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    Gen Petraeus served our country selflessly and with remarkable distinction, he deserves our respect and thanks. He made a personal mistake, compromised his position & marriage, but he owned up to it and did the right thing. So many others would not have. God bless him and his family as they deal with this.
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    @Nemesis3X too bad,i kind of liked Petraeus,but anybody with any foresight or self respect needs that administration behind them
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    I see that the people that support the party of "personal responsibility" are the very first ones to claim that someone else is responsible for David Petraeus's actions. The man himself said why he is resigning. Let it be. Unless Petraeus was having an affair with Obama the President has nothing to do with this. Incredible how the folks on the right try to blame Obama for everything.
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    @PNWest when i see some one trying to destroy my country i'm not going to support him no matter how popular he or she is,in fact the more popular his position the harder one must speak up
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    Hum a self assured man very confident in his ability's that has rose to a leadership position has an affair. Seems I've read this story through out history.
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    It would appear as if the Obama house of cards is finnally falling
    I predict that Mrs. Clinton/Susan Rice step down before Tuesdays Hearings
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    Possibly. From the story above:

    "Petraeus' departure marks the first of many suspected personnel changed in the Obama administration.

    Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, all have expressed desires to step down at the beginning of the president's next term, beginning in January 2013."

    Don't Forget, Petraeus is the one who told us that our refrigerators and other major appliances would be spying on us for the CIA.

    Petraeus: CIA Could Use Smart Household Appliances To Spy
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    I think it was a good excuse to get the heck outta Dodge...besides, poor judgement...LOL... No one has had
    poorer judgement than those who voted this election. I wish him well, any excuse not to have to serve under this administration is a good one!
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    Whats the problem, i thought that in this new progressive world of sexual freedoms the boundaries no longer existed. Maybe he was just exploring those new boundaries?
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    I sincerely doubt that's the real reason for the change. I think this and all future administrations need to realize that deception and false propaganda are not justified when the national security threat is caused by our mistakes in the first place.
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    probably so . think of it though while employed as the CIA director he would be unable to contradict the president. no 1 would question him leaving over a marital affair.
    if he did leave because of an affair , then he did the honorable thing.

    using that logic , if the administration doesn't come clean on Ben Ghazi, the general will have another opportunity to do the honorable thing.
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    The majority of this country do not seem to care about tin foil hat conspiracy theories.

    They care about the future of our country, and have chosen its leader.

    There is always the door.
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    BO will shift all the blame on Petraeus...and"his" situation... Again paying the blame game, the only thing BO is good at!
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    And now he doesn't have to testify about convenient. Plus he probably did have an affair, which is a good excuse to abandon ship. The affair won't look as bad as what he's NOT telling.
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    Enormous loss, personal move. He will be missed, we will continue with excellent leadership in Deputy CIA Director, Michael Morell. We need to support our leaders at this time not be divisive, petty. My heart goes our to Mr. and Mrs. Petraeus at this difficult time.
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    I'm just glad we have an excellant commander in chief who lets everyone fall on thier sword but himself. Dont worry about the house, with boehner in charge he will start tearing up at the hint of a serious inquiry.
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    A truly sad thing for a truly Brave Hero. My Goodness, The stress must have been too much for this poor overburdened man, who thought with the wrong head, and ow will have to suffer His own demons. I appreciate and thank Him for His service to Our country, and Hope His life continues as successful as ever. Affair or not, He was brave and honest throughouit His service, and in the end, fell on His sword, for the best of Our nation ! He's still a Hero in every sense of the word, and I admire His courage and thoughfullness in resigning His post. In the end, He did the honorable thing !
    Bravo, General! I salute You ! If given the choice of Who to follow in troubled times, I'd be honored to follow You into hell feeling quite assured that I'd return Home safely, under Your guidance and command ! May you find Peace and honor knowing You did the right thing !
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