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    Thankfully they're not receptive to common sense. Most of the base is busy convincing themselves they lost because their message/candidate wasn't really "a true severe conservative."
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    Common sense says that you can't borrow or tax your way to prosperity. Common sense says that he who pays the bills makes the rules, and if you allow the government to take more and more bill-paying responsibility away from the people, the government will be glad to have the opportunity to make more and more rules until we are no longer a free country. If we have freedom of religion, but the government says, "You can't exercise that right and take this handout at the same time," poor people won't have freedom of religion, since they will have nowhere else to turn for food (the would-be givers would either be taxed out of the money they would've given the poor, or would not see any point in helping the poor, since the government's already doing it). They would not, in reality, have that right. An extreme example, but one that is within the realm of possibility for those of us who (unlike modern liberals but like our founding fathers) would rather protect against the possibility of the government turning evil instead of having faith that it never will.
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    This article is coming from a liberal, and note his very first suggestion is to get back to fiscal sanity. Hmmm. This is what the liberal posters on this site have told me is too hard edged and what will make us a minority party. The country is crying out for someone who will lead this nation to fiscal solvency. Romney never made a plan to do that, that's why he lost. Two liberals campaigned against each other and guess what? The better liberal won. Now we need a real conservative, someone that even liberals can respect. It's coming, I have faith.
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    If anything this is a liberal who is trying to help your party. If all these were in place I would probably move from my libertarian views back to a republican. But look your party is to stubborn to compromise. Fyi just so you know your faith doesn't win elections or bring better candidates to your party, and that is a fact.
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    That's what I love about the faithful of the Right. Their faith carries them when reality won't. And no one is making the GOP a minority party. You folks are doing it to yourselves.
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    GOP - you should listen to what Neo_NtheMAtrix said. He's moving to Canada. But he'll be cheering you on from up there like Mitt Romney did from Paris during Viet Nam.
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    @Chank No but they weren't chickenhawk cheerleaders either. Obama was 8 at the time and Clinton protested the Viet Nam war. Romney supported it from his mansion in Paris. And I'll not even to bother with listing other prominent GOP chickenhawks.
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    I'll in turn respond to each:
    1) This is completely wrong. But in a nutshell, the Clinton-economics never create a surplus that Bush II spent on a Xmas military spree. The GOP have never left their fiscal conservative roots, but the GOP needs to move to the position of regulating wall street more heavily. But we do need the capital gains and corporate income tax abolished. The will make a ton more in person income tax on the backend because abolishing those two will create jobs.
    2) Funny he mentions how the young people dislike overseas conflicts but Obama has expanded into three more wars, Pakistan, Libya, and Syria. Not to mention the Pakistanis routinely go to the UN and demand the US stop murdering its citizens with drones, piloted by these cowards in Arizona....yeah...I said that. One of the fastest ways to reduce the prison population is to legalize marijuana...which is what needs to be done.
    3) Nope...DREAM act must die. It will kill what is left of the US and open the flood gates, creating total open borders and bringing people who frankly don't need to be here. I am firm believer in fences make good neighbors. It also causes nightmares or US Customs, the TSA, and any agency who's job it is to maintain security.
    4) Agreed. Who cares if a person is gay or lesbian. Reach to the PRODUCING gays and lesbians and get them into the party.
    5) I'll got a step farther. Create a constitutional amendment that says "The govt cannot either encourage or restrict the right of a man or woman to reproduce". Period. Problem solved. But the Abortion Factory Outlet still needs to stop getting tax dollars.
    6) I have to disagree. English is the majority language (at least for now) in the US. If even needs to learn a foreign language, its CHINESE.
    7) Is a 100% wrong statement and he knows it. The "moochers/parasite/takers " are now the majority of the electorate. How does the GOP, the party of WORKING and PRODUCING American, supposed to appease those people to vote for them? It makes no sense? Republicans for welfare might as well be Christians against Christ! Or Muslims against Allah. It isn't gonna happen.
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    No, until he cleans up his own messy party, he needs to shut-up and and go about his liberal ways.
    Just because the Left won this time, does not mean they will win the next time... Many people had
    a hared time with Romney being a Mormon, as some feel it is a cult. The GOP has some excellent
    Republicans that will be running in the next election, Marco Rubio, for one. At some point, this nation
    will regain it's sanity, it make take four years, but I have hopes America will bounce back stronger
    than ever and will once again vote for Liberty over Tyranny!
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    When Marco gets really vetted as he has been in Fl he's like. Ryan, a liar..
    His escaping commie Cuba.a fabrication..not even the Cuban community love him, be careful what you wish for
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    @mimi57 Racists???! balling a legit religion known for it charity a cult.???
    I had no racial implication whatsoever a statement of fact about Marco's vetting
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    @martydotcom It's racist because you are judging him for being a Cuban American, It is no different than judging someone for being a black's wrong.
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    Both the GOP and Dem voters have disintegrated into an irrational mess of social issue wars. Neither side hold their own politicians responsible for irresponsible spending. The truth is we spend too much on Military supplier corruption. A 300.00 hammer is no responsible and everyone knows it but everyone just blames "the other side". I give Obama credit for the recent busts in Medicare/Medicaid massive fraud but that is just the tip of the iceberg. We could leave social security and Medicare just as it is and only stop the doctor/clinic/insurance fraud AND clean up the Military contractor fraud and reduce the deficit to zero in 10 years. Those two places are the absolute worst. And the GOP and Dem politicians are equally at fault.

