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    He knew he would win all along, wonder what the tears were about?... That's what you get for bailing out GM.
    Get ready to bail them out again, they are in another financial crisis...more bail-outs, whose money???
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    According to you and the rest of the extremest on here he had NO chance in hell of winning! Way to flip flop like your losing man.
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    @classychazy Oh, I didn't think he'd win, I thought Americans were smarter than that!!! I don't flip Flop, your
    Pres does, LOL
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    LOL With 125M on some form of government subsidy its more people laughing than crying and laughter cures all kinds of pains.... Just not ours.
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    You're talking about NDAA, right? Didn't I read that it was part of a bill containing many other items, and that if Obama didn't sign it, there were severe consequences for some other programs? I could be wrong. Also, perhaps that's no excuse.
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    @Denizen_Kate He could have been the President that said "No, I won't usher in tyranny".
    Now he's just it's bellhop.
    NDAA 12 is case and point why we shouldn't allow piggyback bills. Too much shady shite goin on in DC.
    I'm hoping he will do the right things, the things he promised and shut down Gitmo, get troops out of Afghanistan an back home where they belong, and repeal the Patriot Act and NDAA 12.
    But, I'm not holding my breath.:(
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    A moron that happens to be the people's choice a REAL man that happens to care about everyone's needs not only the rich !
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    Wonder if barry cried for the Americans in Libya that his administration practicly got killed. My bet is no. barry did not cry, but I bet he played golf.
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    Don't be so quick in your assumptions, my friend: Axelrod is known to carry around a whole-onion and travel-Ginsu just for these occasions. He keeps them in one of the little pouches on the front of his caddy-vest, so...
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    Half of America is tearing up having to endure four more years of absolutely nothing but class warfare pitting one group against another. Another four years of watching our debt grow and grow while these Democrats grow their welfare voting base.This guy is the great divider when he lied to us and said he was the great u niter. What a phony he is. This was one of the worst telling moment in our nation's history. The nation of we the people, by the people is turning into me the Government, by the Government. I'm glad the men and women who died for our freedoms are not here to see this.
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    Tired of class warfare? Quit electing Republicans who fight on behalf of the wealthy against the rest of us.
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    @Cheenoguy Do you have any idea how ludicrous you sound? That anger you have towards Rich people was conditioned in your brain for the last 30 years by Democrats in every election. What have Rich people ever done to you so terrible other than give you a job? They pay the vast majority of our taxes yet you always want more from them. Why is it Conservative middle class people have no problem with Rich people? Is it because we have common sense and the intellect to not bite the hand that gives us our jobs.
    Tell me, what has the welfare base that you love so much ever done for you? Have they ever created a job for someone? Have they taken all the risks in life, worked unbelievable hours creating a business that helps run our economy and brings in tax revenue to run our nation? No the vast majority of able bodied users only take from your paycheck, but you keep on supporting those dead beats, drug addicts, etc.
    The GOP want to help the truly needy who are disabled or sick or need a little help during a crisis in their lives. Democrats on the other hand want to grow the welfare roles, create lifetime dependency addicts because there in lies the road to re election. Either you are one of the millions of people being subsidized by the tax payers, or you are a mindless Ideologue. It matters not which it is, the result is the same. Maybe if you ever come to your senses, you will realize none of us are perfect, and Rich people have their faults just like you & me, but look within and tell me why the Rich people's faults are so much worse than your's? How many jobs have you ever created? WAKE UP! Your welfare mentality is bankrupting our nation.
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    First off, all 10 of my employees would want me to say hello I'm sure. Of course, I can't ask them because it is a Friday in November which means they have the day off because painting work is a bit slow in November. They are however, being paid for today just like they get paid for everyday I don't have enough work for them. They all started out making a livable wage and get an equal percentage of the profit we make after payroll and all other expenses. An I worried about Obamacare? Nope, because I already give my employees affordable insurance, of which I pay half the premiums.
    There are a lot of painters who I could get to work for $10 an hour who would do a very good job with no medical and who work as contractors so no medical or extra taxes or profit sharing. If I did that I could at least quadruple my income. I don't live a very extravagant life, but I go to sleep knowing that nobody who works for me needs food stamps, has to worry about being uninsured, or really even has to worry about finances at all if they are responsible.
    The uber-wealthy may have worked hard (if you exclude the Walton kids who inherited their wealth) but it was truly built on the backs of minimum wage workers who do not get paid enough to feed their families. That is grossly unethical. I don't expect you to understand that because you have been conditioned by Republicans and the media to worship the wealthy as if money is truly what makes someone great.
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    @Cheenoguy You are not forced to buy insurance because you do not have 50 employees. How would you like if you had 50 employees and forced to provide something that would bankrupt your business? That's the control freaks in the Democrat party who force those kind of laws on the American people.
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    I don't have 50 employees yet. I will continue to grow offering new employees the same as I do now which is more then Obamacare actually requires. All an employer has to do is make the group insurance available for his employees to purchase.
    If we just abandoned the immoral idea of healthcare for profit we wouldn't have this problem. We spend more on Heath care per capita then countries with single payer healthcare and for that we get an overall less healthy population that dies younger.
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    I got all misty eyed too just knowing what is going to happen to this great country. God please help us!
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    never watched that speech, to much dictator mode for me.this is a wierd topic, tears, gah drive me crazy.
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    How does a President who used an ambassador to run guns through the CIA, to al-Qaeda, and then was complicit in his murder and then fired two senior military officers who tried to save the Ambassador’s life and then manage to get himself re-elected to the highest office in the land? Well, in a word, ignorance is the answer. I fear that America is about ready to pay a steep price for her slumbering ways.

