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    Not in my household. I have two daughters. One in an engineering student and the other has her sights set on being a surgeon. Both have bees raised to pull their own weight. Although the younger would have liked to be a princess till she got her first job.
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    "You can't do THAT..." = "You didn't build THAT!"
    "Be a judge..." =...and you can legislate from the bench.
    "Run for Congress or Senate..." = You're already a're halfway there!
    "...or a doctor..." =...because there are little boys that want to be princesses, too!
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    Little boys that want to be princesses? You mean like that transgender 3rd grader that Politix talked about a couple months ago?
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    @Mercury34 Even better: Some dude called into a nationally-syndicated conservative talk-radio show last night talking about how the 'Pubs were going to have to embrace gay-marriage to win the demographic over. He identified himself as a "straight male" with lots of gay friends, but eventually divulged that his girlfriend was trans-gender, and on top of that didn't tell him until well into the courtship. I'm not sure if he knew what kind of damage he was doing to the cause there, but hey...I guess great relationships are built on lies nowadays. <<SARCASM

    Is this what it's coming to? "I remember when I met your was about six months before she told me that she used to be a dude." Guess that was an adoption...
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    Whats the problem here? When i was a kid i wanted to be a Ghost Buster, my friend said it was not a real job, i argued it was, and his father settled it when he said i could be whatever i wanted. You know what? at some point we grow out of this and find a passion. Just because there are not as many women who find that passion in engineering or construction equipment operator, or as a surgeon does not indicate a problem. we are all pursuing our separate interests. we do not need government nudging us along - for those that do there exists a whole other dependency issue to address.
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    and yet, if you take a look around, you'll note that there's a difference between little girl toys, and little boy toys. there are tv shows directing little girls toward being princesses, and mommies who dress them up and smear lipstick on them and put little crowns on their heads and call them, right along with their daddy's, their little princesses, rather than their little woman, or their little engineer, or their little doctor, or what have you. they're dressed up in barby clothes, and taught to cook and clean and take care of babies... not to be doctors and lawyers and such.

    that's man's work.

    it's like my 1st wife's grandmother always told her and her sisters...'let the little boys go out and run around and play ball, it's the little girl's job to sit on the sidelines in there pretty pinafores and root for their heroes.'

    the judge is right
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    @dances-weebles maybe she would be right if boys and girls where exactly the same, but they are not. Who is to say they are even being led astray? perhaps it is boys who should be acting more like girls? Now as a free citizen you can have your opinion and it may well be your duty to advocate for and attempt to convince your countrymen of your beliefs. But to use govt to sway or enforce these values is wrong.
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    I'm not a big Sotomayor fan, but am real tired of all the "princess's". And unless your Royalty, it is
    not a job...only by Hollywood's standards. As much fun as these little Princess's and beauty queens
    are having, they do need to know you can't spend your life being a Princess, we've got enough
    Paris Hilton's, Kardashian's, and Snookie's, etc. in the world , we don't need to encourage more.
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    I am so glad my kids have moved on from Sesame Street. That show gets old real quick anyway. Although, Mr. Snuffleupagus was my favorite character. He is just awesome. Now Abby Cadabby, on the other hand, is the most annoying thing ever put on TV and for whatever reason I would love to see her thrown in to a wood chipper. I'd be like Marv Albert "let's see that AGAIN!"
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    They should be encouraged in what they love and excel at. Screw gender ideals. If a boy wants to be a figure skater, great. If a girl wants to be a trucker, awesome. Why keep forcing the idea that jobs have to be gender specific. Other than being a sperm donor or a surrogate mother (which aren' technically jobs and require highly specialized "equipment"), most jobs can be done by those with the natural inclination for them. Encourage them to flourish at their natural gifts.
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    Doesn't out Supreme Court have enough for this judge to do?
    Now they are doing "the muppets" show? Really?
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    Looks like another attempt from Big Govt. to infiltrate the minds of the common folks (at an early age) to tell them what they need to do and how they need to live.
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    Yes females should be encouraged to focus on other things besides "looking hot and pleasing a male." Ever notice that they encourage pretty girls to be princesses and less attractive girls to be “career gals”?

    We have the uterus, we give life. Let the males be sexy and woo us. Thats how it works in the animal kingdom.

    Woo me, or no dinner!
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    My daughter was encouraged to think about what she wanted to do with her life when she started high school and gear her classes toward that, she first started with business and then changed to medical, let them be a child as long as they can, then they need to be prepared for life when they start high school, she has worked hard and has moved up and her father and I are proud of her, why do people think that the son is the one who has to be pushed.
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    Good to hear it from such a respected voice! I have a certain unnamed family member (leaving out details in case she is trolling lol) who is a terrible mother. She does not show any interest in teaching her child ANYTHING. I think things like this are good messages that can get out to those kids in that kind of situation. How many crappy parents do you know that just prop up their kid in front of a TV? At least someone is trying to reach those kids that no one else is reaching out to.
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    It's one thing to let a kid be a kid- but we have to also make it clear to our youngins that life is NOT fair and you have to EARN a living and WORK hard. You can be successful but you have to earn it. Life is NOT a fairy tale.
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