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    Yes - 98% of America will keep the tax cuts. The others don't need it. If these tax cuts for the rich do so much good why haven't we seen any results?
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    That's b/c it was never meant for the economy or the middle class or the poor. it was meant only to satisfy the fat cats' greedy mentality.
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    "Obama Dares Republicans to Cross Him" Did Obama really say anything like that or is that inflammatory headline just editorial license? I don't see any quote supporting it in the article.
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    Sure seems to me the media is already gearing up to start stoking the fire between dems and republicans. Really? Obama dares republicans to cross him, WTF? Sounds like schoolyard fightin words to me. What are they going to do, throw down and duke it out??

    It's pretty obvious that this nation will go nowhere except reverse in the next four years. Whose to blame? How about both of them. The two party system which continues to drag this nation down the sewer drain because nobody wants to compromise with one another.
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    Stand by for mass caving by the GOP.

    As it stands now the President doesn't have to do a thing to drive a stake through the GOP's heart. If Republicans hold to their ideology and we pass January 1 without some band aid tax cuts will expire on schedule, cuts in domestic and military budgets will follow, and as defense and other contractors cut back their business unemployment will spike. By pulling huge amounts of money out of the economy the Republicans will have set the stage for financial devastation, which will be unmistakeably the Republicans' doing.

    All the President need do is ask for reasonable legislation from the lame duck GOP-controlled House for the next 6 weeks or so. If he doesn't get it, the damage to our economy won't be his fault.
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    You are exactly on the money. He has them by the proverbial huevos. They don't play ball on letting the rich tax cuts expire and keep them for the middle class and the election 2 years from now will see a while lot less Republicans in the house. Because one or the other he's going to let the rich tax cuts expire. And it will be clearly positioned if the GOP refuses to save the middle class cuts as well. Obama is in the driver's seat on this one.
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    No, he is an idiot. And there is not a majority of americans in favor of his approach, because if there was the dems would have gained control of the house - where all spending is controlled. So technically the majority favors republicans controlling the purse.
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    Correct. The guy receives 10 million LESS votes this time around, only wins by 2.2% with half the population voting against him, and all of the Libs are yelling "Mandate!"
    Delusions abound.
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    @bizaroWorld 10 million less and he still won. What does that say to you?
    If math were your subject, I would say there were millions less overall voters.
    Meaning that both candidates sucked so bad people felt simply not voting was more appealing.
    What needs to happen is people need to start pushing for quality candidates and not "Well, he's not the other guy!"
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    You got that right. I have felt for the last two election cycles that the media has chosen the Republican candidate. They marginalized who ever they didn't like, and promoted whom they thought the weakest.
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    @bizaroWorld you really think the media liked Romney or McCain? I have never gotten that feeling. but I also do agree we definitely need better candidates! I would never vote for the lesser of 2 evils, I always avoid voting for the buffoonery that are dems and gop. with the exception of Scott Brown, I would have left it blank, but I absolutely loathe Elizabeth Warren
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    Oh, man, are from MA? I don't understand how Warren got elected. Here in Illinois our brilliant electorate voted in a guy who was already thrown out of the Statehouse once on ethic charges and incumbent Jesse Jackson Jr. who hasn't been at work in six months for depression; he is currently plea bargaining with the FBI over the misuse of campaign money. Still, he won by 73% on Tuesday. As long as you have a "D" next to your name, fellow Democrats will vote you in.
    To answer the Romney/McCain question: I don't think the media liked either - in fact I think the opposite. I find that they back the most unelectable Republican during the primaries. Once they are chosen, then they turn on them.
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    The President is brilliant!! That's why you hate him. Welcome to the world of the educated class. That's the problem most of you have. All your insecurities are upon you because there are people who are educated and smarter than you in a few key offices.

    There are people who hate Hillary Clinton and can't stand the fact that she is Secretary of State. Yes, we've had a tradgedy and people have died. The people I speak of hated Secretary Clinton and have continually made disparaging comments about her months before the recent tradgedy. Secretary Clinton has served our country with competence. You can't stand Joe Biden and I'm sure you have reasons for that too. Guess what? The American people have spoken. Deal with it!!

    I have a warning for Boehner, Mc Connell, Cantor, Ryan, Paul and others. Watch your step(s). You ignored the mandate of the American people 4 years ago. Don't even try that again. This posturing you have started ...... You are about to step in mess!!

    We still pay your salaries and the fringe benefits. You are NOT entitled to that! We will pull the rug from under you so fast, you will not know when your head hit the cement. We are WATCHING. More people are engaged this time and your tactics are dead on arrival.

    You have been exposed. You have no intellect!! That's why you cannot raise real issues to move our country forward. It's all why all you can talk about is defense spending and tax cuts. If your rich donors were to wake up and see how inept you are, they would fire you. If you attempt to cross President Obama this time, we wouldn't wait for them to defund you, we will overwelm and kick you out of office. Consider yourself warned!!
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    "Central issue on the election?" WTF? won by NOT fixing the economy!!!! Going off the fiscal helps Obama. It will ensure the takers grow in size and become the cadres of Democrat supporters. The producer class gets to move to another country for a better life, if we can afford to move that is...or worse, you let us leave.
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    "The producer class gets to move to another country for a better life, if we can afford to move that is...or worse, you let us leave."

