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    Hey Libs.....You mean ya'll haven't paid for this yet? This is right up your alley! Now, get to work and get this paid for!! Hurry....this is a disgrace making this poor unfortunate soul walk around prison looking like this. You know that he is bound to have had a terrible childhood for him to be in prison to begin with; and now this. Shame on ya'll!!
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    I don't see that he has any such claim from the state. His self inflicted wound has been medically treated. And his life has been spared. But his disfiguration was a result of his own doing, and that in & of its self is not life threatening in anyway. When he goes out of prison (if he gets out of prison) he can pay for his own plastic surgery. And before anybody tries to blame Pres. Obama for this...No Obama is NOT handing out free plastic surgery vouchers.
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    Some of the most horrible things I've seen, that can't be unseen or forgotten, is gunshot wounds to the face. Its truly the stuff of nightmares.
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    @Laradian No worries.:) I was just curious as to the reply being as my comment wasn't really political. More of an observation really.
    I advise never seeing the stuff, its truly horrific.
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    I agree. I have never been comfortable at the sight of flesh mangled by accident be it gunshot, car wreck, animal attack or otherwise. I even found this man's face hard to behold even though it has healed.
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    There is no way he is getting this operation. I have seen others in this type of situation while work in the prison system. He appears to be eating and getting what is needed. He is a nasty inmate and he is surviving, Good enough.
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    There is a constitutional right to care but there is no constitutional right to have the state pay for it.
    They should just make him pay for it. Pay for it for him for now, but then make him pay it back through extra labour and/or if he's ever getting out make him pay it back when he gets a job.
    And make him pay interest.
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    one would think a hideous appearance , especially in the mouth area would be a huge advantage in the environment that gave us the "pants falling down " look that is so popular in the urban community.
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    No doubt, didn't you know that being trans gendered is a medical condition?! Every deviant behavior will be
    considered some kind of "disease"...only to be taken care of by the tax payers.
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    He has a constitutional right to care. The argument is over medical necessity, and if he's been placed on malnutrition watch that speaks to medical need.

    Of course, he could consent to a PEG tube that would allow nutritional fluids to be pumped directly to his stomach, but that would likely cost twice as much per year as finishing the reconstruction surgeries.

    I think he'll probably win his claim.
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    He could drink milkshakes through a straw. My babies had smaller mouths than him, and they didn't suffer malnutrition. I would guess that his malnutrition is self inflicted just like his wound, just to make his case stronger.
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    Ok, I love my wife to death right but I am a certain way growing up. I find it easier to start new beginnings than preventing other things from ending. If a guy is sleeping w. your wife, walk away, divorce her. Get another. Why lose you freedom and your face over somebody who has disrespected you in that manner.
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    I had a friend 15 years ago that was a police officer, he stopped by his house one night while on duty, and caught his wife in bed with another man and shot himself. I was floored, why would a person kill anybody over that, let a lone yourself? I would say excuse me ,I don't mean to interrupt but I got to grab a few things, grab a couple of things and be gone like the wind.
    I would get back out there and rangle me up another one.
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    I suppose that once Obamacare is enacted then this Inmate will be able to get his surgery to repair his self inflicted injury.

    Of course, that is supposition.
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    If he has purchased healthcare insurance that covers such situations then maybe he will...But that is NOT a detail of the Affordable Care Act...That is a function of ---and has to do with---what ever type of insurance coverage this guy may have. I knew someone would drag Obama into this some kind of way.
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    @Sonny Actually, prisoners are considered to be Wards of the State. Which means every asset of their healthcare falls to the States responsibility. Each is fully covered.
    They are actually some of our best paying patients, you know you will get reimbursed for their care.
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    @Fishbone345 Yes, but not "cosmetic surgey". Matters that relate to the health and life of the inmate, yes. But as bad as his face looks--he will not die from his disfguration.
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    @Sonny My point was that their healthcare isn't covered by themselves. Just like with HMO's, the state gets to approve or disprove what the patient can have or not have.
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    I think an inmate has the right to enough medical care to keep his health from deteriorating, but not to improve it.
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    He did it to himself no one else did, he should have to get the money for the surgery by getting a job, like everyone else would have to. If not what a great thing to say shoot yourself, 'Medical bills will then be covered'.
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    If he wants us, the tax payer to pay
    For his Surgery... He can have a Sex change surgery . Hell, I'll do it for free.
    Anyone got a Rusty Knife ??
    Buddy, you shouldn't of shot your own
    Jaw off . Your shit out of Luck !!
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    When we remove an individual's freedom by incarceration, we have a responsibility to provide for certain things. Food, clothing, shelter, relative safety, and of course health care. However, i don't believe that should extend to cosmetic surgery, which is elective, even if the inmate were able to pay the expenses of the proceedure. There are inherent risks of transporting prisoners to medical facilities and establishing appropriate security to prevent flight, as well as protect the public using such a facility.
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