    We need to legalize and tax marijuana across the board. We need to stop training Marines on billion dollar beach front property in California and train them on the Mexican border in conditions they actually fight in these days around the Muslim world.

    This liberal nonsense about workfare is "demeaning to people" is garbage. People who need assistance should get it but they should have to work at SOMETHING in return. It teaches work ethic and it lowers the overall expense.

    But most important at all Congress needs to be held accountable. No pork barrel riders allowed on a bill that has nothing to do with the add ons. Up or down votes on everything but everything must be voted on. Congress more money on pork than they spend on anything else. Things that are never brought to light, just tacked onto a different bill. That's not government. That's taxation without representation.

    Finally the Dems say the GOP steals for the rich. That's correct. The GOP says the Dems steal for the poor. That's correct. STEALING IS STEALING and I don't give a rat's ass who is stealing for who. The Stealing has to stop.
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    @MRMarcrum---nothing gonna save ya from a love thats blinds-so slip into the dark side and cross that line--on the dark side-yeahhhh on the dark side oh yea
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    Sounds like a liberal flaming. Winning is not enough so now they want everyone to be forced to conform. How much will this cost us?
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    Winning is everything! If its not, then don't play the game. Losers are left in the corner whining. Far better to become more inclusive, less iconoclastic, and be in a position to promote your positions than to be left out of the process. Whoever said it's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game, definitely lost the game.
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    He forgot the real item 1 - don't listen to liberals who want to "help" out. Maybe we should "help" out our liberal friends.--- 1. Find a new fall guy for the next 4 years of economic failures.-- 2. Blame the GOP for being racists.--- 3. Do not pass immigration reform, you need it to continue using it as a wedge issue against the "racist" GOP.--- 4. Find somebody to blame for the Libya debacle (Petraeus on deck).--- 5. Play class warfare (divide and conquer).--- 6. Raise taxes on the super rich millionaires.--- 7. Continue to trash the dollar so that more people become super rich millionaires.
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    The Only thing Republicans need to do is to keep saying that Democrats are bankrupting this country, and that they adore to kill babies, and they continue to weaken our country, and take your rights away, and turn our country into a 3rd world nation.
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    The federal bureaucracy has now gotten so large and powerful that you don't need to win an election to have massive amounts of governmental authority anymore. Just work your way up through the ranks of a bureaucracy, get appointed to higher and higher levels, and you can have control over a huge amount of money and power. One could say that in a way, our semblance of democracy only exists in the sense that such powerful people are appointed by people who are appointed by people who are appointed by people who are appointed by people who are eventually appointed by an elected official. How's that for accountability to the people? This huge bureaucracy is the primary reason for the fiscal cliff. It's the reason why the federal government had to delude themselves into thinking they had unlimited credit (i.e. raise the debt ceiling). There are way more people employed by the bureaucracy than we need (e.g. the Department of Education hires essentially no teachers, and only gives $6,000-$12,000 in annual funds to my local school district, but the quality control regulations the state DOE has to put in place to qualify for that money--partially due to NCLB, which violated the 10th Amendment--are vast; one example of this is that they now take a whole week of the school year and devote it to nothing but testing). We cannot support so many people with our tax dollars, since in general economic terms they are providing the economy with little or no goods, services, or education.