    I will spring for a bus ticket if that helps?
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    @MRMacrum Go ahead. Laugh. But in 20 years when the American brain drain becomes a national issue you won't be laughing. It has already started with foreign students going back home to work instead of working in the US because of better pro-business climates in those countries. Should I list them for you?
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    @RobertJHarsh "But in 20 years when the American brain drain becomes a national issue.........foreign students going back home ..........Should I list them for you?."

    No. But I would suggest that you might join them. I would prefer to not have to deal with the whiners, liars and fear mongers of the Right doing everything they can to make this country fail.
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    @MRMacrum I pity people like you. Blissfully ignorant, totally not caring and not willing to even understand what is about to happen.
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    There is really no point attempting to have meaningful conversations with these slobbering Obama lovers. They always want you to bend or compromise but they are never willing to do these things themselves. It can be very tiring. I just use their classic line against them...... "BIGGOT"!
    And then walk away, with no further explanation leaving no room for argument. LOL :)
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    So lets see if I have this right, "Liberal Thinking"

    when the Rich become poor, The POOR become rich

    Welcome comrads to The New Obama welfare state

    is that about right?
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    Yeah well the rich have been rich and only got richer.

    I don't see the poor getting rich while the rich are getting richer.

    So spare me.
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    No, in fact it is a total misrepresentation. Even the accusation that Obama is raising taxes is false. He is just not going to renew temporary tax cuts implemented during the Bush administration for people earning more than $250,000 a year. People earning more than that will see their tax rate go back up to 38.5% or so. If that makes them poor, then they need better money managers. There are plenty of ways for the rich to avoid paying taxes, which explains why Romney revealed that he paid around 14% in taxes last year, even though his supposed tax rate should have been 35%. He said that it is not fair to tax capital gains at the same rate as wages because taxes have already been paid at the corporate level, but aren't wages paid from corporate profits which have also been taxed at the corporate level?
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    @Vance1 So, do you think that poor Native American families should give up their free healthcare and education to reduce the burden on taxpayers?
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    Yes I do agree. I am a single person making $40,0000-45,000 for the last few years. I don't mind paying my fair share of taxes but I really want that 2% to do at least as much as they ask of me.
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    Dont worry. Just lay off a few known Barry voters to cover the cost of Barry's tax. They probably perfer going on the Dole anyway.
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    the first sentence in the story sets the tone for the BS in the rest of it.
    Obama is not in a position of power. he has no mandate.
    and the election result in the status quote it's the same as it was before the election. the house can still stop him from his socialist tendencies. and the send it under Harry Reid can continue to do nothing. the difference is this time Obama has to do something himself. he is the 1 who has to come up with a plan. and because he never has he never will and he will fail, again.
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    Good! Maybe Obama has realized that the Republicans are not paid by Wall Street and the 1% to compromise. Perhaps Obama will finally use the bully pulpit and we the people need to back him up. Thanks, Mr. President, for caring about ALL us Americans, not just the rich.
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    obama’s tax plan is only likely to cost 700,000 jobs over ten years, but when you add the jobs lost due to obamacare that could be a fatal blow to the economy.
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    Let the president set whatever tax rate he wants. Four years from now, when everything is worse, enact the fairtax to prove which is better.
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    I say let the sequestration happen. The left wants tax hikes. The right wants spending cuts. Sequestration kicks in and we get both. Hell it's what they voted for.
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    LOL It just means you're starting to come around.

    No matter what happens to this economy, I'll probably be OK. I'm just worried about the future for my kids sake.
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    @Thunderchicken What I don't get is that the sequestration was a bi partsian deal made to raise the debt ceiling. The GOP said here's what we want to give you what you want and the Dems said deal. NOW both sides are saying WAIT! WAIT! We didn't mean it. We were just fooling around. Well we know they been fooling around in Congress since Eishenhower mostly. It was a bi partsian deal and most everyone signed on. If they don't let this happen then every damn person in congress who signed on should resign for being liars.
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    Uhm.. I dont have a problem with paying my fair share..I dont think its right..I want Obama to tax the rich JUSTLY.. all bush Tax cuts should be abolished until we fix the defecit..
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    That is exactly my take on it. I'm all for cutting Military corruption spending, cleaning up fraud in Medicare and Medicaid but we're going to have to stop the tax cuts from Bush. We might as well do it now and get it over with.
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    @Souljah I actually agree. I just commented from a political standpoint that Obama has the GOP by the huevos. But I agree that they just let them all expire for right now. AND cut the loopholes for the rich so they actually pay the same percentage as you and I.
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    @jessejaymes yeah you definately hit it on the head, I just wanted to make sure my wording wasn't misconstrued... Now if we could only get everyone else to agree ..haha.. I wont hold my breath for that one though
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    I do. I shouldn't pay more taxes than a millionaire. Close those loopholes. I hope less money will be deposited into these offshore accounts.
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