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    Go right ahead. And your extreme right wing candidate will probably lose to a more realistically-thinking democratic candidate in the general election.
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    I happen to know the area where Boehner lives. West Chester is north of Cincinnati and it is the 2nd richest area in Ohio. Not making that up. His district is geographically build around the money and really old money of southwest Ohio. In short, he'll laugh at any primary. The man is going to be in Congress for another 10 years. No voting him out.
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    You could care less if America is safe or not. You care about not loosing face, as your hardline positions are dropped from the GOP dialogue.
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    I hope we stand our ground!! No other countries have open borders,( just try to cross into Mexico on their southern border!) we can't even take care of our own for taking in others! If you couldn't give your own kids the things they needed should you take even more from them to help the neighbors kids?
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    Isn't "getting ahead of House Republicans" in the Speaker's job description? He is the GOP Leader, after all.:-)

    And now the low-information crowd will forget to breathe into their paper bags and will clog up the Intertubes with breathtakingly dumb claims and notions.
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    Majority of the House of Representatives is the only change for the United States. Vote him out if he is weak on immigrantion reform.
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    Face it.... the old west, Jim Crow era that you once knew and loved is gone forever.

    Welcome to the new United Integrated States of America.(UISA)

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    Whether they "change their stance" or not on this or any other issue. What they really need to do is STOP letting the far right fringe element of their party dictate their extreme stance on everything. They really need to make a stance against this so-called "tea party" and take back their republican party.
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    Also, the Democrats need to oust the far left fringe of their party as well. The Democratic party of today is NOT the Dem party of FDR and JFK.
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    @methinks Well if you are suggesting that we need to "compromise" (Again not a Dirty word) I would agree with you...YOU just need to tell your extreme right wing counter-parts to do the same thing!
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    While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, calling someone a Rhino is not "politics". It's an evasion of politics. Boehner is a creep as far as I'm concerned but the GOP cannot survive without expanding their base. Can't be done.
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    At some point, probably after the current generation of GOP Senators and Reps dies off, the Republican party will awaken from its Tea-induced coma and start to represent all conservatives, not just the loudest ones.

    In the meantime, though, Speaker Boehner will have to endure the tantrums of his Tea Party element and, I hope, educate them on compromise as a necessary feature of adult governance. Immigration reform is a good place to start.
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    Well stated. I would also add / go a bit further, and challenge the GOP to promote conservatism as an economic model based on enlightened indivualism, and not confuse it with a social model predicated on Puritanism.
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    Our Immigration policy's have failed completely, These Mexicans are taking over.
    La Raza has always said that they would take The country over and now they have.
    America has made a huge Mistake, We need to start a massive deportation and get these illegal criminals out of our country.
    Amnesty doesnt work, We have tried it before.
    Securing our borders, and deportation is the ONLY thing that works.
    Every state should have an SB 1070 policy.
    Liberals will disagree But I could care less.
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    Doesn't matter if I agree with you or you call me a liberal. It's not going to happen. There are too many legal Latinos here now. Reagan opened this can of worms and nobody since has done a thing about it. The war on illegal immigration is lost.
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    @jessejaymes i don't think citizen latinos support the cause of illegal aliens,it effects them worst than it does others.a shamnesty will cause nothing but ring the dinner bell for more just like the last time.
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    @tomincali Look I'm all for controlling the border. Won't happen. I'm all for controlling immigration. Won't happen. And the illegals don't care what the legal Latinos think anymore than they care what we think.
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    @jessejaymes and neither does anyone in office who claim to be for the American people and push for open borders. what do you think will happen when there is no border.
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    @tomincali You need to stop playing party politics and look at the history. Reagan gave amnesty, promised to control the border, did not. Bush the father started the NAFTA push, fast tracked it, lost the election, Clinton signed the bill when the GOP couldn't override a veto. Bush the son opened that border more than any President in history. Obama wants more Amnesty. Why both parties? Because the ultra rich want it. They want to turn America into a third world country of the ultra rich and everyone else is poor. No middle class. There will be no border control.
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    He needs to go. I am sick of his profiteering butt. Just like Salliese student loans are raping the borrowers. Is it any coincidence they are above the law and Boehners daughter is a collections executive with them?
    Both sides are obscenely corrupt. I for one am disgusted.
    Term limits!!!!
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    darn shame this has failed so bad it has came to this. all it would have took to prevent this mess back in the 80s was to do what all agreed to at that time. instead fed failure to follow through on 100% enforcement. from what was said was 3 million got to close to 20 million do to that failure.
    giving in and letting another shamnesty fly will have the numbers up to the billions do to the cycle will keep repeating itself all back to the failures in washington. those who hire illegal aliens will once again hire more and the ones who get the shamnesty will be angry at the new comers driving down their wages and taking jobs as it has been since the 80s.

    sure the rich like it,it only has the bad effect on those who work or try to work and lose the dreamers,now get to pay the same rate as those in the state,in some places will even get aid which will be taken from citizens who need that aid.

    this is more about opening our borders and forcing us into the north American union,it is being done the same way it was forced on europe,underhanded slow and slimey.
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    if you read anything form wikileaks search them and north American union.i know the gov is against them and tries to discredit them all do to they pull their slimey covers.
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    maybe the states should just enforce the immigration laws they have? if they really made it illegal to hire illegal aliens, it would solve the problem, instead of our current approac of treating te symptoms of te problem US citizens have created themselves...
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    The system has failed yes, do we secure all borders yes, but we can't just expect all 15 mil undocumented workers just to leave. So something will be done. And as we all Witness Republicans lost once again with their radical ideas of self deportation sorry to break it like that but that will never happen. We need another solution but apparently as divided as we are atm we will never accomplish anything and the problem will never be resolved. So instead of saying that boehner is wrong for saying that, he wants a solutions same as our economy the opposition cannot be playing the same roll as the last 4 years killing job bills.
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    I would hope they will soften up on immigration. Hispanics now make up a large part of the population. As long as immigrants legal and illegal have a clean backround, I don't see why they can't come. There are families that want to look for work but don't have the money to go through the legal process. Illegal immigrant families looking for work arnt criminals
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    I take issue with the term Hannity is using, and that term is evolve. Evolve as in evolution. Conservatives believe evolution is a lie and an impossibility. To evolve would mean to adapt or change and they all know that is not a fact. I would prefer they use more legitimate words like "changed my mind."
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    Only the Tea Party extreme will expect unreasonable demands. Most conservatives will be open to a guest worker program and a path to citizenship that includes a fine for being here illegally and then following the same rules that all honest immigrants follow to become citizens. And, any ID they get should be immediately recognizable as that of a legal alien....and make no doubt about this...they are ILLEGAL ALIENS, not immigrants by any description, until they are legally documented and become resident aliens...only then will I be open to identifying them as "immigrants."
    First things first, though. All those caught illegally crossing the border must be prosecuted and deported as required by our laws....that means the first thing we do is secure the border...period.
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    What choice is there? How does one tell 15 million people who have been here for 20 years, who work, educate their children, pay taxes, are law abiding, that they have to leave permanently or for a period of time? How does our government tacitly allow undocumented
    people to live, work, etc. for 20 years and then kick them out? Makes no sense, and is not
    the American way, in my view.
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