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    That advice sure might mean a little more if we hadn't first witnessed the single largest tax increase, seen unemployment through the roof, not ok'ing the pipeline, which would have meant immediate jobs, while we work on alternate energy sources, if we didn't remember the shovel ready fiasco (oops), and the real unemployment number is closer to 16%.
    We will stick to our way of thinking, yall just keep running America into the ground. Really I think we could work out something with most Dems, but not The Obama Nationalist.
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    This country was founded on compromise. If the founding fathers had of been as hateful and rhetorical and dogmatic as some of the right wing posters here the founding fathers skeletons would still be sitting in the Convention hall in chairs and we'd still belong to England.
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    @woodtick57 - actually the main founding fathers, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin, Jay, and Washington were deist. They were huge supporters of the enlightenment, and believed in logic and reason as a way to run a government efficiently.
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    So basically, this guy is saying te OP should get back to where they were before the radical right evangelicals hijacked the party....nothing new here. we knew that all along...
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    No use in doing any of that. The fiscal conservatives voted for Romney. The Libercontrarians will never vote for anything with a republican label.

    The republican party should embrace the Big, Activist Government model that the Left is in favor of. That way, when a republican is in office, the Social Right and Establishment Republicans can use that Big Activist Government to their ends.

    I honestly hope they go that route. Come 2016, it'll be 1860 all over again.
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    If the GOP fielded strong, fiscally conservative candidates that supported individual liberties of all Americans, we would have to vote for a third party. Romney got around 49% of the vote. Obama got around 50%. Johnson took the other 1%. Imagine what would have happened if the GOP embraced the libertarian social agenda. America is tired of the BS of social policies and if you look at not only the White House but state and local elections you would see that.
    Hell, even Arkansas came within a hair of passing a Medical Marijuana bill.
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    I agree with the conservative posters on this thread. Let the GOP be the GOP. If they want go go more conservative let them. It will make America's choice that much easier next time. Hopefully they will find more great Americans like Akin, Mourdock, Walsh, West and so on.
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    of course i agree with those things,we would all be united,we would all be liberal progressives,of course we would not get to far,a wagon won't move with out someone to pull it
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    The problem with the Left is once you give in and "compromise", they will just "up the ante". They do
    not understand compromise, look at the issues on the ballots this year for example. President Obama hasn't compromised one bit, and he won't , and he's proven it , time and again. Where's the
    budget??? Wasn't he the one who was going to unite the parties, I have never seen the country so
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    Worth mentioning is that the quote in italics in the article is actually attributable to Alexis de Tocqueville.
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    @Someguy at first glance he seems right on the money,especially with this quote..A democratic government is the only one in which those who vote for a tax can escape the obligation to pay it.
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    @woodtick57 That might be worth a try, but keep in mind Congress has a total of 538 seats - are there that many politicians who could pass the basic IQ test? ;)
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    Why should anyone agree with anything said, thought, believed, or supported by someone who says he/she is a "republicon?" (And that includes everyone who can breathe....)
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    Republicans have their heads so far up their own @$$es that it's not funny. Romney needs to chill out, go home and enjoy all the money he has. That's what I'd do if I'd lost the election. In this case, Romney's losing was not a bad thing for the country.
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