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    Why not?!? Then Barry can get Hanoi Jane to be secretary of state. Does anyone remember how this idiot Kerry was an anti military protestor during Vietnam? Secretary of defense is a "military" position. What's next, Bin Ladens wife put onto the joint chiefs?
    But, he will fit right in with the current regime of anti military, unamerican destructionists.
    Its nice to know that national security is high on the priority list,(right next to playing golf) for the Muslim in chief.
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    he would be perfect for this administration. going as far back as you can go with him he showed his contempt for the military and his ability to politicize combat missions and his fellow soldiers.
    yes lurch would be perfect for this post, especially since it's evident that the object is to weaken and humiliate our military fighting force.

    the fact that he is also a tax cheat and a 1 percenter who is well versed at talking out of both sides of his mouth simultaneously.... makes him a perfect fit
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    Oh goody. Four more years of promoting unqualified people to offices they are not suited for, just because they will take orders without question. Our enemies must be wiping away tears of mirth.
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    No, he's waaay too rich. The mans net worth is 240 million, and I don't think that includes his wife, a Heinz Ketchup Heiress's wealth...Very wealthy Dems, imagine that?! That aside, his Vietnam war record drew attention
    in TV ads and a book called "Unfit for Command", co-authored by John O'Neil and Jerome Corsi... Besides, I
    think' Hanoi Jane' may be a good candidate, she has a lot of experience sitting on anti-aircraft guns...LOL
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    Yeah, gotta have respect for people who want to raise taxes on themselves for the good of the country. Quite contrary to the rich guys on the right who have convinced you that less govt funds will pay down the debt.
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    @AceLuby That money in taxes won't mean much to multi-millionaires and billionaires, it will take it's toll on
    small business owners and middle income families, and it will hit them.
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    @mimi57 you know I agree with you, but do you ever get the feeling that all this is going no where? I have tried being a butt, pleasant, open minded, negotiable, the square peg in a round hole, even tried being a square peg in a square hole. I'm not getting anywhere. Wish you luck though.
    Think I will be my redneck, country boy self, at least it is more fun than trying to get others to see my side, or me theirs.
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    @Thegrif I think it's all going in the direction the Left "Progressives" want it to go in, and that is to have a Socialistic Government w/ entitlements for the poor, because when they get done, we'll be poor also. The
    government employees, and there will be a lot, will do okay, and the super rich will always be super rich, as
    they are and always have been insulated from everything the average person isn't . This is how it is now. They
    know there was voter fraud, now, it's proving it...lots of luck with that. I'm getting tired of arguing with the Left
    on here. It's pointless, they don't get it and won't , only when our country becomes a communist, poverty stricken
    shell of what America once was...I'm also tired of having my posts deleted, while other posts far worse than mine
    remain. Oh well, that's the Left for ya, all about fairness,equality and acceptance.... when you agree with them!
    I doubt I post much anymore, tired of the same old Liberal rants, but I did wanedt to reply to your post. Wish you
    luck too, and trust me , we're going to need it, and a lot of prayers and Hail Mary's.
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    Did this idiot not have his name on the North Vietnam war efforts wall?? Was that a rumor or was that fact.
    At any rate, the cowardly protester needs to stay away from the military. Why do you think he failed so miserably when he ran for President..
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    Senator Kerry has three Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star and the Silver Star from his service in Viet Nam. During his presidential campaign a conservative-funded attack group, the Swift Boat Veterans, started an ad campaign to cast doubts on the Senator's military service. One of the principals behind the Swift Boat group was Jerome Corsi, now a World Net Daily associate and a leading birther.
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    @DARSB world net daily,i read their articules,they are certainly more reputable than MSNBC or the like or the puffed up post.his service was questionable,sorry no one is above suspension these days
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    @DARSB Three Purple Hearts in 4 months but no limp and injuries so minor that he lost no duty time. He has them, but i don't believe he should flaunt them or have accepted them.

    I've been to Walter Reed & Bethesda Naval hospitals and have seen warriors worthy of a Purple Heart. Kids younger than my son with no legs, missing arms, and blank stares from traumatic brain injuries. They are who that medal was made for, Kerry flaunting those medals is an insult to them.

    And since I'm on the topic of wounded warriors, Fisher House is a very worthy cause to donate to.
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    I take it then that the VVAW - Vietnam Veterans Against the War is not a viable organization on your part. Whose purpose was to promote getting out of Vietnam, a war that the politicians made unwinnable, without the loss of more American men and women, and something that Richard Nixon did.... eventually.
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    Man went to war and was disturbed by what he saw. When his time was done he joined in the effort to get us out of there. It could be that this experience would make him a good fit for the job. Perhaps his philosophy will be to fight when necessary but only as a last resort.
    How many Purple Hearts do you have?
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    Don't think so after all the dirt that has been brought against Kerry...true or not. I hear he really wants Hillary's job. But Obama supposedly wants to promote the lying Amb. to the UN into that position. Oh, what a tangled web we weave...
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    How on earth could a man who threw away his own medals, well not his, those he kept, but he did throw away someone else's for the photo op, ever give a medal of any sort to anyone? I say make him Secretary of France's Defense. That's more his style, snappy uniform and all, lots of ceremonies and no real need to ever even need to shoot a gun, America will take care of that!
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    No. We need a real go-getter...someone who can make the military defeat terrorism by next weekend...either we need a Brony or that chick who ran over her husband for not voting.
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    Not no but heck no. The is the guy who got a purple heart for shooting his own butt. What a joke. But then again he would fit right in with the thief's and tax cheats in the "Bammer's" group.
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    @MRMacrum no was not enough evidence for me. To much he said she said stuff. But that part is true. But he would fit in with the losers and tax cheats by the way Old Lead ttutButt is super rich. And I bet he pays less than you or I do in taxes. But you don't see him at the head of the I want to pay my fair share. But in the end it doesn't realy matter. We the little will pay
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    @scotta - I don't have a high opinion of him myself but not because of rumors now considered facts. I think he should stay in the Senate. His vote could be useful in the future. He may be rich. But at least he is not bitchin about having to pay more in taxes.
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    @MRMacrum this I true. The real kick in the teeth is 99 out of a 100 of our employees yes I called that bunch of clowns our employees are the rich bitches, if they are not when they get in and get out they are then
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    Kerry would make a horrible secretary of defense. He would most likely charge us into war at the first sign of popular demand, and then back track and say he was never for it when the people wise up... oh wait that's 2004
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