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    Hell no! It's just another way for big government to tell us what to do by telling us what we should do. We are not a country of morons! Stop treating us like we are!
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    oh, i don't know... i sort of like the way salad looks sitting there on the plate next to a nice juicy slab of sirloin of beef and a baked potato.
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    Got a better one. From a comedian thats just fucking funny to the core.

    John Pinette

    Context: John was making fun of what a nutritionist's advice about dieting and one of the ways of dieting. One was to eat salad.

    "She wanted me to have salad as the food! No! Salad isn't food. Salad comes with the food. Salad is a promisary note that something good is going to happen... and I should just wait right here."
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    If my locality every tried to push a "Meatless Monday" or whatnot, I would be the first one to show up at a Checkers, Hardees, Burger King, etc. and probably order their biggest burger available w/all the fixings. I'm all for eating healthy but I like my burgers, steaks, chicken, fish, etc. Going Vegan or Vegetarian (whatever it is) is NOT for me.
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    Personal responsibility is a horrible thing to waste. California no meat and NY no 16 oz soda's, kids are starving at school, parents pay more for lunches with less and so on. This is just sad. Obviously California thinks their state citizens are too stupid to make their own choices.
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    Please. Americans are never allowed to forget that what we eat affects our health! We are bombarded with this message. What the busybodies forget is that what I eat is nobody's business but mine. So far as I am concerned, vegans are forcing their religion on me and attempting to make vegetarianism the law of the land. My religion allows me to eat meat, and eat meat I shall, whenever I want.
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    I agree. The problem will be politician using our communal health care to justify new laws to steer your behavior.
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    Beef! It's whats for dinner!
    If eating people were morally and socially acceptable, I would have a Vegan BBQ :-) Given the garbage bin of nuts and tree's they eat they may not taste all that good.
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    The consequence is we the people will continue to pay higher insurance premiums to cover the costs of your cholesterol meds, hypertension meds, by pass ops heart attacks, deal with diabetic epidemic, etc. Paying attention to what you and your children eat is just a step in preventive care, which is a whole lot less expensive than treating the illness.. just reality
    You're free to eat what you want, just be use your brains and be aware of the impact of your decision on your children's health, your own health oand the cost to society. Eating a healthy diet costs no more
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    @martydotcom This is why Obama care is wrong. It gives the government and others both the right, and the opportunity to police others, all in the name of controlling costs. It is the opposite of liberty. BTW, you have no idea how healthy I am. It just so happens that both my best friend and one of my daughters are dietary techs. Lack of knowledge is not an issue. Factually, vegan diets are not the most healthful. They are too low in iron and B-complex vitamins, which is why every true vegan I know has dull skin and hair, and appear lacking in overall vitality. I could write an entire dissertation about how the USDA has created the obesity "epidemic" by instructing the people to eat far too many carbs.
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    @Realthinker I'd like to suggest you re-read what my post said:"You're free to eat whateveryou want "
    No one is policing anyone, no one with half a brain denies that preventive care is far less expensive than treating the resulting disease - Government eduction: remeber how effective stop cigarette smoking advertising was and how lung cancer rates are dropping. Is this government policing or is it educating?? Whatever you call it, it's something the deep fat fried barbequed mind could use a little of. The overweight states of the deep south should learn everything in moderation: I don't deep fry pickles and I'm not promoting a vegan diet, although my grandparents did ok, living to 94 & 97 as life long vegitarians in an era when it was not fashionable. My parents brought us up on a normal diet. Vegan?? It's not for me as a rigid 7 day a week life style. Personally, I'm more of a "fins and feathers" type plus I exercise 5=6 days a week.
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    all you gotta do David is sell your soul to the government dole.... I see those people in in the grocery stores buying all kinds of meat steaks pork chops and the family packs too.... they don't even buy generic food ,it's all top shelf stuff.. and then they just wiped a little government " gift card" .