    The abovementioned transgression should be enough to put Obama in irons for the next 30 years. Yet, the American people rewarded him with another presidential term..

    After you read the following short list of Obama transgressions against the Constitution and the American people, ask yourself how safe do you feel with four more years of Obama?

    Obama is not even a citizen of the United States, as determined by several researchers including Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Obama’s long form birth certificate was declared a forgery. Yet, America elected this illegal alien to a second term.

    Under the Obama presidency, America has seen her national debt double and financial collapse is right around the corner. We have seen our allies jump ship in record numbers. We have over half the country on welfare. The Obama administration paid 22 billion dollars to help GM relocate most of its operations to China after the American people bailed GM out in 2008. Half of all college graduates cannot find fulltime work and most are saddled with crippling debt through their predatory college student loans.

    Obama has closed a multitude of coal plants, thus making energy prices skyrocket. He has funded Solyndra and Pat Stryker’s Abound Solar with our tax money, to the tune of over a billion dollars, and not one kilowatt of solar energy was produced. The President is now leading the newest energy scam in the biofuel industry, namely, algae in which our nation is subsidizing millions, and soon to be billions to algae proponents including Warren Buffet, George Soros and Al Gore. The one thing that these men don’t tell you is that it takes 300 gallons of water to produce one gallon of algae gasoline. And of course, under Obama, gas prices have more than doubled.
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    Obama’s depopulation leanings are expressed in his national health care law which, in one fell swoop, placed nearly 20% of the economy under socialist control. Under Obamacare, birth control services are mandatory. Lifestyles which do not add to the birthrate are honored (eg transsexual) and given preferential treatment by the Obama administration. Obama’s health care death panels will help America continue its slide in life-expectancy where we are presently 51st in the world despite spending 10 times more than the next dozen nations combined!

    It is clear that Obama is not a Christian and honors every faith but the worship of Jesus Christ. Obama has kneeled at the feet of our enemies and I believe that he ultimately serves humanity’s greatest enemy, Satan.

    The President pushed for the NDAA which allows him to disappear and murder political opponents and critics such as Andrew Breitbart. Obama’s executive order entitled the National Defense Resources Preparedness, allows Obama, at the stroke of the pen, to enact civilian conscription and food confiscation along with the complete control of all industry by government. Under Obama, FEMA camps became operationalized and staffed. Does anyone ask why? Additionally, the TSA has taken its VIPR program to the streets in order to sexually assault more Americans in the name of liberty. If Obama has this much power at the end of his first term, what nightmare scenario will come in his second term?

    As I have previously, Obama is an avowed Communist. Former communist party leader, Frank Davis was his father. Obama had his Harvard education paid for and had his political career launched by former Weathermen Underground thugs, Bernardine Dorne and Bill Ayers. Obama was raised to be a communist and now this despot has four more years to make the White House more like Red Square.

    What could we have been thinking on election day? The fact is we were not thinking .The 47% of the people who are on Obama’s welfare voted to keep the federal gravy train rolling. Many of the 65% of young adults who cannot find Great Britain on a map, believe Obama when he says we can spend our way out of a depression. We are the victims of our own ignorance.

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Obama will likely be golfing the day our economy becomes insolvent under his leadership. And that is when, the 80-90% of ignorant Americans will soon come to learn what many of us in the alternative medial already know, Obama passed the NDAA, The National Resources Preparedness and the death panels of Obamacare for a reason. Coupled with the fact that Obama has issued ten times more executive orders than all of the Presidents combined in our entire history which sets up the potential for a total dictatorship in his next 4 years in which I predict we will see absolute government by presidential decree. Be afraid America, be very afraid.

    “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny”.- Thomas Jefferson
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    Everything else about him is fake, so why would anyone think the tears are real? I think I saw the eagle crying...
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    Now get your butt back to DC and do your job and don't spend the next 4 years campaigning and blaming bush. Don't waste your time trying to piss on the 2nd amendment. Make a budget. Decrease the deficit. Cut entitlements. Do your job since you couldn't do it in 4 years.
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    Hopefully, he will have to answer for that.
    He probably thinks we forgot about that.
    Evidently, the electoral college did.
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    May God bless you, Mr. President, and keep you safe. Do good work for the betterment of our country and all Americans.

    Rich. Poor. All colors. Young. Old.
    Republican. Democrat. Independent.

    Don't pay attention to the negativity that the haters try to inflict on you and others. They will try to divide our country by slandering your name and skewing what you stand for. However, we know who you are and the damn strong character that you have.

    Stay true to yourself and God Bless America!
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    You couldn't of said it any better..I am proud to have you as my president.. President Obama..finish what u started..and yes we can...
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    I supported Obama in '08. His performance kept me from supporting him in '12.

    I join you in your hope for his performance this time.

    Please, sir. Don't let the American People down.
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    @CanisCanemEdit thank you Canis.. regardless of who we voted for he won so we need him to succeed..If he succeeds we succeed.. Plus I dont want to hear Neo the marxist tell me "I told you So"...
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