in two huge landslides and the most experienced person alive to run for President is Hillary Clinton, she will run and win in a landslide. I read she is taking time off to rest and be with family, get facelift year before she runs and plans to lose weight so she will serve two terms post Obama and no one can beat her.

    Republican Party has been fully destroyed so no chance there and in Democratic Party, if Hillary wants it, it is her's.
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    OH MY GOSH--say it aint so Joe
    I dont want the next president to be like Larry, Curly, or Moe.
    This can never happen-
    SHHHH we must never speak of this again
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    The guy who is (was) senator of the state that allowed the HIGHEST amount of interest for credit cards by law, ya right help the poor, you Dem's are very stupid .
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