    course we know they had to show ID to get that too.
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    @bsking wow, you have too much time on your hands if you examine people's purchases and watch how they pay. I wish I had that much spare time.
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    @bsking i see that too all the time. I see them getting soda and chips, all kinds if crap. I do see them buying prime freakin rib man. These EBT card holders eat better than any workin stiff I know, thats BS!!! We got people cutting meat out of their budget ( to make ends meet) on here and these people are eating like kings.
    I also know of a guy that is very well off and he will have card holders gi buy steaks and prime rib with their card, when they come out he then buys meat from them at .50 cents on the dollar. I get that is a way to double your money, and a way to get cash for the card holder. But the guy paying .50 cents on the dollar is a serious P. O. S.
    I can't wait till I actually see it happening in the parking lott, cause I am, loudly, going off and putting it out there for everyone to hear.
    That will be so funny.
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    The majority of this country is obese today. It's crippled the health care system and the AMA says obesity is the number 1 preventable killer in America. They also say 95% of obesity is due to no exercise, fried foods, fast foods, garbage foods. Red meat is not good for you.

    I eat red meat twice a week because I'm addicted to it. But I've learned to hold my meat consumption down to one meal a day 6 days a week and one day is pork, two days is fish, one junk food meal a week and one meatless day. One coca cola a week, drink 1% Milk and no gravy except Thanksgiving and Christmas days. Walk the dogs twice a day for a quarter of a mile.

    Lost more than 30 lbs in a year and kept it off for nearly 5 years now. It's not govt telling me to do this, it's just good health.
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    I think it's great when government accumulates public health data and then attempts public education as a result. Afterall, free citizens make the best decisions for themselves when they're informed on a matter. I don't think government should cross the line and outlaw eating habits. If I want to eat potatoes deep-fried in lard with a nice juicy t-bone, I certainly should be able to. But if the government wants to help me out by letting me know that meal is clogging my arteries and polluting the planet, well, good. I'll consider it and maybe I'll do it less often.
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    what the heck are they trying do do ruin another U.S. market? thats like a boycott by the gov on butchers slaughterhouses and farmers.
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    This reminds me of when Obama told the American people not to go to Las Vegas, with absolutely NO regard for the hard-working business owners who would be affected. I'm sure the steak and burger joints would appreciate having Mondays off though, since the economy is doing so well now!
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    A good idea, I'm not vegetarian, but reducing consumption of meat and animal fat through education would go a long way to improving the health of millions of people.
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    Trickle down from an ongoing umbrella campaign called Brainless Elected Officials Overstepping Their Job Description While Not Performing The Duties Named Therein. Whew. A mouthful that one.
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    Bare in mind peeps, that this is a program to encourage healthy eating, not require it.
    I'm all in favor as long as they don't try to mandate it.
    As a little kid, before I left home, I was raised a Catholic. I am told that once upon a time, the Catholic Church forbade the consumption of meat on Fridays excepting fish! I think I kind of remember being told that I wasn't supposed to eat meat on Fridays during Lent. I don't know, the only things I wanted to give up during Lent was being forced to attend Mass. For some reason, that simply was not allowed! LOL
    Kyrie Eleison, Christie Eleison !
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    Meat is awesome for us! in fact i dare say it is better for our bodies than grains - even whole grains! Americans are not unhealthy blobs of waste because of meat, its sugar and carbs from grains and corn. The government is wrong, its just being run by a bunch of green earth loving hippies, man
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    Well, it's not the grains themselves. But it IS the added sugars. A healthy body needs a healthy mix of meats and grains along with fruits and vegetables. It's the added fats, sugars, salt and chemicals due to processing and preserving.
    I try to eat healthy, but I do enjoy a nice burger once in awhile. I always go to Carl's Jr./Hardee's or similar, that uses an open fire as opposed to fried.
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    @Keyjo No, it is the grains as well. There is no biological requirement for dietary carbohydrate in the human diet. you can not eat a grain without first processing it. Grains are high in carbs, and when we eat then it causes a very high insulin response within our bodies to deal with all the glucose, and unless you are in a high intensity workout to burn this energy, the liver will quickly overflow with its tiny space for glycogen storage and everything else gets stored as fat. this process repeats day to day, over production of insulin due to grains and sugars storing all the carbs as fat, and it is a chief reason why high intensity workouts are required to get into shape and maintain it. Mark Sisson puts it well, "Carbs control Insulin; insulin controls fat storage". is a great starting point for this stuff.
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