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    We have laws and policies, have signed treaties, that forbid torture. Creating euphemisms like "enhanced interrogation" doesn't change the fact that torture is illegal for the USA to use.
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    if, as we are told, the u.s. is supposed to be the world's daddy, then we have to act like it. we have to hold ourselves above such things. we can't afford to return wrong for alleged wrong, pain for pain... we have to rise above it like a good parent, and embrace those weaker than ourselves in love and understanding.

    and if we want to be the police officer of the world, then we must remember that our duty is to serve and protect.
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    Torture? You mean, inhanced interragation?(LMAO)
    Absodamnlutely, it should be used, if thats what it takes.
    "We have ways of making you talk"
    The CIA are masters of "Inhanced Interragation".
    Remember folks, around the world, no matter what they say, they hate Americans and don't think twice about tortureing us.
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    No, torture is not acceptable. If we're going to base our tactics off of what THEY do we are no better than them, and if we're no better than them then we should just leave each other alone.
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    None of this happened. Just ask Barry, according to him, he got Bin Laden all by himself. No help from the policies that the previous administration had implemented. Barry did it by giving billions to the Muslim brother Hood and running around the world apologizing for America being a great nation.
    After the terrorists saw how "sorry" Barry was, they had a change of heart and decided that they would give up their leader as a gesture of "good faith".
    All hail Barry for his diplomatic genius and turning America into the joke of the planet
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    secretly i knew obama was omnipotent,he dun kilt a ghost,hence the quick 20 second burial at sea,i hear bin laden, Elvis, timothy McVeigh and Saddam_Hussein play cards every Saturday night at the Carlisle
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    it was doubtful he could live as long as they claim he did,i have a few of the ailments that he had and even with prompt medical treatment things could have gone bad very easily,so living in an hostile environment and sketchy medical resources you wouldn,t last long
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    Is the use of torture acceptable, in this instance or any other?

    Yes. Torture should also be used as punishment for criminal offenses too.
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    Why not? they do it to us and they would kill you no matter what happened. I dont see why we can't resort to the same tactics of our enemies.
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    i most time not agree arabian people, if stay holiday in city i live, but...
    Bin Ladens Name as Nickname at CIA was TIM OSMAN. 1 month before 9/11 an agent visit him in Dubai Hospital, and later in Afghanistan"Tora Bora"the us could easy catch him. They let him go. No scripted devil, no power to grown up the security and get the crowd behind. Did you look docus and read books? Osama and 9/11...what a never wanted him for 9/11! check . and oh yeah ANTHRAX WAS SENT BY SADDAM HUSSEIN;AFTER SOMEONE LEAKS THATS PRODUCED IN usa BY MILITARY; THE NEXT DAY YOU HEAR NEVER AGAIN ABOUT THIS: AND THE DOC WHO MADE THIS INVOLVED DIED;"ACCIDENT"
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    @IraqWarVeteran agree, enough to kill him, nut not for 911. how the media every day tokd this lie, but not the FBI or someone ells has something bin laden involved in 911,CIA itself paid the "Highjackers" the money for flighttraining, they were just patsies. but this thread is about Obama mmh Osama, not 911(biggest lie ever sold"
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    i am scared about the plan behind. by the way the 7/7 bomnings in London follows the same way to make it real. Hundrets of people(Metro Police) made exercise just the same trains in the same time like ATF training. the chief of this couldnt believe,exactly 3 same trains in just same time. they drive every 5 min. i think.from Training to Real with just 3 idiots.clever
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    after what he did to our country i think that they should have took what ever means necessary to find the bastard,weather its torture 1 or 1000 if they knew where he was and they wasnt telling they got what they deserved.besides bush knew where he was he was just stalling to get him to gain political support for john mccain and it didnt work obama got in office and took care of binladen for we need to focus on finding the rest of aquidia and bomb them with a few drone attacks and keep our troops away from any of yall recall Vietnam,they tortured our troops by cutting there eye linds off and driving bamboo slivers under their finger nails,what do you think aquida would do to our troops if captured during combat?i will tell ya they would torture them until they got all the info they could from them then kill them so in short i support what ever it takes to keep america safe and free
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    No, Obama promised a terrorists double the virgins that Mohamed did plus Islamacare. He couldn't resist and finally caved over blaring Barney the Dinosaur reruns. Big Bird came in and gave him a hug and he finally lost it.
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    If it saves one casualty for us or our allies we should waterboard any hardcore terrorist we catch. And waterboarding is NOT torture. If scaring the hell out of these hardcore terrorists is considered torture we should cancel Halloween.
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    For the last time waterboarding is not torture.Unpleasant yes. torture? No. At least not like beheading, dismemberment, vivisection, gang rape,starvation, stoning,.... for these and other examples check out your favorite jihadists website and see what they have employed.
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    Yes...theses terrorist aren't going to be scared by the good cop bad cop routine but getting drowned to the very brink of death multiple times will get them talking
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    No, it didn't and I know first hand, you just have to take or dismiss my word. I do not compromise the safety of this country just to get my 15 min of fame. All I know that torture was the least reasons why and how they caught Bin Laden.
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    What was it? 9 Years to find Bin Laden? Thousands tortured? I think this whole thing says more about the incompetency of the CIA than it does about success.
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    oh watch all the lefties do a 180 so fast they'll sprain their necks... please don't tell me o Bama was doing the same thing is George W..... and now we are beginning to hear that in Ben Ghazi our CIA had a rendition program going on .....hmm this is going to wad up a bunch of panties around here.... ;)
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    @IraqWarVeteran You have to wonder how many who supported the hijackers directly and indirectly are still here. Remember the Bin Landin family flew home on a private jet
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    @martydotcom and now Bin Laden is feeding the fish, small victory in scheme of things, but a victory none the less.
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