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    "Is speculation about a tie between the Patraeus affair and the Benghazi investigation irresponsible?"

    From the first moment I heard about the Petraeus affair, I had that same suspicion. Now he can delay testifying, if he testifies at all, and what he knows is potentially much more damaging to this administration than his stepping down because of an affair. Hillary is also delaying her testimony...just too darn busy to take care of anything like TESTIMONY. I think the connection between Benghazi and Petraeus's resignation is very significant and demands further and indepth investigation.
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    see that's just it, there is no tie between the affair and the dereliction of duty on the part of the administration in the death of our people in Libya. but the government media is going to try to make 1 so they can confuse enough sheeple into thinking the worst thing about Ben Ghazi was a general had sex with some woman. that's the government media's newest mission
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    @bsking ...Oh, if you know this, I'm sure the FBI would appreciate your input since they're still investigating and it's getting deeper and deeper.
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    First name "Ben," sir name "Ghazi!?"
    You make me laugh, even when; no ESPECIALLY when, you're trying to be serious!
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    Why would his resignation prevent him from testifying? It doesn't even make sense, yet the Fox brigade can't do enough to try and push it as a legitimate theory.
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    no it's not irresponsible, irresponsible is how the government media is handling the story.
    as far as we know this affair happen while the general was still a general.
    if that's true then everyone including Obama knew about this affair before he was appointed to CIA job.
    and if that's true, then the likelihood of him leaving his post because of this affair tends to point more at a preemptive strike by the administration to get him out of the way before any testimony.
    now some second fiddle will testify in his stead. and now the media has turned Ben Ghazi In to a Republican sex scandal and are airing it 24/7. and that goal is to convince the stupid people in this country who still watch the government media that Ben Ghazi was always only about sex.
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    Who the hell cares who knew about the affair! WE WANT TO KNOW WHO KNEW ABOUT BENGHAZI !! Stop treating us like we are stupid! What does the affair have to do with the election??? DON'T BUY IT!
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    As long as he's a citizen of the USA he is obligated to testify if called before congress. He may take the 5th but that would damn him and I don't think he will. What I do wonder is when both sides of the aisle are going to stop making a conspiracy theory out of every sex scandal in history? People cheat. Always have, always will.
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    Congress can subpeona anyone any time. In order to take the fifth he would have to have done something to incriminate himself. Poor decision making or an error is not a crime no fifth. I'm still trying to figure out why Fox continues to have Ben Ghazisms over the story... No one has committed a crime
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    @martydotcom ...Maybe no crime, at least it's not known yet. But it would certainly make one wonder why, during an investigation of the CIA chief, he is sent to Benghazi the end of October to do his own "investigation" and come up with the answer that it was all because of a flash mob over a stupid film. And Holder knew about the FBI investigation into Petraeus. And, please, don't be so naive as to think this is all about an affair that reportedly was known to troops in Afghanistan. That, sir, was before his appointment as CIA chief.
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    @ACTSmom why did the Eric Canton sit on it. what do you think went on in Oct? what is so critical as to mob or planned. We have limited embassy security funding ( GOP cut). Do you think how presented may have been a function of providing " cover" for a friendly frail emerging gov. trying to assume control of a tribal nation. What please tell me is the crime of Ben Ghazi that has Fox's bowels in an uproar
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    @jessejaymes ..I'm not claiming anything. Just want to see what all comes out of this because I don't believe an affair alone would be so huge. How could he have made such a determination that was so quickly unraveled? The man is too smart for that kind of an assinine assessment.
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    So far there's no evidence of a Benghazi link to the resignation. But with this morning's news about the FBI agent who started all this now himself under investigation is making everything much murkier instead of the reverse.
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    The idea of a tie between the Petraeus Affair and Benghazi is all speculation. No solid proof, just flimsy,circumstantial,evidence .
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    What is in his private life should stay their it isnt anybody business who he sleeps with as long as it is not affecting his job on the other hand the women befreinded his wife to sleep with her husband that is very wrong on both parts but the fact of the matter is ok he slept with someone else and lied about it was he doing his job correctly ? All these police officers and Judges and Attorneys and all of America who have extra affairs should loose their Jobs to ? Come on wake up just becouse they are high ranked dosnt mean they arent loyal to their country or job but everyone wants to point fingers at Petrone how about the girl she has slept with another one as well seems to me shes getting around quit a bit and they need to check her out and not just give her a slap /applouse her. looks as if her name is Jesabell. But leave personal business out of Politics everyone messes up and they have to live with it.
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    Petraeus affair is news? I also imagine lots and lots of people kinda knew about affair, just not the wife. Even her, life has taught me, probably had a gut feeling something was extra was going on.
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    Let's also not forget that the person that is now being eyed as the potential replacement is none other than Susan Rice. The same person who pushed the lies that the events of Sept. 11, 2012 were based on an obscure video against Muhammad.
    I have no doubt that she gets the position. It was her reward for fronting for the Obama administration about Bengazi.
    What is happening is so clear to see that it is ridiculous.
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    Cantor was told of the affair according to his own office, this is the actions he took according to the AP source Politix used, "Cantor believed that if the information was accurate and national security was affected, the FBI would – as obligated – inform the congressional intelligence committees and others, including Speaker John Boehner.

    Congress will now investigate why the FBI didn't notify lawmakers of its investigation"
    Eric Cantor was told of an affair, he was not sure of its facuality and followed the correct proceedure by notifying the FBI, Cantor assumed the FBI would -as obligated- inform the congressional intellengence committees, and others it was the obligation of the FBI to inform the congress intellegence committee, they did not therefore congress is going to investigate why the FBI didn't notify lawmakers. I see no reason why Cantor's name is being associatied with this story, other than he took action and reported it to the FBI.
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    If subpoenaed, Patraeus is legally compelled to appear before Congress, whether he's Spy Chief, General or civilian.
    The investigation should have been conducted ONLY to see if there was a compromise in National security or if any laws were broken. Otherwise, it should have remained a private matter.
    It now appears that the initial investigating F.B.I. agent has his own agenda.
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    And the Conspiracy Fruit Loop's just keep on bobbling their heads.Funny that the GOP had word of Petraeus scandal before anyone else but sat on it in hope's of Sweeping it under the table!
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    The whole premise of the story is a leftist slight of hands. The question raised here by the Politix commentator is insane!
    This is Hilary Clinton's State Department. Where is the post, and the question about why it was more important for her to attend a "wine tasting" than these hearings????
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    There is so much ignorance concerning the management of the affairs of our country. I see several posts where people are raking Petraeus over the coals for what happened in Bengazi, but the CIA is not the managing agency of our embassies - the State Department is.
    Hillary Clinton is, " responsible for developing and implementing security policies and programs that provide for the protection of all U.S. Government personnel (including accompanying dependents) on official duty abroad."
    This is straight from the State Department website. Look it up.
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