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    no we already have enough brain dead people in this country. the federal government should be protecting our assets around the world. the Pentagon just acknowledged Iran fired at 1 of our drones.
    they are the second Islamic group in as many days to show that they will dictate how o Bama is to behave during this term.

    Lockheed Martin laying off people.
    Boeing laying off people
    all this is a consequence of electing Obama..

    meanwhile Hillary and Bama looking for videos on YouTube to blame the latest hostilities on
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    All kidding aside, BS...and no pun intended there, but...what are you afraid of? You think the stuff is going to make you spell 5hit correctly? Not likely....well....HEY. WAIT A MINUTE---everything WAS spelled correctly! Whoever are you, and what the f--k have you done with bsking
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    ! just admitted you're heavily invested in the American war machine.
    But fear a few years, the pot industry will have their own acronym on Wall Street.
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    Once again your post fits your name. Pure BS
    Supposedly Lockheed is laying off 130k That is the entire work force I guess they're gone??
    Same with mil spec div. of Boeing gone in total.. get the entire story from the fact checker site of choice. I used Snopes and Fact Check
    Fact Sequestration with no deal = military cut backs
    Companies of their the size are required to report sizable pending layoffs so retraining plan can be put ino place They threw a warning shot across congress' bow
    If you don't think a deal will be cut, pass me what you are smoking.
    Fact: we are at war with Islamic terrorism a gorilla war. We need Spec Forces & Seal teams, not fighter planes at 750mil a plane that are still killing our pilot due to O2,supply pollution unresolved after two yrs. What we need is IT - Internet security for corps. finance and utilities. GOP controlled house voted down requiring biz upgrade their security. Do you think Iran won't hack us as we have them... guess what they have already
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    We just got through a brutal election and both sides are now throwing around the term "revenue generating" instead of "tax increases."

    I need someone to explain to me and the public why, for the love of all that is holy, marijuana is not legalized and taxed as one very significant way to help us out of our debt. Not only does legalization and taxation of this product satisfy both parties, but poll after poll shows the public is in favor of it.

    Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron wrote that legalization would save $7.7 billion per year in what we waste on enforcing the laws against it and taxing it would bring in at least $6 billion per year in REVENUE! That's almost $14 billion a year without needing to freak out about tax increases or spending cuts - what is going on here?

    Economist Stephen Easton has even bigger projections of $45 to $100 billion per year and even the Cato Institute is in favor of this.

    I truly do not see what is so difficult here - regulate it EXACTLY the same way you would regulate alcohol, which though legal, has proven to be far more dangerous. The argument about marijuana being a "gateway drug" has also proven to be a crock. How many deaths have occurred from smoking pot? ZERO. How many deaths have occurred from alcohol? Countless.

    I challenge any politician to prove to the public how the legalization of marijuana would be any different than the already current legalization of alcohol. We need to stop wasting time and grow up here.
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    none will. our so called leaders make more when it is illegal. heck they look to be in bed with the cartels.
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    If cannabis isn't decriminalized on the federal level, we'll be seeing cases come before the Supreme Court quite soon. In the case of Rohrbacher, his views are that the issue should be decided by states individual, by popular vote. It's one of the few things he and I agree upon.

    Those who won't study history deserve to repeat it. The last time we had a federal prohibition against a popular recreational drug (alcohol), we ended up with organized crime and income taxes. Think about it.
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    The feds need to stop wasting resources on this issue. Take the DEA out of the equation and hand it down to the states to decide for themselves.
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    Yes they should but, local police etc... make too much money off of it to let it happen. If you get busted you spend loads of cash on drug testing and probation costs. On top if that while you spend years and a ton of money the cops get to smoke up your stash.
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    Isn't that the truth! I have seen it happen not to me, but my cousin and that was some damn good smoke!
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    It will take a majority number of the States to legalize it, much the same as getting alcohol legalized. Enough Staes legalize, there will enough Congressional strength to get Legislation thru Congress.
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    Time to legalize and end the decades old witchhunt based off lies which costs the taxpayers millions every year. As long as alcohol remains a socially acceptable and legal recreational substance, then so should marijuana. To not do so is extremely hypocritical. End federal prohibition and let the states decide.
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    It actually costs Billions per year... 90% of the DEA budget is to combat cannabis and w/out pot it's hard to even justify the existence of that department.
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    @AceLuby The DEA must be the most ineffective gov. agency. They have done nothing to stop the flow of any drug. Any high school kid can score MJ with no problem. Coke & meth are readily available to anyone who want. What's the DEA doing with its Billion plus budget?
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    @martydotcom sitting back and toking up on their "legally acquired" bud while they laugh their asses at us. The DEA just needs to dissolve away.
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    Who will push the Feds to legalize Pot? Well I heard tell of a couple aging hippies from up the County who are rejuvenatin their Love Bus, slappin a new coat of day glo paint on it and with some almost new retreads on it they plan on headin down to DC and set up a protest and a tent city near the Smithsonian. Said they weren't comin back until Pot was legal or they ran out of rolling papers.
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    @Denizen_Kate - I dunno. Might get in trouble with the Post Office. Of course given their financial situation, any mail is good mail.
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    Here might be a concern, thc from two days prior stays in your system,soooooooo if stoped by law enforcement and tested, you are still under the influence. Good bye driving for a while. if you refuse the test, good bye driving.
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    What's keeping it illegal are lobbyists who mostly represent big pharma, and organized criminal gangs, plus the DEA and the FBI. Who has the most to lose by decriminalizing cannabis? Always follow the money.
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    @Denizen_Kate - don't forget about police force lobbyist, beer and alcohol company lobbyist, and the lobbyist for privately owned federal prisons.
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    put it to a nation wide vote on a ballot by its self then we will see what america thinks we should do myself i think it should at least be legalized as a medicine to help cancer patients people in pain and epileptics
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    The states could force the federal government to legalize it by way of a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures. After that If 38 out of 50 states were to agree that the scheduling of medications had to be based on science weed would be taken of the the list. I understand of course the chances of this happening are slim to none. At some point enough states will legalize it that the feds will have to take up all law enforcement related to the plant and simply be over whelmed. Something else to keep in mind is jury nullification. If your on a jury just vote not guilty on marijuana cases. You can believe this the feds are getting nervous about this issue and will be coming down hard on weed because they see it as a loss of power and to ask someone to give up power is a frighting thing especially to a government that thinks it has to control ever aspect of ones life.
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    Maybe Mexico will be the ones to call "Bullshit."

    “These important modifications change somewhat the rules of the game in the relationship with the United States,” Mr. Videgaray said.“I think we have to carry out a review of our joint policies in regard to drug trafficking and security in general.
    “Obviously, we can’t handle a product that is illegal in Mexico, trying to stop its transfer to the United States, when in the United States, at least in part of the United States, it now has a different status,” he said.

    Read more: Mexican pot plans go up in a puff of smoke - Washington Times
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